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The Makuta were powerful beings which made up the members of the Brotherhood of Makuta.


When the Piraka found Teridax's shattered armor, and Zaktan searched its insides with his protodites, they found no trace of organic tissue. Thok guessed that the Makuta may have evolved beyond the need for organics.1

The term Makuta was both the title given by Matoran to the members of the Brotherhood of Makuta and the name of the members' species.2, 3 All of the members of the Brotherhood belonged to a species so ancient that they evolved beyond the point of having physical bodies. The Makuta consisted of pure energy which needed to be housed within an armored frame. If this armor ever broke, a Makuta's energy would leak out and eventually lose cohesion, and that Makuta would die.3

There were at one time one hundred members of the Brotherhood of Makuta. The Order of Mata Nui believed that this number became significantly smaller, as Teridax weeded out those he felt were not loyal enough to his Plan.3

All Makuta shared certain abilities, namely the ability to produce kraata and and an array of 42 different Rahkshi powers, including shape-shifting. Makuta could appear in virtually any guise they wished.3

As a rule, Makuta were highly intelligent and skilled inventors and biomechanical engineers. Although the Makuta were associated with darkness, only Teridax wore the Mask of Shadows. Other members wore other masks, all of them with powers best suited for combat. Different Makuta were charged with conquest of different sections of the Matoran universe. All of them answered to Teridax, only because he gave birth to the original conspiracy. Each Makuta had a different style and approach to conflict, so defeating one did not guarantee success against another. Although they were all of the same species, each was uniquely cunning or dangerous in his or her own right.3

All Makuta shared certain powers, including shape-shifting, control of shadow energy, and the ability to make Kraata.4 All of them evolved past the point of needing a physical body, ultimately consisting of energy inhabiting armor.2, 4 They could inhabit living but spiritless bodies or purely mechanical beings.4

The one power which the Makuta dreaded was the power of light.5

The Makuta were members of a unique species of shapeshifters in the universe. Although they wore armor, they no longer had physical bodies. Instead, they were just clouds of energy. By changing the shape of their armor, they could change how they looked and so trick others. Originally, the Brotherhood of Makuta was a group of brilliant creators whose role was to bring Rahi beasts – animals, birds, fish, insects, etc. – into being. By adding viruses to vats of protodermis, they could control what kind of Rahi would be created and what it could do. Some were helpful to Matoran, like Ussal crabs. Others were nasty and frightening, intended to keep Matoran away from places that might have been dangerous for them. Virtually every Rahi that existed in the universe was created by the Makuta. Later, the Makuta started helping to protect the Matoran in other ways. Each region was assigned a Makuta to watch over it. They did things like crushing the Barraki rebellion and helping to stop the Matoran Civil War in Metru Nui. For a long time, the Makuta felt that they should be running the universe, not the Great Spirit Mata Nui. They believed that since they were smarter and more powerful than anyone else, the rest of the beings in the universe should exist to serve them.6

Makuta had many powers that they could use against their enemies. Only a few of the most important were: the ability to create and control darkness, shapeshifting, the ability to create illusions, the ability to control Rahi beasts, teleportation, heat vision, and mind reading and telepathy. Makuta were some of the most powerful beings in the universe. However, they did have weaknesses. They were vulnerable to light. Also, if their armor was damaged badly enough, their energy would leak out. Without a new body to occupy, that energy would dissipate within weeks, and the Makuta would die.6

Makuta were able to turn some of their energy into a solid, worm-like creature called a kraata.6

Not all Makuta were alike. Different Makuta had different skills and specialties. For example, Antroz was a strategist and an excellent leader, Vamprah was a hunter, and Chirox was an expert at making Rahi beasts. Other Makuta were superior warriors or spies.6

There were female Makuta, although Brutaka remarked, "It's not pretty."7

Mata Nui created the Makuta on an island in one of the southern chains. They were created from a pool of greenish-black liquid. This was the only place where new Makuta could ever spring from. From that pool came their substance, made into living form by the powers of the Great Spirit until time made it into pure energy.7

