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Krana Xa-Kal

Krana Xa-Kal were the most important type of the eight types of Krana-Kal.[1, 2] They gave their Bohrok-Kal the power to free the Bahrag from their prison in conjunction with the activation of the Nuva cube.[2] Their touch would awaken the Bohrok queens. Their power was unlock.[1]


The Xa-Kal was the most important of the krana-kal. To accomplish their mission, the Bohrok-Kal had to bring a krana xa-kal into actual physical contact with one of the Bahrag.[3]

Both the Nuva symbols and the Krana Xa-Kal were needed to free the Bahrag. The symbols undid the lock, and the Krana Xa-Kal re-energized the Bahrag.[4] Only one Krana Xa-Kal needed to touch the Bahrag. The Bahrag's energies had faded somewhat during their imprisonment.[5]