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Great Temple squid

The Great Temple squid was a breed of multi-tentacled Rahi beasts which lurked in the waters beneath the Great Temple in Ga-Metru. They were a long-time menace to divers. They feared only their natural enemy, the Dweller in the Deep. Each squid had twelve tentacles, each ending in a snapping beak, as well as a larger beak that acted as a mouth. Their sheer strength rivaled that of a Toa.1


A [Great Temple Squid] lived in the sea cave where Nokama once trapped Gali Nuva. The creature had two glowing eyes which could be mistaken for lightfish. It was powerful enough to prey on Makuta fish. It was a monster with twelve enormous tentacles. Each tentacle had a snapping beak on the end, and another, larger beak could be seen in the center of the creature's body. Its eyes glowed brightly. It was strong enough to hold Gali Nuva with two tentacles.2

The Great Temple Squid was not related to Kalmah's giant squid or the vampiric sea squid.3