For a Makuta, being without a body was a disturbing experience. They existed as energy, but they still needed a shell to inhabit – if not their armor, then a robot body or a living form with no spirit inside (a difficult find). If they were without a body for more than a few weeks, they lost the ability to keep their energy intact, and they died.8

The Makuta were created by Mata Nui to aid him in protecting and maintaining the Matoran universe. Specifically, their job was to create Rahi beasts that would play useful roles in the operation of the universe. They did this by mixing viruses with liquid protodermis, creating every known creature that walked, flew, or swam. Originally, the members of the Brotherhood of Makuta were bio-mechanical, a combination of organic tissue and mechanical parts, much like Toa or Matoran. Over time, the Makuta evolved so that their muscle and tissue turned to pure energy, which they housed in protosteel armor. Although the energy could dissipate if outside of a body for too long, the change made the Makuta much more difficult to physically harm. Mata Nui had gifted the Makuta with a number of powers, including control of the shadow element. Although shadow was a dangerous element, Mata Nui knew that there would need to be some Rahi who dwelled in darkness, and the Makuta would need to be able to master that darkness to control them. He also made the Makuta shapeshifters, again to make them better able to master the Rahi they created. Although they were incredibly powerful, Makuta did have weaknesses. Being creatures of shadow, they were vulnerable to light. If their armor was cracked or damaged, their essence leaked out, in which case they needed to find a new body within a few weeks or cease to exist. In addition, they had what was called the "curse of the Makuta" – their own ambition and lust for power sometimes caused them to make mistakes or underestimate their opponents. Most Makuta specialized in certain things. Chirox and Mutran, for example, continued to refine their abilities to create Rahi, Icarax focused on mastering combat, Vamprah honed his skills as a hunter, etc. Only two Makuta were ever barred from the Brotherhood, the first being Miserix, and the second being Spiriah.9

The Makuta had many powers, but in their bodiless energy form, they could only use psychic powers such as illusion or telepathy. All powers were accessible to them only when their bodies were sheltered in their armor. Some of these, including shapeshifting, were not available to the Mistika Makuta due to their mutation by the swamp water.10

When Makuta Tridax's armor was dissolved and he was in the form of free-floating antidermis, his antidermis turned a darker shade of black and green, probably indicating that he was trying to mentally attack Tobduk. However, the mental attack was not able to get through Tobduk's mental shields.11

When the energy extraction rifle was used on a Makuta, the Makuta was unaffected, and the rifle was heavily damaged, but a Kraata appeared on the rifle. This meant that the rifle could be used as a quick, painless way for a Makuta to create Kraata. With slight modifications to the rifle, a Makuta could also drain his own energy into it and channel the resulting essence through the rifle, much like a Toa tool. However, since the rifle sustained heavy damage after each use, these ways of using the weapon were impractical.12

Mata Nui was the only one who had the ability to create new Makuta.13

No lone Toa could defeat a Makuta except for a Toa of Light.14

When a Makuta shapeshifted to a smaller size, his extra mass was shunted into another dimension.15

The Great Beings created the original antidermis and gave it its knowledge of Mata Nui's mission. Creating the Makuta was part of Mata Nui's programming.16

No Brotherhood of Makuta members were revived on the Red Star, as they had no bodies left.17

Makuta could probably infect masks directly like a kraata.18

Makuta could not control protodermis.19

Makuta had the powers of all the Rahkshi.20

The Makuta did not look much different before and after their transition into energy. Before, they simply were biomechanical, but still in the same armor. The Makuta, being shapeshifters, were never shown to have a default form.21 It could be assumed that Makuta did have a default form.22

