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BIONICLE World is a guidebook from the Bionicle series published by Scholastic which describes a number of the fictional locations in the Matoran universe. Set in story year 2007, it is framed as a manual being written by the Order of Mata Nui to be distributed to its allies for upcoming battles. It describes previously known locations and also introduces a number of new ones.


This book was likely not intended to be shared with those outside the Order of Mata Nui unless circumstances required it.1

Other Information

  • Xia and Artakha were two of author Greg Farshtey's favorite chapters.2
  • This book was reported to have reached number 97 on Barnes & Noble's hourly top 100 list for a little while.3
  • While writing the book, Greg referred to it as "BIONICLE Atlas."4
  • The book features maps and original art by LEGO illustrators Jeremy Brazeal, Toby Dutkiewicz, and John McCormack. Toby did the illustration of Karzahni.4
  • Greg was working on the Karzahni chapter as of June 24, 2006.4 He had just finished the Xia chapter, which was his favorite so far, as of July 1.5