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List of Unnamed Things

Below is a list of minor characters, creatures, and items mentioned in the storyline which lack names to be cataloged under.

For unnamed locations, see List of Minor Locations.


Scorpion-like creatures
A swarm of these creatures attacked Tahu in the deepest cavern of Onu-Wahi when he was searching for his Kanohi Akaku. They were bright red, glowing, fist-sized, and looked like a cross between a scorpion and a giant wingless firefly with deadly-looking pincers. Tahu's flame had no effect on them; the creatures merely glowed brighter, seeming to suck in the heat of the fire. They latched on to their foe with their painful, fiery pincers. Over their face they wore a tiny infected mask. They turned docile once the mask was removed.1
Small bugs
Takua once swatted a tiny bug on his neck while traveling through Le-Wahi.2
Smoke Rahi
A Rahi that seemed to be made entirely of smoke. This was one of many creatures in the lower levels of the Archives which the Onu-Matoran never identified.3 Krahka had the ability to take on the form of this creature. It had long tendrils of black smoke. It looked like a dark, tentacled beast floating in the air. It could strike quickly and wrap its tendrils around multiple opponents. Its tendrils could envelop opponents in black smoke, able to breathe but not to see, hear, or move. It could lift them away and carry them somewhere.4
Crystalline nest-making insectoid
A large insectoid that could create a thick crystalline nest for itself in a matter of moments. This was one of many creatures in the lower levels of the Archives which the Onu-Matoran never identified.3 Krahka had the ability to take the form of this creature. The creature had a long, leather-scaled limb with nasty claws. This Rahi produced a living crystal to weave its nest. This crystal regenerated when damaged. It was a massive, hideous Rahi that slithered.4
Gelatinous creature
The Krahka once transformed by reflex into a gelatinous creature to avoid being hit when Matau dove into her, letting Matau pass through her.4
Six-eyed flying Rahi
Strange flying Rahi with six blinking eyes. A team led by Brutaka encountered these creatures hanging from the ceiling in a cavern on Artidax. They had apparently been placed there by Krika.5
Crimson insects
Crimson insect Rahi that Brutaka's team encountered in a cavern on Artidax. Thousands of them covered the floor of the cavern, and their motionless, entangled limbs made them look like tangled dead branches rather than living things. They responded to the intruders by swarming over the walls of the cavern and blocking the openings of the cavern. They had unblinking, predatory, glowing eyes. They had apparently been placed there by Krika.5
Bat-winged Rahi
A bat-winged Rahi bred for long-distance flying. The Dark Hunters used them numerous times to send messages back and forth to agents on other islands. It was not native to Odina. It let out a cry. The Order of Mata Nui used a number of them to send an urgent message to Ancient by having them fly in a formation that only he recognized.6
Strange Matoran/Rahi creatures
Strange beings spotted skulking among the rocks on the energized protodermis lake island. They were not Matoran or Rahi, but looked like something in between.6
Pale, bipedal Rahi
Rahi beasts found inside the cave on the energized protodermis lake island. Although they were clearly Rahi, they were unlike anything Helryx had seen before. They were short, pale bipeds with large yellow eyes and spindly arms and legs. They moved aside as Helryx and Keetongu passed by them, but as soon as they moved on, the creatures assembled into a group and followed close behind.6


Transport manager
A Le-Matoran who once assisted Toa Matau in Sector 3 by telling him where Orkahm went. He had seen Toa before, long ago, but had never met one. However, he knew the legends that said that Toa were meant to protect Matoran and keep them safe.7 Toa Matau CD-ROM suggests that this Matoran is Vira.8
Bird-like Dark Hunter
A tall, thin, winged, avian Dark Hunter who was one of the Shadowed One's most effective operatives. After he sold information on the Makoki stone to Hakann, the Shadowed One executed him with his disintegrating eye beams.9
The floating mask
A floating, talking mask which Takanuva met in another dimension on his way to Karda Nui. The mask looked like a large Kanohi Hau and was translucent blue-green in color. The mask was found in a strange forest near a massive city. The last of the giant beasts who lived in the city was its friend. The mask was able to open the interdimensional portal which allowed Takanuva to leave.10
The gentle monster
A large creature encountered by Takanuva in another dimension on his way to Karda Nui. He was at least twenty feet high with pointed ears, huge claws, and a mouth full of sharp teeth. He was the last of the original inhabitants of a massive city being invaded by small beings wearing black and purple armor. Despite having the appearance of a large, frightening monster, he was able to speak and was a friend of the floating mask. According to the mask, he was gentle and kind, only using his teeth and claws to defend himself. He would use his claws to collect fruit from trees. The invaders were unsuccessfully trying to drive him out of the city when Takanuva mistakenly helped them drive him away. The monster was able to tunnel under the walls of the city to get inside.10
Steltian trader
A trader who ran a shop on the island of Stelt, where he offered a number of ships. Brutaka and his team to free Miserix robbed him of one of his best ships. Later, Miserix tore the roof off of his shop, demanding to know where Makuta Teridax was.56
Unidentified Makuta
A Makuta whose forces occupied a fortress and were later routed by Pridak's forces. It is likely, but not confirmed, that this Makuta is one of the Makuta we already know.6
A male Vortixx
Male Vortixx whom the Shadowed One discovered trying to conceal Makuta viruses left on Xia. He was killed by the Shadowed One.6
Order of Mata Nui agent on Metru Nui
An agent on Metru Nui once reported to Helryx that Turaga Vakama once mentioned an Energized Protodermis Entity his team had fought when they were Toa Metru.6
Four-armed warrior
A four-armed giant with two long horns coming out of his head. He alone was heavy enough to almost swamp one of the Dark Hunters' ships. He carried a multi-bladed axe.11 A four-armed warrior wielding a multi-bladed axe, presumably an agent of the Order of Mata Nui. He tried to stop Voporak after Voporak stole the Kanohi Vahi from the Coliseum. Voporak defeated him by using his power to age the warrior tens of thousands of years.6


Special chains
Special chains used to imprison Miserix and which Lariska had seen before. They grew and shrank with their captive, feeding on his power and using it to hold him. Breaking them would cause the captive great pain.5