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A Rhotuka spinner was a wheel of energy generated by the willpower of its user and able to be hurled great distances using a Rhotuka launcher. The power of a Rhotuka spinner was determined by the being who launched it. The ability could be unique to an individual and based on one's own traits. Generating a Rhotuka spinner cost its user energy, so they could be created only so frequently.1


Being pure energy, Rhotuka spinners made very little noise when they flew.2

The Vortixx Rhotuka battle axe was a Xian weapon that included two Rhotuka launchers whose Rhotuka power was based on the user.3

A Matoran's Rhotuka would not necessarily be elemental, but it would be relatively weak (weaker than a Toa's or Roodaka's).4

The power of a Rhotuka launched by multiple individuals would probably default to whoever had the stronger will.5

Rhotuka were guided through the air by the thoughts of those who launched them.6

Rhotuka are potentially stronger than Kanoka because Rhotuka can be charged while Kanoka have a set power level.7

Rhotuka continued to fly until they struck something, at which point they dissipated.8

Rhotuka had an electromagnetic field which could interact with metallic protodermis.9

Rhotuka spinners were made of the personal energy of individuals, which is why every character or breed of Visorak had their own power. Rhotuka could only be charged by the individual who made them for this reason.10

Rhotuka powers were determined by the essence of the being using them. This essence was not duplicable by a being like Krahka.11

Rhotuka meant "spinner" in Matoran.12

No being could use their own Rhotuka on themselves.13