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Ko-Metru was home to the thinkers of Metru Nui and the site of the Knowledge Towers and the Towers of Thought. It was dubbed the "quiet metru" by Matoran from other districts. The entire area was dedicated to learning and the interpretation of prophecies. Just as living creatures and artifacts were stored in the Archives, so were all written records of Matoran past, present, and future stored here.3


From high atop the crystal Knowledge Towers, Toa Nuju watched over Ko-Metru, home of the scholars. His crystal spikes let him swing from tower to tower as he searched for the Great Disk.4

Ko-Metru was the science sector. It was dominated by enormously tall knowledge and memory crystals.5

Dry historical records and prophecies were kept in Ko-Metru.6

All was still and silent in Ko-Metru. Even the hum of the transport chutes that carried Matoran from place to place was muted here. Nothing was allowed to disturb the work of the scholars who toiled in the crystal Knowledge Towers. There they pored over the written records of Metru Nui, deciphered ancient prophecies, and crafted predictions of the future. Working in a Knowledge Tower required wisdom, patience, and experience. Enthusiasm and energy were frowned upon.6

Ko-Metru was home to scholars and seers who studied the movement of the stars and other signs of the future. Where other Metru focused on producing goods, Ko-Metru Matoran devoted all their time to the pursuit of knowledge.7

An icy mist perpetually hovered over Ko-Metru, obscuring the ground from the top of the Knowledge Towers. At high enough altitudes, huge icicles formed on the Knowledge Towers.8

In Ko-Metru, Nuju enjoyed its spires, the clean, crisp air, and most of all, the sight of the stars streaking by overhead.9

Matoran called Ko-Metru "the quiet metru." It combined the utter silence of some parts of Ga-Metru with the barren feeling of Po-Metru to create an atmosphere that discouraged making noise – even visiting Le-Matoran kept quiet. The massive, crystalline Knowledge Towers lined the streets and overshadowed passers-through. The Ko-Matoran had a reputation for being cold and hard, which was a result of their dedication to their goals. Virtually every Ko-Matoran hoped one day to work in a Knowledge Tower, so they spent their time studying and learning as much as they could. They had little patience for distractions from their studies.10

Ko-Metru was the only district that actively feuded with another. Ko-Matoran and Onu-Matoran argued for years over which was more important: studying the past or trying to predict the future. The disagreement had become so bad that Ko-Matoran had gone to Turaga Dume to argue against the expansion of the Archives, and Onu-Matoran had on occasion "accidentally" undermined Knowledge Towers, resulting in the need for lengthy repairs.10

Thanks to the Keerakh's Staffs of Confusion, it was not unusual to see confused Ko-Matoran wandering through Ko-Metru, not sure where they were or what they were doing there.11

A rural paradise at Ko-Metru's doorstep was billed as a getaway for tourists.1

The Knowledge Towers loomed over the landscape of Ko-Metru.1

Ko-Metru scholars studied shooting stars in the night sky.12

The glowing red eyes of crystal climbers were a common sight in the evening darkness in Ko-Metru.13

Muaka would spend days asleep in unused portions of the Archives and then emerge to prowl Ko-Metru at night. Scholars working late in the knowledge towers grew accustomed to hearing the growls of Muaka echoing through the district.14

Ko-Metru was very cold.15

Ko-Metru was once the center of knowledge and thought in Metru Nui. The quake toppled and shattered the crystalline Knowledge Towers. After the Matoran returned to Metru Nui, some repair work was done in Ko-Metru, but Le-Metru was given priority because of the need to get the transportation system running again.16

Ko-Metru was a place of great crystal buildings. It was dedicated to learning and research. Every written record of Metru Nui's past was kept here, along with prophecies of the future. The Knowledge Towers of the metru were not built, but grown, using special knowledge crystals. Once placed in a "cradle" somewhere in the district, the crystal would rapidly grow into a giant tower large enough to hold many Matoran.17