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List of Minor Locations

This is a list of minor locations seen or mentioned in the story.

Lhikan's homeland

The place where Lhikan originally came from. Lhikan had come to Metru Nui from elsewhere.

Krahka homeland

Krahka believed for a long time that she was the only member of her species.1 Rahaga Pouks revealed to her that many more Krahka once existed in another land, but that they were overrun by the Visorak and presumed extinct.2, 1

The Protocairns' homeland

According to legend, the Protocairns originated as a small group of villagers from a land other than Metru Nui who willingly exposed themselves to energized protodermis and were transformed into monstrous amphibious beasts.3, 4

Lariska's homeland

Little was known about where Lariska originally came from, but it could be safely assumed that she was from a land where every day was a battle for survival.5

Airwatcher's homeland

A pair of Dark Hunters arrived at Airwatcher's native land on a mission.6

The Shadowed One's island

The native island of the Shadowed One and Ancient. The Shadowed One described this place as a land of shadows and ice, one seemingly overlooked by the care of Mata Nui. While the Matoran were elevated to special status and the Makuta came to serve Mata Nui's will, the people of his land were ignored and abandoned.7 Ancient rebelled against the strict codes of behavior imposed on them and carved out a new life for himself. He began hiring himself as a mercenary to whoever could pay, in the process turning their dull, peaceful society into one fragmented and dominated by warlords.8 A civil war took place in their homeland.9 Toward the end of the island's civil war, the Shadowed One and Ancient encountered each other and found common cause. In the wake of the civil war, the two hit upon the idea of founding the Dark Hunters.8

Conjurer's island

A Matoran-inhabited southern island far to the south of Voya Nui. Conjurer was originally the warrior-king of this island.10, 11 Conjurer gained and held power thanks to sophisticated technology that enabled him to perform feats that seemed almost magical to his Matoran subjects. Conjurer was unable to expand his kingdom due to the extremely limited military power of his Matoran population.11

The southern islands were largely unexplored by Matoran, the southernmost known land being Artidax. Since this island was inhabited by Matoran, it may be assumed that it was somewhere north of Artidax.

Firedracax's island

The Dark Hunter Firedracax was once an ordinary Matoran living on an idyllic island well to the south of Metru Nui. His peaceful life was shattered when the Visorak invaded. Panicked, he and some of his friends fled, only to fall into a pool of energized protodermis. All of them perished except for Firedracax, who emerged transformed into an armored titan with a bitter hatred for Visorak.12

Island with a Visorak colony

As of story year 2006, the Shadowed One had recently dispatched Firedracax to an island where there was reportedly a colony of Visorak.12

Gatherer's homeland

The land from which the Matoran-turned-Dark Hunter Gatherer came. Gatherer was a Matoran leader here, renowned for his honesty and fairness. When he became an obstacle to Dark Hunter operations in the area, the Shadowed One ordered his capture.13

Guardian's island

The Dark Hunter Guardian originally came from an island wracked by war. His tribe was betrayed by one of their own and delivered into the hands of their enemies. Guardian was injured in a Rhotuka spinner crossfire and left for dead. A Dark Hunter stumbled across him and, seeing a potential ally, restored him to health.14

An island monitored by Eliminator

As of story year 2006, Eliminator was on a certain island, waiting for a Dark Hunter to commit the sin of failure, as per his usual duties.15

Lurker's island

Lurker was banished from his home island for the crime of murder.16, 17

Matoran island visited by Lurker

In his most recent mission as of story year 2006, Lurker made an example of some bothersome Turaga, ensuring that their Matoran would keep quiet and continue to pay for the Dark Hunters' protection.17

Mimic's island

The Dark Hunter Mimic spent most of his life in the company of a female friend from his native island. Their home suffered a natural disaster, after which the two worked together to survive.18

Poison's homeland

The original homeland of the Dark Hunter Poison and his species. Poison's species was hunted to near extinction by Matoran.19, 20 When the Dark Hunters first encountered Poison, he was making futile attacks against a Matoran settlement and being thoroughly thrashed by the local Toa.20

Primal's homeland

The Dark Hunter Primal was once a warrior from a savage tribe whose land was overrun by the Visorak. Primal successfully led a small band of survivors in battle against the Visorak long enough to come to the attention of the Dark Hunters. The Shadowed One recruited all of the warriors in the band, then betrayed the position of the rest to the Visorak in order to tie up loose ends.21 Primal belonged to a species largely wiped out by the Visorak.22

