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Black Spike Mountains

The Black Spike Mountains, also called the Black Spikes1, were a chain of forbidding peaks on Bara Magna. They were home to the Skrall. Sparse vegetation allowed some wildlife to thrive there, and it was also believed that baterra may have stalked in these mountains. Few ever went there by choice, as the Skrall regarded any who entered the mountains to be trespassers. The mountains were honeycombed with concealed tunnels used by the Great Beings for unknown purposes. Most of these remained undiscovered.2


The Black Spike Mountains were located on the northeastern edge of the desert of Bara Magna. Contained within the region were Roxtus and Skull Mountain. The Skrall River ran south through the Black Spike Mountains' eastern part, flowing out over the Dark Falls on the southern edge. To the south was the start of the desert and the lands of the bone hunters. To the northeast was the Great Volcano. To the southwest was Gatherers Ridge and, to the west beyond that, the White Quartz Mountains.3, 4

The Skrall once inhabited the northern parts of the Black Spike Mountains. While living among the barren peaks, they were accustomed to very harsh winter storms. Agori farmers lived on the slopes. Among the hazards in the mountains were avalanches and iron wolves. The Agori said that spirits freed by the Shattering inhabited the mountains.5

The Skrall domination of the Black Spike Mountains made the White Quartz Mountains the only viable route to the north.6

After the climate changes caused by the Shattering, the plant life around Tesara subsisted off of trickles of water that came down from the Black Spike Mountains.7