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Artakha (Being)

Artakha was a figure of legend. It was said that he had never been seen in all the time he reigned on Artakha. Matoran mythology included stories that Artakha was a Great Being or that he was Mata Nui himself, although none of these were true. Artakha had great talent as a designer and builder. The modern look of cities in the Matoran universe was credited to his influence. According to legend, those who wished the impossible built could leave raw materials at the gate of Artakha's fortress and return in the morning to find the item they desired. A persistent myth was that Artakha wore a Kanohi Mask of Creation.4


Artakha was neither the founder nor a member of the Hand of Artakha.5

Artakha may have suspected that Mata Nui might be the Matoran universe, but he probably did not find out for certain.6

Artakha and Karzahni were at the same power level.7

Artakha wasn't likely more powerful than Karzahni.8

Artakha was likely unaware of what Karzahni was doing.9

Artakha was one of the top five most powerful beings in the universe revealed by late 2006.10

Mata Nui's health would not have deteriorated if Artakha died.11

Artakha and Karzahni were roughly on the same power level.12

Artakha wouldn't be willing to make armor for Teridax.13

Artakha would be able to replace the Kanohi Nuva Tahu lost with Ta-Koro.14