The complete list of Makuta powers included:10

Could strike the smallest target at a great distance or in any environment or condition.
Instantly adapted to take maximum advantage of any condition or situation.
Had the power to turn anyone, even Toa, against one another in anger.
Chain Lightning
Controlled devastating bolts of chain lightning that leaped between multiple tagets.
Had the ability to become completely invisible in any environment.
Extended proximity could reduce anyone, even a Toa Nuva, to mindless babbling.
Had the power to create and control powerful cyclones at will.
Had the power to consume all light (apart from Takanuva's light) in a large area.
Density Control
Complete control over own density, able to turn intangible or as hard as protosteel.
Had the power to reduce even protodermis to dust.
Impossible to strike physically, no matter how swiftly or powerfully.
Could stretch incredible lengths in the blink of an eye.
Powerful electrical field could be controlled to surround or stun distant objects or creatures.
Had the power to bring fear to the hearts of even the Toa Nuva.
Fire Resistance
Strong enough to withstand the heat of Tahu Nuva's magma swords.
Used gravity control to crush any object in visual range.
Heat Vision
Powerful long-range heat vision could ignite any object within sight.
Able to drain the strength of another and temporarily add it to one's own.
Ice Resistance
Impervious even to the cold of Kopaka Nuva's ice blade.
Could create and control multiple realistic illusions.
Insect Control
Powerful enough to control and command an entire hive of Nui-Rama.
Invulnerable to physical harm from most attacks.
Laser Vision
Fired powerful eye-beams that could burn through solid protodermis.
Possessed magnetic powers strong enough to tear a slab of protodermis in two.
Mind Reading
Powerful enough to invade the mind of a Turaga or Toa Nuva.
Molecular Disruption
Had the power to utterly disintegrate any inorganic object with a touch.
Plant Control
Had total control over any plants in the area.
Had the power to instantly melt any object into vapor.
Dangerously toxic even to a Toa Nuva.
Power Scream
Power scream shattered stone and could be heard all across the island.
Quick Healing
Quickly healed any physical or elemental blow.
Rahi Control
Had absolute control over every living Rahi in the near area.
Had total control over one's own shape, although one's mass could not change.
Had the power to create explosions in the immediate area.
Aura of silence was powerful enough to temporarily deafen a Toa Nuva.
Had the power to instantly put an entire village into deep sleep.
Able to rob even a Toa Nuva of all speed as long as he or she remained nearby.
Blasted distant objects with powerful waves of sonic force.
Stasis Field
Had the power to freeze a creature in near-permanent stasis through eye contact.
Had the power to teleport oneself through any wall or other structure.
Had the power to create gale-force winds or instantly reverse their flow.
Weather Control
Could manifest powerful, dangerous thunderstorms and blizzards at will.

Makuta's Rahi control powers did not work on Matoran.23

A Makuta's Rahi control could be used to influence any of the Barraki's underwater armies.24

Makuta did not have the innate ability to fly, but were able to shapeshift into forms that could.25

Makuta had the ability to create Matoran, just as Turaga did.26

As of the end of the story, Miserix and the alternate Teridax were the only Makuta left.27

Makuta were not especially vulnerable to normal levels of ambient light.28

Teridax did not necessarily retain the same mass and weight among his different forms.29

Makuta could shapeshift into intangible forms without compromising their armor. Makuta were unable to patch their armor with shapeshifting; any form a Makuta with compromised armor shapeshifted into would be compromised in the same manner.30

A Makuta's antidermis could reconstitute over time, provided whatever caused it to dissipate in the first place was stopped.31

Makuta were not exactly spirits, they were made of energy.32

Makuta could fire shadow energy from their hands or their weapons, just like Toa could use either for their elemental powers.33

For efficiency, Makuta could probably control Rahkshi made by other Makuta.34

All members of the Brotherhood of Makuta essentially had the same job as Teridax when he watched over Metru Nui, but in different locations.35

Makuta couldn't be in more than one place at once, generally.36

Makuta were stronger than Botar.37

Makuta were not limited to only teleporting within their range of sight.38

Makuta were not immortal in any sense, but they had extremely long lifespans.39

When a Makuta shapeshifted, the internals (including under the mask) of a being they shapeshifted to resemble would not be identical to the real being.40

Since Makuta were shapeshifters, they could transform their energy from gas to liquid and vice versa. Their gas form floated.41

