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Krana-Kraata Hybrid

This is not an official term.

Toa Onewa once stumbled upon a bizarre creature hidden in a vault which attached itself to his mask and made contact with his mind. Onewa saw visions of things to come, including the attack on Metru Nui by the Visorak horde. It would later be revealed that this creature and others like it were created by the Order of Mata Nui.1


The krana-kraata hybrid's power was a form of telepathy.2

Krana-kraata hybrids were fairly rare.3

The Olisi showed "what ifs". The krana-kraata hybrid showed the true future.4

Krana-kraata hybrids were half krana and half kraata.5

The nickname "krana-kraata hybrid" described its appearance and did not imply the creature truly was a hybrid between those species.6

Krana-kraata hybrids likely could not fit in a Bohrok or a Rahkshi.7

Krana-kraata hybrids did not have a hybrid armor to fit into.8

The krana-kraata hybrids were likely not slimy.9

The krana-kraata hybrids were Rahi.10

The krana-kraata hybrids were sentient.11

The krana-kraata hybrids weren't what the Bahrag made krana from.12

The krana-kraata hybrids were slightly larger than krana.13

The krana-kraata hybrids weren't parasites.14

The future vision power of krana-kraata hybrids was natural.15

The krana-kraata hybrid could induce visions in anyone.16

Like most animals, the krana-kraata hybrids were likely neither good nor evil.17