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sea squid

Sea squid were organic life-forms found in the Pit and used as weapons by the Barraki. Sea squid hatched from eggs and came into the world hungry, and their preferred diet was the life energy of other beings. They attacked by latching on to their prey with an almost unbreakable grip and then draining the energy directly. Kalmah discovered the cave that acted as their hatchery and began keeping them from food and abusing them to ensure that they would always be hungry and aggressive. He then created mechanical launchers that could be used to hurl the squid swiftly at a target. All six Barraki carried these launchers.1


When a squid attacked a target, it drained the target's life energy. Each Barraki had added a special feature to his armor that allowed him to clip living squid on and carry them as ammunition.2

The Octo Cave located on Mahri Nui's landmass was the source of Kalmah's sea squid, which plagued the Matoran of Mahri Nui for a long time.3

Sea squid were small, nasty creatures bred by Kalmah. The Order of Mata Nui did not discover how Kalmah bred them. Unlike other sea creatures, which simply fed off the bodies of other creatures, sea squids fed on the life force of their prey. When a sea squid attached itself to another living thing, the suckers in its tentacles began to draw out the energy of the victim. If the squid was not torn off in time, the prey would die. This brutal method of survival made the sea squid seem like an evil creature. Kalmah was responsible for much of the sea squids' vicious behavior, as he made sure to keep them hungry and hostile. Kalmah designed a mechanical launcher which could be used to hurl sea squids at enemies. All six Barraki came to carry this weapon.3

Like other sea creatures in the Pit, air was toxic to the sea squid. Although small, they were incredibly strong, requiring great effort to detach.3