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Nivawk was the given name of a Rahi hawk which served as a pet and spy for Makuta while he impersonated Turaga Dume. It was strong enough to transport its owner. It was primarily used to monitor Toa Lhikan and later the Toa Metru, reporting back to Makuta in its own language, which he understood.1


Turaga Dume's [the false Dume] mighty hawk Rahi Nivawk flew above the city watching and listening to all that went on.2

With his pet the winged Nivawk Turaga Dume [Makuta in disguise] kept watch from his chamber atop the Coliseum.3

The false Turaga Dume used his flying Rahi Nivawk to monitor Nidhiki and Krekka's progress. Nidhiki hated Nivawk and envisioned having its head mounted on his wall.4

Nivawk was the false Dume's huge, powerful Rahi hawk.5

Very little was known about the Rahi flyer known as Nivawk. It was believed that Nivawk was its given name, not the name of its species. When Makuta assumed the identity of Turaga Dume, Nivawk was Makuta's pet and spy, monitoring events in the city from above and then reporting back to its master. After it was absorbed into Makuta's substance, it was unknown whether any more specimens of Nivawk's species existed.6

Nivawk was an extremely powerful bird, resembling a large hawk or falcon. It was strong enough to carry a Matoran without any strain and occasionally transported Makuta disguised as Turaga Dume from place to place. Nivawk fed on smaller flyers, mostly in Le-Metru, swooping down and grabbing them out of their nests. If attacked, Nivawk relied on its beak and claws for both offense and defense.6

Rahaga Kualus remarked that he despised this creature and was surprised it had the courage to hunt living prey rather than scavenge among the dead. Though shamed to say it, he admitted that he would probably not have tried to save it from the Visorak.6