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Matoran Nui

A Matoran Nui was a being formed by the merging of six Matoran.[1] Six Matoran, one from each village, were capable of merging into a Matoran Nui.[2]


The Matoran Nui formed by Jala, Huki, Onepu, Kongu, Matoro, and Maku was strong enough to hurl a Nui-Jaga into the distance. However, the experience of merging was exhausting for the Matoran, and their combined form could last only mere moments before needing to split apart again.[3]

Tehutti knew how to form a Matoran Nui based on something he once saw in the Archives. The six Matoran would join hands and concentrate on their unity. Soon a glow would surround them, and their bodies would become hazy and indistinct. There was a sudden, bright burst of light, and afterwards the Matoran Nui would appear. The Matoran Nui spoke in a voice that sounded like a combination of those of the six Matoran. The Matoran Nui had considerable speed and strength, able to demolish a door with a single blow. After a short time, the Matoran split apart again, exhausted from the experience.[4]

Any six Matoran could form a Matoran Nui as long as they were all of different elements.[5]

Matoran Nui had no elemental abilities.[6]