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Spear of Fusion

The Spear of Fusion was an ancient weapon used most recently by Vezon. Its designers were unknown, but its uses were obvious. The spear was capable of fusing two or more objects or beings together or splitting an object or being apart into two separate entities. The Dark Hunters stole the spear from its original makers and sold it to the Brotherhood of Makuta. The Piraka found it in Mangaia, and its accidental use caused Vezok to split into two beings, himself and Vezon. Vezon wielded the Spear of Fusion in his capacity as guardian of the Kanohi Ignika. It was shattered by Reidak but repaired again using its own power. The spear was later burnt to ashes by Jaller.[1]


The words Spear of Fusion were carved onto the shaft. By firing the Spear of Fusion in reverse, Hakann split Vezok into two beings instead of fusing him with something else.[2]