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Fenrakk · Kardas

Fenrakk was a monstrous mutant spider Rahi which served as a guardian of the Ignika during the Toa Inika's mission to retrieve the mask. It was mutated by the Ignika from a normal Fenrakk spawn to a larger size and fused to Vezon to serve as an additional guardian. It already possessed great strength and acidic saliva, then once fused shared Vezon's ability to absorb kinetic energy.1

Kardas was a dragon Rahi which battled the Toa Inika in the Chamber of Life. Under the terms of the Ignika's curse upon Vezon and Fenrakk, any defeat would result in Fenrakk mutating into a fiercer shape. Fenrakk turned into Kardas after the Toa Inika defeated Vezon and Fenrakk. Kardas was a massive winged beast capable of discharging blasts of raw energy from its mouth.2



Vezon's monstrous creature, Fenrakk, pitted his incredible strength against the Toa Inika. When Vezon and Fenrakk were defeated, they rose again as Vezon and the Kardas dragon.3

Under the terms of the Ignika's curse upon Vezon and Fenrakk, any defeat would result in Fenrakk mutating into a fiercer shape.2

The Fenrakk spider was the partner/pet of Vezon. Like its master, it too could absorb the kinetic energy of blows directed against it and grow stronger. Fenrakk could not truly be beaten as long as Vezon wore the mask; if defeated it would simply transform into another kind of creature. Fenrakk possessed enormous strength and acidic saliva. It was defeated by the Toa Inika and transformed into the Kardas Dragon. Smaller versions of the Fenrakk spider were seen on Voya Nui, making it likely that this specimen was mutated by the Mask of Life.4

When Vezon was fused to Fenrakk, his armor and organic components were part of Fenrakk's armor and organic components.5

Vezon and Fenrakk had separate minds, they were not one entity.6

Vezon and Fenrakk were fused together physically, they had individual consciousnesses.7

Vezon and Fenrakk together were less powerful than Axonn, Brutaka, or Teridax.8

Fenrakk shared Vezon's ability to absorb kinetic energy. Every blow struck at them or by them made them stronger.9

Fenrakk could not understand the language Vezon spoke.10

Fenrakk could not use Vezon's future sight.11

Fenrakk spawn were not as strong as the enlarged Fenrakk.12

Fenrakk was a male Rahi.13

In addition to kinetic abilities, Fenrakk had acidic saliva and great strength.14, 15

The Ignika didn't keep Vezon and Fenrakk alive under normal circumstances, but it would under other circumstances.16

Vezon and Fenrakk could live underneath lava.17

Vezon and Fenrakk felt nothing when in contact with lava.18

Fenrakk didn't care that it was being ridden.19

Fenrakk's legs were implied to have an organic sheath with tiny hairs.20

Fenrakk had hair on his legs.21

Fenrakk should've been capable of spinning webbing.22


When Vezon and Fenrakk were defeated, they rose again as Vezon and the Kardas dragon. The Kardas dragon was a towering beast who breathed explosive energies.3

When Vezon and Fenrakk were defeated by the Toa Inika and fell into a lava river, both emerged unharmed, but Fenrakk had been mutated into the monstrous Kardas dragon. Huge and winged, Kardas constantly generated energy and could release it through blasts from its mouth. As of the end of story year 2008, it had been captured and placed in the Archives.23

Kardas was male.24

"Kardas" was a proper name.25

Kardas was more or less both the name of the dragon and the type of dragon he was.26

The Kardas Dragon was a unique being.27

Kardas could not talk.28, 29

Kardas could not fly.30

Kardas could fly.31

The Kardas Dragon was significantly more powerful than Keetongu.32

The Kardas Dragon's only powers were raw strength and concussive force.33

Kardas constantly generated a concussive force inside himself which he could release through his mouth. If he didn't release this energy, he would explode.34

Beings hit by Kardas's concussive energy blasts would feel as though they were hit with the force of an explosion.35

Getting hit with a concussive force blast would feel like being close to an explosion.36

Kardas's concussive blasts contained the force of an explosion, but no fire.37

Kardas would explode if he didn't release his concussive force.38

Kardas shared Vezon's ability to absorb kinetic energy.39

Kardas could not absorb kinetic energy like Fenrakk could.40

The Kardas Dragon could survive in lava.41

Kardas was a more powerful form of Fenrakk.42

There was a limit to how powerful Kardas could become, he couldn't reach Mata Nui level strength.43

Other Information

  • Vezon and Fenrakk was Greg Farshtey's favorite 2006 set44, 45, 46, 47 and one of his favorite sets that had been released at that point.48
  • Kardas was Greg Farshtey's second favorite 2006 set after Vezon and Fenrakk.49
  • The Kardas dragon was Greg Farshtey's favorite 2006 set.50
  • Vezon and Fenrakk and Vezon and Kardas were among Greg Farshtey's favorite sets by the end of 2006.51