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Knowledge Towers

The Knowledge Towers were large crystalline structures in Ko-Metru which were the workplaces of Ko-Matoran scholars. Knowledge towers were grown — they were not built — from special knowledge crystals thrown into cradles throughout the district, from which the towers grew at a rapid pace. Each Knowledge Tower boasted extensive library space, living quarters for scholars, observatories to monitor the stars, and special areas designed to hold ancient tablets and other valuable items. Many Ko-Matoran both lived and worked in the towers, never venturing out of doors. The Knowledge Towers were badly damaged during the Great Cataclysm.1


Ko-Metru was dominated by enormously tall knowledge and memory crystals.2

The Knowledge Towers and Towers of Thought were located in the center of Ko-Metru.3, 2

Working in a Knowledge Tower required wisdom, patience, and experience. Enthusiasm and energy were frowned upon.4

Knowledge Towers could be reached via chutes. In at least one Knowledge Tower, the lower level was such a silent place that it made the rest of Ko-Metru seem loud in comparison. Here, a small number of Ko-Matoran were hard at work, junior seers who hoped to one day ascend to the ranks of those who labored on the upper levels. Trying to get a scholar to take a break from his studies was very difficult. Taking a chute to the top of a Knowledge Tower was forbidden. At least one junior Ko-Matoran scholar wore robes.4

High atop a Knowledge Tower, the air was crisp and clean. One could always find a sense of peace and the time for contemplation here.4

Towers were grown, not built. When a knowledge crystal was tossed onto the ground of Ko-Metru, a new Knowledge Tower would start to grow rapidly from where it landed. The new tower would grow to full height in mere seconds.4

Huge Knowledge Tower basins could be found around Ko-Metru. These protodermis basins were where new Knowledge Towers were grown.5

The Knowledge Towers of Ko-Metru reached so high into the sky that their roofs were capped with snow and ice. Inside, hundreds of scholars studied prophecies, made predictions, and watched the stars looking for signs of things to come. Knowledge Towers were some of the most unusual structures in Metru Nui because they were not built, but grown. Knowledge crystals about the size of a Matoran's hand were thrown into special cradles located at different places in the district. From there, they grew at a rapid pace until a new tower stood alongside the old ones. Each Knowledge Tower featured extensive library space, living quarters for scholars, observatories to monitor the stars, and special areas where valuable tablets and carvings that detailed ancient prophecies were kept. It was said that some Ko-Matoran, once they entered the Knowledge Towers, would spend their entire lives there, never setting foot outside.6

One of the major discoveries to come out of the Knowledge Towers was the means to create Kanoka disks from liquid protodermis.7

The Knowledge Towers stored prophecies and written records; the Archives stored everything else.8

Looming over the landscape of Ko-Metru were the Knowledge Towers, great crystalline structures that housed the accumulated knowledge of thousands of years of Matoran civilization. Tourists were welcome to marvel at the amazing architecture. However, the public was forbidden from entering Knowledge Towers so that the scholars and seers inside would not be disturbed. The sole exception to this rule took place on Naming Days. On these days, Knowledge Towers opened their astronomical observatories to all citizens so they could have the joy of watching the shooting stars.9

The Knowledge Towers of Ko-Metru were not built, but grown, using special knowledge crystals. Once placed in a "cradle" somewhere in the district, the crystal would rapidly grow into a giant tower large enough to hold many Matoran.10

Most of the written artifacts, prophecies, etc. were kept in the Knowledge Towers rather than the Archives.11