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Arena Magna was part of the city of Atero. Atero was the only "free city" on Bara Magna, meaning that Agori from any village could visit or even live there if they chose. Despite this, its year-round population was extremely small, largely because of its location; the entire area was plagued by bone hunters, who did not hesitate to raid Atero if they knew it was inhabited. The city was busiest just before the annual Glatorian tournament, when Agori from various villages arrived to prepare Arena Magna for use. It was important work, but not always terribly exciting. Most Agori would do their duty, knowing the reward was front-row seats for all the matches. Emotions ran high at the tournament, with each village wanting its Glatorian to win, and fights between Agori had been known to break out in the stands.1


Atero was located on the Skrall River, between Tesara to the west and Creep Canyon to the east. It was far north of Vulcanus and Tajun.2

Atero was a free city where villagers from different tribes (except Rock and Sand) lived.3, 4 Atero was not home to very many Agori. The ones who lived there were mainly there to maintain the arena.5

Atero was really only used by Glatorian once a year, for the big tournament.6