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Takanuva's could use his light power to create laser beams that could slice through protosteel.1

A Toa of Light was the ultimate weapon against beings of shadow such as the Makuta. Takanuva could temporarily blind an opponent with a flare.2

No lone Toa could defeat a Makuta except for a Toa of Light.3

Tapping into one's inner light would not suddenly turn oneself into someone with Toa of Light powers. At best, one would be able to hurl a light blast like Av-Matoran could.4

Toa-level control over light allowed a being to blind foes with bursts of light, generate lasers, absorb light in a room to avoid detection by an enemy, and perhaps create objects out of solid light.5

Toa-level control over light would allow a being to create holograms or objects out of solid light.6

Toa-level control over light wouldn't allow a being to blind a specific target by removing their ability to perceive light, but they could absorb all of the light in a room to blind everyone present.7, 8

White and gold were the primary colors of Matoran of Light.9

Elemental Light users could create and project light, which meant they could create lasers, strobe bursts, and hard light holograms.10

Light could be affected by gravity.11

Takanuva had the potential to use Av-Matoran abilities, but not the training.12

Takanuva's light powers were not decreased by gaining shadow powers. He could only use them from one hand.13