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According to the Order of Mata Nui, it was not up to them to question destiny, as decreed by the Great Spirit Mata Nui.[1]

If a Toa team failed to achieve their destiny before their deaths, that destiny would not be accomplished by someone else. Every Toa had a destiny that was theirs and nobody else could do it in their place.[2]

Destiny was not transferrable. If a Toa team died before their destiny was completed, the destiny would not get accomplished.[3]

A Toa's ability to sacrifice their power before completing their destiny would depend on whether their destiny involved losing their Toa power.[4]

Neither Mata Nui nor the Great Beings set destiny; it was a force beyond any single being's control.[5]

It was possible to miss achieving one's destiny. If Vakama ignored Lhikan's request to bring the Toa stone to the Great Temple, for example, Vakama wouldn't have become a Toa even though it was his destiny.[6]