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Toa fortress


A group of Toa who secretly compiled information about the Brotherhood of Makuta and inscribed it on the Makoki stone built a base on a barren, windswept rock of an island. They kept the Makoki stone under guard in a tower in their fortress. However, they neglected to inspect the icebergs that surrounded the island, which were in fact camouflage for a tribe of Frostelus. Not taking kindly to the intrusion, the Frostelus massed an army and promptly besieged the Toa. The only exit not blocked by Frostelus was down a sheer cliff side. When Hakann and Vezok came to steal the Makoki stone, a Toa who controlled plant life patrolled this approach. Their plan was to climb the sheer cliff in the middle of the conflict between the Toa and Frostelus and break into the Toa fortress. The climb up the cliff side was treacherous, with crumbling rock and icy winds. There was a 3,000-bio drop to a river below. Their boat was lashed to the rocks far below. The sea below was violent. Two Toa guarded the rear entrance of the fortress: one carrying a mace, and the other a flail. There was a lock on the stone door of this entrance. Corridors and stairs, with windows to see outside, and with Toa along the way, led to the tower where the Makoki stone was held. The tower room where the Makoki stone was kept was practically bare, except for the stone tablet resting on a table. Carved into the table were the words Makoki stone. All but one of the Toa in the tower met his end at the claws of the Frostelus that day. Only Lhikan survived.1

The Makoki stone was kept under guard in a Toa tower.2 As a relatively new Toa, Lhikan helped man a Toa tower that contained the Makoki stones. Savage Frostelus overran the small island where Lhikan was stationed. Lhikan was the sole survivor of his team.3

The Frostelus wiped out the Toa tower, killing all but one of the Toa inside.4

7,000 years ago, a Toa outpost was destroyed by Frostelus. Toa Lhikan survived. Vezok stole the Makoki Stone from the Toa outpost.5

Lhikan was assigned to guard the strategic outpost on this small island with a team of other heroes. Inside the outpost was the Makoki stone, an artifact of great value.6