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Bara Magna

The world of Bara Magna consisted largely of a vast desert, bounded on the north by mountains. Its sole sources of water were scattered oases and run-off from the snow-capped peaks. It was home to six tribes of Agori living in five villages and the wastelands.1


The world of Bara Magna was dangerous. Devastated by a worldwide disaster more than 100,000 years ago, it became a treacherous place filled with wild creatures, ferocious sandstorms, and the menace of the beast-like Vorox. The Agori villagers and their Glatorian protectors struggled for survival in this harsh land.2

In scattered villages, Agori dealt with the daily struggle to survive in the harsh desert world of Bara Magna. When villages had a dispute, they settled it with battles between Glatorian fighters in their arenas. Once a year, Glatorian from all over Bara Magna gathered for the right to be called champion. They came to Arena Magna in the city of Atero to compete, to talk, to share news and new battle tactics.3

Beneath the sands of Bara Magna were secrets long forgotten by the Agori and Glatorian which would change everything Mata Nui knew about himself and his universe.4

City ruins could be found under the sands of Bara Magna.5

Thousands of years of competition and distrust among the villages made it difficult for Mata Nui to convince them to join forces against the Skrall.6

Some believed the world of Bara Magna to be only a vast, unending desert. In reality, the Black Spike Mountains loomed over the northern region of the planet, which appeared to be partially forested.7

Parts from a prototype for a massive robotic space vessel constructed by the Great Beings littered the Bara Magna desert, the result of an explosion caused during a failed experiment conducted long before the Core War.8

Bara Magna had cold desert nights.9

Tajun was built around the largest oasis in the desert.10

Bara Magna was the desert region of the planet Spherus Magna.11

Atero was the only "free city" on Bara Magna, meaning that Agori from any village could visit or even live there if they chose.12

Before the Core War, Bara Magna contained vast cities. Those who lived on Bara Magna after the Shattering were generally too busy simply surviving to have time for hope for the future.13

Bara Magna was the largest chunk of Spherus Magna; Bara Magna is what the survivors called it. Energized protodermis leaked from the core of Spherus Magna and triggered a massive explosion that flung two huge chunks into orbit. The desert world that remained was renamed Bara Magna by the survivors.14


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List of Locations

  • Arena Magna
  • Atero
  • Black Spike Mountains
  • Bone Hunters Camp
  • Bone Hunters Stronghold
  • Creep Canyon
  • The Dark Falls
  • Dunes of Treason
  • Elbow Peak
  • Gatherers Ridge
  • Hot Springs
  • Iconox
  • Iron Canyon
  • Knee Island
  • Roxtus
  • Sandray Canyon
  • Sea of Liquid Sand
  • Skrall Arena
  • Skrall River
  • Skull Mountain
  • Tajun
  • Tesara
  • Tesara Arena
  • Underground Lab of the Great Beings
  • Vulcanus
  • Vulcanus Lava Flow
  • Wall of Champions
  • Wasteland
  • White Quartz Mountains