Prototype's island

Several centuries after his initial disappearance, the Dark Hunter Prototype was discovered again by the Dark Hunters, living in a swamp on an otherwise desolate island.23

Ravager's place of discovery

The Dark Hunters originally found Ravager wandering on a rocky coastline, apparently with no memory of where he came from or who he was. The Shadowed One pressed him hard to try and remember, hoping to have more beings like Ravager under his command, though without success.24

The place where Shadow Stealer was sent

The Shadowed One initially sent Shadow Stealer to the farthest reaches of the universe on a mission that should have taken years to complete. He finished the task in days and then started working his way back to Odina ever since, defeating Toa and Dark Hunters as he went.25

The place where Spinner was found

The place where Spinner's Toa team fought mutated Rahkshi. During the battle, Spinner fell into a near-bottomless pit. Near death, he was later found by the Dark Hunters.26

Tyrant's island

The Dark Hunter Tyrant was originally the brutal ruler of a small island to the south [of Odina]. His subjects lived in mortal fear of him; his favorite hobby was to design new and better ways to perform executions. During the Toa-Dark Hunter war, Tyrant agreed to ally with the Dark Hunters; this led to Tyrant's defeat and disappearance.27 Tyrant and his subjects were all of the same species.28

Nearest Brotherhood of Makuta fortress to Odina

In order to test his suspicion that Vanisher was working for the Brotherhood of Makuta, the Shadowed One dispatched Vanisher to the nearest Brotherhood of Makuta fortress to gather intelligence. He sent another Dark Hunter to spy on him, and a third to spy on both.29

Botar's island

Botar was a member of a savage race of the southern islands.30

When Botar died, the Order of Mata Nui had to go to his homeland to draft another of his species.31

Island near Odina

As of story year 2007, the Shadowed One had recently dispatched the Dark Hunter Devastator to a nearby island to collect a payment owed the Dark Hunters by the inhabitants.32

Toa fortress where the Makoki Stone was held

A barren island where a large group of Toa, including a rookie Toa Lhikan, once operated a fortress protecting the Makoki Stone. See Toa fortress.

Second Toa base where the Makoki Stone was held

A heavily defended island where the Makoki Stone was held after the Toa recovered it at the conclusion of the Toa-Dark Hunter War.33 Six months after the end of the war, the Shadowed One, not content to allow the Makoki stone to remain in Toa hands, dispatched a Dark Hunter team to the Toa base where the stone was held. They successfully stole the tablet.34

Cave network with thousand-eyed Rahi

Vezok once invaded a cave network filled with thousand-eyed Rahi.34

Brotherhood of Makuta fortress

A fortress formerly controlled by the Brotherhood of Makuta and later taken over by the Dark Hunters. This fortress was not very strategically important in the Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta war. However, it hid a secret the Brotherhood was willing to risk everything to keep. The fortress had sheer rock walls. Beyond the walls were a forest and a beach pounded by high waves. Beneath the basement was a secret chamber with four stone walls inscribed with mysterious writing. Overall it seemed like nonsense, although to Zaktan it looked like notes for an experiment or calculations of some kind. The writing also contained three pictograms: a Great Hau symbolizing Mata Nui, the Kraahkan worn by Teridax, and an outline of Voya Nui. When Zaktan touched the Voya Nui symbol, the stones rearranged themselves so that the text became readable. The chamber was a chronicle written by the Brotherhood of Makuta, describing in detail the events leading up to the day the Great Spirit Mata Nui fell into an eternal sleep. It also revealed the Brotherhood's future plans, which involved allowing Mata Nui to reawaken only to begin a reign of darkness. Most importantly, it revealed the true, terrible scope of the Brotherhood's plans. Zaktan destroyed the walls of the chamber before the Dark Hunters were driven from the fortress to prevent anyone else from discovering this information.34

Pridak's new army later routed the forces of the Makuta who occupied the place. It was located far to the west of Destral's location at the time. Pridak's forces burned the fortress. Pridak noted that the structure was not original; it had been rebuilt on the site of an earlier strong point. The lower levels were still incomplete. Deep beneath the basement was a room of rubble. The walls had been smashed, leaving only packed earth behind. The remnants of those walls lay littered around the floor.35

This island visited by Zaktan and later Pridak is indeed one and the same island.36

Ehlek's homeland

The homeland of Ehlek's species.

