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Takanuva's could use his light power to create laser beams that could slice through protosteel.[1]

A Toa of Light was the ultimate weapon against beings of shadow such as the Makuta. Takanuva could temporarily blind an opponent with a flare.[2]

No lone Toa could defeat a Makuta except for a Toa of Light.[3]

Tapping into one's inner light would not suddenly turn oneself into someone with Toa of Light powers. At best, one would be able to hurl a light blast like Av-Matoran could.[4]

Toa-level control over light allowed a being to blind foes with bursts of light, generate lasers, absorb light in a room to avoid detection by an enemy, and perhaps create objects out of solid light.[5]

Toa-level control over light would allow a being to create holograms or objects out of solid light.[6]

Toa-level control over light wouldn't allow a being to blind a specific target by removing their ability to perceive light, but they could absorb all of the light in a room to blind everyone present.[7, 8]

White and gold were the primary colors of Matoran of Light.[9]

Elemental Light users could create and project light, which meant they could create lasers, strobe bursts, and hard light holograms.[10]

Light could be affected by gravity.[11]