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The Kanohi Sanok was the Kanohi Mask of Accuracy. It allowed its user to use virtually any object as a missile weapon and to hit whatever it is aimed at.[1]


The Kanohi Sanok was the Mask of Accuracy. It allowed its user to hit virtually any target with any object.[2]

A Sanok user could control the speed at which they threw projectiles.[3]

The Sanok allowed its users to turn anything they threw, even a pebble or a blade of grass, into a deadly weapon with uncanny aim.[4]

The Sanok could do significant damage with soft projectiles, but not to the point of making a plush toy as dangerous as a stone.[5]

The Sanok could probably not sever a chain with a plush projectile.[6]

The Sanok's ability to turn any object into a projectile was equivalent to the damage that object would do in hurricane-force winds. A piece of straw or grass launched with a Sanok could cut through a chain.[7]

The Sanok didn't have telekinetic powers, a user would have to physically throw an object to use the mask's powers.[8]

The Sanok was likely made using disks other than those found in Metru Nui.[9]

An inorganic Sanok would look like an organic Sanok but made out of metal rather than an organic substance.[10]