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Rock Tribe

The rock tribe formed the largest population of settled Agori on Bara Magna.1


Bone hunters were related to the rock tribe Agori, having broken off from them many thousands of years ago. Where the rock tribe lived in villages or cities, bone hunters were nomadic.2

Bone hunters were a species related to the Rock Tribe.3

The Rock Tribe had the most Glatorian.4

The rock Agori had always been with Tuma and the Skrall, and they are essentially support staff for the Skrall. The Rock Tribe was a militaristic group, where the army came first before anyone else.5

Roxtus had more Agori than any other village.6 There were more Rock Agori than Skrall.7

The Rock Tribe had access to advanced technology thanks to where they lived prior to coming to Roxtus.8

The Rock Tribe was cut off from its homeland after the Shattering.9