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The Kanohi Kadin was the Mask of Flight. It allowed its user to fly under one's own power, without relying on wind currents.1


The Kanohi Kadin was the Mask of Flight. It allowed its wearer to soar through the sky under his own power.2

A Kadin user could fly from a standing start, the mask provided the motive power.3

A Kadin user could stop themselves mid-fall.4

A Kadin user couldn't leave the atmosphere.5

The Miru had no advantage over the Kadin.6

The Miru wasn't easier to control than the Kadin.7

The Kadin was likely made using disks other than those found in Metru Nui.8

Kadin were not present in Metru Nui.9

An experienced Kadin user could stop and hover in midair.10

Other Information

  • The Kadin was Greg Farshtey's favorite physically-based Inika mask power [Kadin, Calix, and Sanok].11
  • The Kadin was not Greg Farshtey's favorite Inika mask, but it was the one he would most like to have had for himself.12
  • Greg Farshtey stated that if he could have any mask power known by 2006, he would want a Mask of Flight or a Mask of Concealment.13
  • Greg Farshtey would have preferred the Kadin's powers to the Miru's.14
  • Flight was Greg Farshtey's favorite Inika mask power.15