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Krana were living creatures which resided inside and operated the Bohrok mechanoids. There were eight types of Krana: Krana Bo, Krana Ca, Krana Ja, Krana Su, Krana Vu, Krana Xa, Krana Yo, and Krana Za. Each type provided the Bohrok with a different power or ability.1 The Great Beings created the first Krana by exposing the remains from the process used to create Matoran to energized protodermis.1, 2 Later, the Bahrag created Krana by introducing an unknown form of matter to energized protodermis. Krana were unable to function independently, relying on a telepathic link to the Bahrag. When that link was cut off by the Bahrag's defeat and imprisonment, the Krana ceased to be a threat. If a Bohrok's Krana was removed, the mechanoid ceased to function properly. Bohrok were capable of ejecting their Krana onto the face of an opponent. Once the Krana was attached, the target's mind fell under the sway of the Bohrok swarm, a harrowing ordeal. During their battles with the Bohrok, the Toa Mata collected the eight forms of Krana from each species. Matoran also collected Krana from Bohrok as a means of rendering them helpless. Most of these Krana wound up buried in a pit. Having survived thousands of years of dormancy, it is likely these Krana simply willed themselves back into a suspended state to await rescue.1


The krana were living creatures who dwelled inside the faceplates of the Bohrok. The krana were the true power of the Bohrok swarms; it was from a krana that an individual Bohrok get its role in the swarm, as well as a special power. The krana were cunning and dangerous, capable of attaching themselves to the face of a foe and taking over his body.3

Krana were strange and powerful creatures who controlled the Bohrok.4

Bohrok did not think on their own; they were like empty vehicles which held little brains called krana. The krana were linked to Cahdok and Gahdok and received their orders from the swarm queens. When a krana was removed from a Bohrok, that Bohrok ceased to function properly and could be tamed. Bohrok were especially dangerous because they could eject their krana onto the face of an opponent, which would then take control and link the opponent to the rest of the Bohrok swarm. There were a total of 48 Bohrok krana: eight different types in the six different colors for each swarm. Each of the eight types of krana gave its Bohrok a different power or ability.5

Each Bohrok carried a krana within it. The krana looked like a mask. The krana gave its Bohrok purpose and power, but it was also its greatest weakness, as any Bohrok could be humbled if parted from its krana.6, 7 The legends did not say whether the krana came from Makuta. Once the Bohrok swarms awakened, Vakama said the Toa's only hope was to collect the eight breeds of krana from each Bohrok swarm, which would unlock the secret to the Bohrok's defeat. Like the Bohrok themselves, the krana served different purposes, and each type looked slightly different. When held, a krana was warm and squishy, slightly heavier than it looked. When worn, krana could steal the mind.7

After his experience wearing a krana, Lewa was the only Toa able to hear and understand the Bohrok and Bohrok Va's communication.8

Krana were organic creatures. The ones discovered in Metru Nui were kept in the lower levels of the Archives.9

Krana cannot form their own individual personalities.10

Krana probably did not need to eat, but might have needed to breathe.11, 12

Krana had dormant colors until they were fitted into a Bohrok.13 Just as Kanohi masks turned gray when not worn, krana turned different colors when not in a Bohrok. This is why the krana carried by Bohrok Va had different colors.14, 15

The Bahrag probably created the krana from some sort of primordial soup.16

Bohrok-Kal could not use normal krana.17

If an infected mask and a krana were placed on the same Rahi, the influence of the infected mask would win out, since Makuta's essence was much more powerful.18

It is not clear whether or not a krana could be infected by kraata.19, 20, 21

Krana did not have gender.22

Krana felt "wrong" to most Rahi.23

Thousands of krana were created.24

When Matoran, Toa, etc. wore krana, they were not weakened by not wearing a Kanohi; the krana acted as a substitute.25

Krana could move without being held by Bohrok. They moved like slugs, very slowly.26

Krana could not use their powers without being inside Bohrok or on the face of another being.27

All krana existing by story year 2006 were created by the Bahrag.28

Krana weren't necessarily inactive when the Bahrag were. When the Bahrag were inactive, they were simply no longer giving direction to the krana.29

All krana were parasitic.30

The Bahrag didn't use the same process the Great Beings used to produce krana.31

Types of Krana

  • Bo
  • Ca
  • Ja
  • Su
  • Vu
  • Xa
  • Yo
  • Za