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Maku's Canoes

Maku's Canoes was a small business run by Maku in Ga-Metru. Maku offered guided tours of the Metru Nui coastline. Her most frequent customers were Onu-Matoran searching for aquatic Rahi to add to the Archives.1


Long before story year 2004, Macku decided that she did not want to be simply another student. With special permission from her teachers, Macku decided to devote herself to exploring the coastline of Metru Nui in her canoe and started her own business, Macku's Canoes [sic]. She also became a champion canoe racer and a fine carver of boats. Onu-Matoran often used Macku as a guide when they were searching for aquatic Rahi beasts to add to the Archives.2

The protodermis falls were the starting point for boat tours of Metru Nui, operated by Macku.3