These water-dwelling beings lived off the coast of Zakaz.37

Nocturn's island

Nocturn was originally exiled to the Pit for destroying his home island.38

Tuyet's home island

Toa Tuyet's home island. Tuyet left this place to help fight the Kanohi Dragon in Metru Nui. It was rumored that not long before this, the Nui Stone had wound up on the island.39

Lesovikk's island

One of the southernmost islands, which served as the operating base for the Toa Cordak around 100,000 years ago.

The first Toa team ever in existence, which included Lesovikk, was originally stationed on one of the southernmost islands.40, 41 Led by Toa Lesovikk, the Toa Cordak established a base and protected the resident Matoran from threats such as Rahi.42 Lesovikk defended Sarda's home from Rahi and other threats.43

The southern islands were largely unexplored by Matoran, the southernmost known land being Artidax. Since this island was inhabited by Matoran, it may be assumed that it was somewhere north of Artidax.

Southern lands conquered by Axonn

After the Hand of Artakha was disbanded, Axonn wandered for some time, using his powers for petty conquests.44 He put his warrior skills to work conquering a number of southern lands before being recruited into the Order of Mata Nui.45 At one time, Axonn was one of the greatest warriors in the Matoran universe. Entire cities fell before his axe. His name sent fear throughout the inhabitants of the far southern lands.46

Area near Destral's location

As of story year 2007, residents of the area near where Destral last appeared (and later vanished from) were troubled to find the waters full of dead creatures, resembling some kind of mutant kraata. These were leftovers from experiments involving [shadow leeches].47

Av-Matoran homeland

The hidden homeland of the Av-Matoran, situated in a dome beneath the southern continent and above the roof of Karda Nui.48, 49 The Av-Matoran briefly colonized Karda Nui and returned here before the coming of Mata Nui.50 When the Order of Mata Nui transplanted some of the Av-Matoran to other parts of the Matoran universe during the Time Slip, this is where those Av-Matoran had been living.51 When stalactites dropped from the ceiling of Karda Nui during the Great Cataclysm, the remaining Av-Matoran fell with them into Karda Nui.50 The Nui Caves beneath Voya Nui were an upper part of the Av-Matoran homeland.52 The Makuta did not know where the Av-Matoran homeland was, and there was no Makuta assigned to oversee it.53

Before the Great Cataclysm, Av-Matoran lived in the underground of the Southern Continent.54, 55

Small, wooded island

A small, wooded island just off the mainland [the southern continent?]. This is where Icarax killed Botar.56

Takanuva's pocket dimension

Another dimension through which Takanuva traveled on his way to Karda Nui. When Takanuva arrived, he found himself in the middle of a strange forest with black, twisted trees, dying grass, and a cold wind. Here he met a talking, floating mask. On the other side of a nearby hill was a beautiful, massive city larger than anything Takanuva had ever seen. The city had towers of silver that reached up into the sky, surrounded by buildings made of gleaming crystal. The city was protected by a wall and a set of huge gates. According to the floating mask, the city was once inhabited by beings with the appearance of large, frightening beasts. The city was invaded by large numbers of small beings wearing black and purple armor. Takanuva mistakenly helped them drive the last of the original inhabitants out of the city, then later helped the beast to reclaim the city and trap the invaders outside.57

Barren island

A barren island in the middle of nowhere. Brutaka's team stopped here briefly after escaping Artidax with Makuta Miserix. It was presumably to the north of Artidax.35

