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Longfangs were large, reptilian Rahi which elected to stay in Metru Nui when so many other creatures emigrated to Mata Nui. They traditionally lived in the tunnels beneath the Archives but emerged following the Great Cataclysm to feed on the surface. They averaged seven feet in length, and their mouths were filled with multiple rows of sharp teeth. Their preferred prey was stone rats.1


Longfangs were large, reptilian Rahi which chose to remain in Metru Nui when many others emigrated to the island of Mata Nui. They were nicknamed "longfangs" by the Rahaga. They lived in the narrow tunnel network beneath the Archives. They were normally content to remain in the tunnels where they lived, but the earthquake and subsequent flight of many small Rahi species forced them to come into the city searching for food. Dume wished for the Longfangs to be trapped, but the Rahaga refused, claiming that the longfangs had become part of the natural environment of Metru Nui.2

On average, longfangs were seven feet long. They had short, powerful jaws lined with multiple rows of sharp teeth. They preferred to prey on stone rats. However, they would pursue much larger creatures if they saw the opportunity or were driven by hunger.2