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Darkness was one of the most powerful Dark Hunters.1, 2 His job was to watch over the organization's leader, the Shadowed One, and kill him should he ever show any sign of weakness.1


Darkness, as he was code-named, was a Dark Hunter who served as the Shadowed One's "shadow," a being who kept constant vigilance for any sign of weakness in the ruler, threatening to strike him down and take his throne at the first opportunity. The Shadowed One saw this arrangement as a brutal but necessary way to ensure that compassion and doubt never entered the heart of a ruler such as himself. Darkness ordinarily remained silently perched high above the Shadowed One's throne, waiting for him to slip just once. No one, not even the Shadowed One, knew what thoughts went through his mind. His eyes were blood-red. Occasionally, Darkness would descend to discipline a Dark Hunter just to keep in practice. He would then return the way he came, his gaze always fixed upon the Shadowed One. He left Odina only when the Shadowed One did, somehow managing to keep him in sight even when he did not travel with him.3

The Shadowed One did not know the extent of Darkness's powers. He saw him rend a foe with his claws and bend and slither through places too narrow for anyone to pass into normally. The Shadowed One doubted that these were the limits of his powers.3

Darkness, the stalker in the shadows, was one of the most dreaded figures on Odina. His traditional place of residence was among the stone beams of the ceiling above the Shadowed One's throne. If the Shadowed One showed the slightest sign of weakness, remorse, or compassion, it would be Darkness's job to slay him so that another could take his place. He left the chamber only rarely, to "sharpen his claws" by disciplining disobedient Dark Hunters.4

Darkness remained perched above the Shadowed One's throne, watching the Dark Hunter leader. This was not out of any desire to guard him, but rather to wait for a sign of weakness in the leader, to kill him so another may take his place.5

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