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Tren Krom Peninsula


Where Nidhiki came from, Toa struck from the shadows or they did not live very long.1

Vultraz was a native of the dangerous Tren Krom peninsula, ruled by Makuta Gorast.2

Miserix once remarked, "A Nui-Rama doesn't buzz on the Tren Krom Peninsula" without you scum hearing it.3

The section of the southern [sic, northern] continent that included the fearsome Tren Krom Peninsula was one of the most dangerous and difficult areas to rule. Makuta Gorast purposely chose to oversee this region for this reason. She alone had dared to challenge the acid falls and done battle with the monstrous creations of Tren Krom himself.4

This large peninsula jutted out from the southeastern end of the Northern Continent. A large lake separated the peninsula from the rest of the Northern Continent. To the east of the peninsula was the island of Stelt, and to the south was the Southern Continent.5

Nidhiki originally came from the Tren Krom Peninsula.6

Nidhiki's homeland was a dangerous place for Toa to be. Not every land in the Matoran universe was welcoming to heroes.7