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Vezon was the unwilling Piraka guardian of the Kanohi Ignika. He was created when Hakann accidentally fired the Spear of Fusion at Vezok in reverse mode, splitting Vezok into two beings: Vezok and Vezon. Vezon's name was the Matoran word for "double." Vezon was gifted by the Ignika with two powers: a limited ability to see into the future, and the ability to absorb kinetic energy so that any blow struck against him makes him stronger. He was also granted immortality as long as he possessed the mask. Vezon lost all of these powers when the mask was taken from him.[1]


There was a mysterious seventh Piraka named Vezon.[2]

Cursed by the power of the Mask of Life and forced to be its guardian, Vezon used his Spear of Fusion and his power to grow stronger with every blow struck to smash his foes. Although quite insane, he was cunning and incredibly dangerous. His monstrous creature, Fenrakk, pitted his incredible strength against the Toa Inika. When Vezon and Fenrakk were defeated, they rose again as Vezon and the Kardas dragon.[3]

Vezon was the Matoran word for "double."[4]

Vezon was unofficially considered a seventh Piraka.[5]

Vezon spoke in a deranged way. Even in grim, serious circumstances where his life hung in the balance, he spoke in a playful manner that seemed detached from reality. On the other hand, he was still cunning; his first instinct when waking up in a cell after being captured by the Order of Mata Nui was to calculate how long it would take to disable the other four occupants and pick the lock of the cell door.[6]

Vezon did not consider himself to be a real Skakdi. Brutaka thought of him as half a Skakdi.[6]

Vezon had Vezok's memories. Vezon wanted to kill Vezok.[6]

Vezon was insane and was self-aware of his own madness. According to Vezon himself, he never really knew if what he was seeing was real, whether it was something he wished was real or dreaded was real.[6]

As of Federation of Fear, Vezon had heard at some point that the other Piraka had been mutated after swimming so that they looked like sea snakes, with just a head and a spine. Vezon did not have a spine like the other Piraka.[6]

Vezon wanted to kill the Piraka. Vezon had a tendency to babble on. Vezon was hopelessly insane.[7]

Vezon apparently had a keen sense of smell. Vezon noted that, whereas most beings had a scent, either pleasant or unpleasant, Rahkshi smelled of cold metal and death.[7]

Vezon's prior mask use with the Ignika helped him to be able to use the Olmak.[8]

Vezon's Olmak was fused to his face.[9]

At the end of the story, although Vezon had not developed total control over the Olmak, he had developed a lot.[10]