"Makuta" was like a job title.42

Makuta was both a job title and a species name.43

Makuta was a title. The Makuta who oversaw Metru Nui had an individual name. Other lands were overseen by other Makuta.44

Makuta couldn't access the mask powers of those they absorbed and likely not their other powers either, just physical attributes.45

Makuta could not revive beings they absorbed. These beings had their consciousnesses destroyed, so even if their bodies were recreated, they wouldn't have minds or spirits.46

Makuta armor contained their energy. Without the armor, the energy dispersed; this is what antidermis was.47

Makuta could be conscious in antidermis form.48

In antidermis form, a Makuta could use any mind-based power, such as mind reading, (limited) shapeshifting, illusion, fear, anger, and confusion. They would need a physical shell for physical powers such as laser vision, disintegration, and electricity.49

Without armor, a Makuta couldn't use their more physical-based powers like electricity or sonics. They retained the power to use their mental abilities.50

Makuta without armor could maintain cohesion for a while through sheer willpower, but could not stay outside some kind of physical body for too long.51

Makuta would die eventually unless they found something to contain their energy.52

Makuta didn't need masks to contain their energies in general. Teridax's armor while facing Takanuva used the mask as a faceplate, but Makuta could inhabit, for example, Bohrok in which their energy would be completely contained with no mask.53

A Makuta could not take over a dead body. They needed to find a living body that had no spirit of a mechanical body or armor that was suitable to their use. They could possess Rahkshi armor.54

A Makuta could shift the shape of Rahkshi armor if they possessed it.55

If a Makuta possessed another being's body, they could use all of their physical Makuta abilities.56

Makuta could survive underwater for at least a short while in antidermis form.57

Makuta chose which kind of kraata they created.58

A Makuta could probably not shrink to the size of a kraata.59

Even if a Makuta could inhabit a dead body, they could not make it move or speak and it wouldn't keep their essence intact. They could only inhabit the body of a living being whose spirit was gone or a purely mechanical being.60

Each region had a Makuta that protected it.61

All Makuta were assigned a region.62

None of the Makuta guarded the region that included the Av-Matoran homeland.63

Makuta armor was stronger than solid protodermis but weaker than protosteel.64

Makuta didn't have multiple sets of armor to serve as backups.65

All Makuta had certain powers in common like shapeshifting and kraata production. They didn't necessarily have the exact same powers, but they had the basics in common.66

Makuta could be affected by Pit mutagen.67

Makuta could shapeshift into kraata, but they couldn't truly become kraata. When exposed to energized protodermis they'd be at risk of being destroyed.68

If a Makuta managed to get a new body, they would have access to most of their powers, but probably not all. For example, Makuta armor was designed for shapeshifting, but a new body would not have that ability.69

Makuta could take over mechanical bodies.70

Makuta's possession ability was based on their energy forms. They had to go inside bodies to possess them, which they couldn't do if they were wearing armor.71

Makuta had subconsciouses that were always active, even when awake.72

All Makuta could produce kraata.73

Makuta did not have any light in them.74

If a Makuta used his accuracy power to shoot a beam of something at another Makuta, and that one used his dodge power, what would happen depended on who had the stronger willpower.75

The Mistika Makuta were not blinded by when Matoro used the Mask of Life.76

The Phanokta Makuta had a telepathic link with the Shadow Matoran, allowing them to see through their eyes.77

Some Makuta felt attacking Mata Nui was unwise, but none objected on moral grounds.78

A Makuta's antidermis did not fill up his armor entirely; there was some extra room.79

Other Information

  • Having multiple Makuta was not part of the original plan.80
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta was planned by 2003.81
  • Greg Farshtey once said that the members of the Brotherhood of Makuta were created by the Great Beings,82 but later said they were created by Mata Nui. The latter was correct.83

List of Makuta

  • Antroz
  • Bitil
  • Chirox
  • Gorast
  • Icarax
  • Kojol
  • Krika
  • Miserix
  • Mutran
  • Spiriah
  • Teridax
  • Tridax
  • Vamprah