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Protodax were Toa-sized version of protodites enlarged by the power of the Kanohi Ignika to serve as additional guardians for the mask. Protodax were wild and savage by nature. They had the unique ability to split into two protodax of equal size and strength anytime they were physically struck, which caused them to multiply rapidly in battle.[1] Their Zamor spheres could shrink a target to microscopic size.[2]


Protodax was one of the many guardians of the Mask of Life. The mask used its incredible powers to enlarge a microscopic protodite to full-size, unleashing a savage creature on the world. Protodax then served the mask and would attack and destroy anyone who tried to steal the Kanohi. Its zamor launcher (salvaged from a fallen victim) fired a sphere that permanently shrank its enemy to microscopic size, plunging its foe into a universe filled with vicious protodites.[3]

Protodax were giant-sized versions of the microscopic protodites, but with a special power: every time one was struck, it would split into two of the creatures, making their numbers grow rapidly in battle.[4]