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Dunes of Treason

The Dunes of Treason were located to the northeast of the village of Tajun. They were frequently traveled by traders and other moving between Vulcanus, Tajun, and Tesara. The area got its name by being a prime hunting ground for the Vorox. Innocent-looking sand dunes often turned out to conceal the savage beasts, making it impossible to trust one's eyes here.1


The Dunes of Treason were a barren part of the Bara Magna desert surrounded by Tesara to the north, Tajun to the south, and the Skrall River to the east.2, 3

The Dunes of Treason were part of the wasteland in between the villages. Travelers who crossed the Dunes of Treason risked running into Vorox colonies, known for killing anyone who came into their territory.4