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Place of Shadow

The Place of Shadow was the name given by the Matoran to a pass along the border of Ko-Wahi and Ta-Wahi. The Matoran and even the Bohrok avoided this area at all costs.1


Located along the border of Ta-Wahi and Ko-Wahi, this was a narrow path that wound between the mountains. Tahu was not familiar with the site, but Kopaka knew it well. The Matoran called it the "place of shadow." Even the Bohrok avoided the spot.2

Even on a sunny day, it did not take long for one traveling into the area to discover how the spot got its name. Almost right away, the mountains seemed to close in around a traveler, cutting off all light. The brightest of days turned into the long shadows of dusk in an instant. The warm breezes of Ta-Wahi were gone, replaced by an icy wind that chilled to the core. In this place, a whisper would have seemed like a shout. All around was cold, hard stone, without so much as a weed growing amid the rocks. There were no sounds, for nothing dared to live there.2