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De-Koro was a small De-Matoran village on the Tren Krom Peninsula where Krakua once lived.


Krakua lived in a small De-Matoran village on the Tren Krom peninsula. Although Mazeka was well-traveled on the peninsula, he had never seen it before going there to find Krakua. It looked like a typical village, with a series of huts, a central clearing that served as a meeting area, and Matoran wandering about. However, a strange feature of the village was that the entire place was absolutely silent, because the De-Matoran were extremely sensitive to sound and hated noise. The De-Matoran trained themselves from early on not to make any more noise than necessary. Toa were forbidden in the village, since they tended to attract battles that could cause noise. The other Matoran in the village avoided Krakua and gave him dirty looks because he hummed to himself. There were trees and a jungle by the village.3

De-Koro was the name of Krakua's village.4