The Makuta's place of origin

An unnamed island in one of the southern chains. There were scattered Matoran residents on the island. In story year 2008, it had been set up as a staging area by the Brotherhood of Makuta for an invasion of the mainland continent. The Brotherhood brought Rahkshi there in secret and allowed them to practice their skills on the scattered Matoran residents, which wiped out the Matoran population. It was the site of a savage battle between the Rahkshi and an army of Skakdi allied with the Order of Mata Nui. Down a hill and deep in a small canyon, in the center, buried beneath a slab of rock, was a square metal trapdoor with an iron ring. This was the entrance to a chamber containing the place where Mata Nui originally created the Makuta. When Axonn and Brutaka entered the chamber, it was clear that no one had entered since perhaps the beginning of recorded time. There was a stench of rot and decay. The place was bare stone, with the only interesting feature a pool in the center. The waters were greenish-black and swirled angrily, despite there not being any breeze. This was the place where Mata Nui created the Makuta, and it was the only place that new Makuta could ever spring from. When Axonn and Brutaka visited the pool, the waters of the pool exploded up and outward. Foul, scalding liquid struck the two of them, seeping into openings in their armor. It hissed and writhed as if alive, and it burned wherever it touched.35

Mazeka and his mentor came up with a theory of how, and where, Mata Nui had brought the Makuta into being. The Brotherhood of Makuta apparently did not have common knowledge of this place's location, as Icarax needed Vultraz to bring him this information.58

Mata Nui was the only one who could create new Makuta, which is why the Brotherhood had not maintained a presence on the island of their origin.59 The pool could not turn other beings into Makuta.60

Energized protodermis lake island

An island just to the north of the one Keetongu came from. This place at first seemed uninhabited, but Helryx spotted strange beings skulking among the rocks. They were not Matoran or Rahi, but looked like something in between. The overall feeling was that something was very wrong there. The air, the ground, and the inhabitants all felt off somehow. There were no buildings on the island, at least none left standing. The most prominent feature was a large cave. The passage into the cave narrowed considerably, forcing Helryx and Keetongu to crawl through. Once the passage widened again, they saw more creatures. These creatures obviously were Rahi beasts, but not like anything Helryx had seen before. They were short, pale bipeds with large, yellow eyes and spindly arms and legs. They seemed to be harmless.35

The passage led to a huge chamber. In the center of it was an entire lake of energized protodermis. Rising from the center was the Energized Protodermis Entity. The Entity experimented on the creatures and things it found around it.35

Although Chirox oversaw nearby territory, he did not oversee this island because it was a particularly valuable location, and Teridax did not choose to have Chirox watch over it.61

The island north of Keetongu's homeland was the one where Carapar famously ended a siege.62

Southern edge

The southern edge of the Matoran universe. Teridax claimed that there were lands here that were so dangerous that even Makuta never dared to travel to them.63

The southern islands were unexplored and full of dangerous Rahi.64

Lava-gem village

A Matoran village on the Tren Krom peninsula. The Matoran here possessed an intact lava-gem, which was a rare find on the peninsula. The Matoran believed that it appeased a nearby volcano and kept it from erupting. Vultraz killed the entire village by triggering an eruption of the volcano.58

Mazeka and Vultraz's village

A village on the Tren Krom peninsula where both Mazeka and Vultraz once lived. By Vultraz's account, it was a "backward little village" where they tried not to attract Makuta Gorast's attention.58

Razor crystal mountain

On the Tren Krom peninsula there was an entire mountain slope lined with razor crystals. Mazeka and Vultraz fought here five years ago.58


A small De-Matoran village on the Tren Krom peninsula where Krakua lived. See De-Koro.

Island raided by Vultraz

Vultraz used his vehicle to raid a village on an island not far from Stelt. Two Matoran were killed, and 12 more were hurt. Vultraz apparently hid the tablets he stole from Mazeka and his mentor here, including one about the origins of the Makuta.58

Hypothetical but Unconfirmed Locations

These beings may have come from lands where more of their own species dwelled, but these locations have never been confirmed, identified, or otherwise mentioned directly:

  • Sentrakh
  • The Recorder
  • Triglax
  • Axonn
  • Brutaka
  • Amphibax
  • Darkness
  • Dweller
  • Eliminator
  • The Hordika Dragons
  • Ravager
  • Seeker
  • Shadow Stealer
  • Tracker
  • Vanisher
  • A bird-like Dark Hunter
  • Silence
  • Vengeance
  • Kalmah
  • Carapar
  • Mantax
  • Pridak
  • Takadox
  • Hydraxon
  • Jerbraz
  • Johmak
  • Trinuma

The homelands of these beings are also unknown:

  • The two Toa who merged to form Prototype
  • The Dark Hunter Savage and his original Toa team
  • The Dark Hunter Spinner and his original Toa team