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Sculpture Fields

The Sculpture Fields were great, barren plains in Po-Metru1 used for the creation and display of massive statues. Anything too big to be carved in an enclosed space was worked on here. Portions of the Sculpture Fields became unstable due to Rahi activity, and Matoran were barred from entire sections.2


The Po-Metru Sculpture Fields were home to hundreds of statues, most of them far too big to fit in even the largest Po-Metru warehouse.3

There was an area in the Sculpture Fields where the ground was unstable, thanks to years of tilling the soil to recycle protodermis. Half the statues were sinking, and the other half had already disappeared into the marshy ground. The only way to cross safely was to hop from sculpture to sculpture.3

The Sculpture Fields were where Po-Matoran worked on massive projects for the city of Metru Nui. Those items that were too big for the loaders were often transported on flatboats along protodermis canals in the Sculpture Fields. Huge blocks of raw protodermis were the starting point for Metru Nui sculptures. Carvers might work for weeks or months on one statue. There was an area in the Sculpture Fields that was unstable, so that one had to step on the right blocks so as not to sink into the ground.4

The Sculpture Fields were located in the western part of Po-Metru.5, 6

The Sculpture Fields in Po-Metru were great, barren plains dotted with huge statues created by Po-Matoran carvers. The sculptures were so large that very few enclosed buildings in the city could house them, so they needed to be created and displayed outdoors. Once finished, the statues were transported by fleets of airships to various parts of the city.7

As of story year 2004, portions of the Sculpture Fields had become unstable due to repeated Rahi activity. As a result, some of the statues had begun to sink into the soft ground. Certain areas had become completely closed to Matoran, and the statues there were considered lost for good.7

The Po-Metru Great Disk was found embedded in a rock pillar in the Sculpture Fields.7

Among the most popular tourist destinations in Metru Nui were the Po-Metru Sculpture Fields. Matoran carvers were always willing to show off their work. Tourists could do much more than wander around and look at huge statues. With the special permission of Turaga Dume, tours were available that allowed visitors to see the entire building process. There were two tours available. In the first, visitors got to see the arrival of a block of solid protodermis and watch it be carved into a statue. On Naming Days, Matoran could even get life-size sculptures made of themselves. The second tour involved shipments of parts from Ta-Metru and a visit to an assemblers' village to see them turned into a piece of furniture or other useful item.8

Catapult scorpions lived in nests in the caverns beneath the Sculpture Fields and occasionally made very disruptive visits to the surface.9

Rock raptors, one of the main predators in Po-Metru, were found around the Sculpture Fields.10