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The Kanohi Olmak was the Kanohi Mask of Dimensional Gates. It allowed its user to open portals to other dimensions and either pass through them himself or force others into them.1


The Kanohi Olmak was the Mask of Dimensional Gates. It could be used to transport a target into another dimension or to another location within this one.2

The Order of Mata Nui suspected that the Brotherhood of Makuta had access to a more powerful version of the Kanohi Olmak, or something similar, which they used to transport the island of Destral from place to place.1

The Kanohi Olmak was the Mask of Dimensional Gates. It had the power to open gateways to interdimensional space.3

The Kanohi Olmak was the Mask of Dimensional Gates. On Destral, Tridax had possession of one of only two known to be in existence [including or excluding Brutaka's?]. The mask could reach other places not only in the same dimension, but other realities as well.4

The Kanohi Olmak, the Great Mask of Dimensional Gates, was worn by Brutaka. It allowed its user to open portals to inter-dimensional space.5

A member of Jovan's Toa team wore an Olmak, which allowed them to escape Karda Nui ahead of the energy storm.6 The Olmak in Tridax's possession was the same one that was used by Jovan's team.7

The two Olmak were made by Artakha.8, 9

The Toa on Jovan's team received the Olmak the same way the Toa Nuva got their masks.9 This Toa was killed by a Makuta or someone in the employ of a Makuta.10

Brutaka got his Olmak from the Order of Mata Nui.11

Artakha likely realized how powerful the Olmak was and so limited the number produced.12

An Olmak user could travel through their own dimensional gates.13

The Olmak on its own could not be used to force beings through dimensional gates.14

The only dimensions the Olmak can travel to are pocket dimensions of the main universe.15

Teleportation was instantaneous, providing no awareness of movement. The Olmak took a being somewhere they were aware of before taking them someplace else. The being was often required to spend measureable time in the intervening place.16

The Olmak was likely made using disks other than those found in Metru Nui.17

There was more than one Olmak.18

The Olmak could not be used to teleport to a different place in the same dimension without going through a different dimension in between.19

An Olmak user could teleport inside a Hau user's shield.20

The Olmak itself couldn't be used to send something island-sized into another dimension, but it might be possible with a larger version that had more power.21

The Olmak was dangerous because it was difficult or impossible to know where one would end up after using it and some dimensions were extremely dangerous to travel through.22

Most times, an Olmak user would have to pass through an intervening dimension to get from one portal to another, which is what made dimensional travel so dangerous.23

Other Information

  • Greg Farshtey would have preferred the Kualsi's powers to the Olmak's, citing the dangerous nature of the latter.24