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The Kanohi Iden was the Mask of Spirit. It allowed its user to release one's spirit from one's physical body for a limited time. While free, the spirit could move at high speed, pass through physical objects, and observe events in the physical world. The spirit was invisible to anyone not using a Kanohi Elda or Kanohi Rode. Likewise, the spirit could not interact with any physical object or communicate with anyone not using one of those two masks.[1]


The Kanohi Iden was the Mask of Spirit. It allowed its wearer to release his astral form, which could pass through solid objects and fly at great speed, but was invisible to others.[2]

Beings who possessed telepathy could still use it while in spirit form, since telepathy was a mental ability.[3]

A Suletu could not detect mental activity from an Iden user's projection.[4]

An Iden user's projection would appear to be a ghost to an Elda or Rode user.[5]

An Iden user could communicate with an Elda user while in spirit form.[6]

Iden users could not use elemental powers in spirit form.[7]

An Iden user wouldn't feel anything done to their physical body while in spirit form.[8]

An Iden user's physical body showed subtle life signs when the mask was in use.[9]

If an Iden user's mask was removed while in spirit form, the spirit would automatically return to their body.[10]

If an Iden user's physical body was killed while the mask is in use, their spirit would die as well.[11]

The Iden could be used to scout ahead or search for beings without being seen by enemies.[12]

The spirit form of an Iden user could not pick up objects.[13]

The Iden was likely made using disks other than those found in Metru Nui.[14]

Other Information

  • The Iden was probably Greg Farshtey's favorite Inika mask.[15]