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Archives Beast

The Archives Beast was a mysterious, shapeshifting Rahi contained in a cell in the Onu-Metru Archives. It was believed to have some connection to the reconstitutes at random Kanoka disk power.1, 2 It was evidently able to take on any shape it wished, once appearing as an empty room.2


This Rahi was kept in a cell in the sub-levels of the Archives marked "Keep out." Whenua remarked that the last archivist who came to its cell did not speak a word since, only screamed. No one knew exactly what this creature was. Their best theory was that it had some connection to the random reconstitution disk power. The creature was not in the room where it was kept, but rather was the room itself. When Whenua and Nuju entered its cell, it appeared as an empty room brightly lit with lightstones. The creature could dim the lights and attack those who intruded by sprouting clawed hands from the walls or shooting spikes from the walls. When it attacked, one could hear a low, ominous rumbling that sounded like the breathing of a massive creature. It could also raise the floor to crush things inside. When Nuju created a snow storm inside of it, it willingly created an opening in the wall and ejected Whenua and Nuju back outside of its cell.3

The Archives Beast was one of many creatures in the lower levels of the Archives which the Onu-Matoran could never identify. It could look like virtually anything, including its cell.4

The Archives Beast was known to have been in the Archives.5

It appeared as an empty room when encountered by Toa Whenua and Toa Nuju. Nuju avoided their capture by creating a blizzard in the cell.1