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Vezok was a Dark Hunter1 and later a Piraka.2 After his division from Vezon, he lost his ability to think strategically and came to rely on brute force in combat. He possessed the elemental power of water and impact vision. His body was resistant to the corrosive effects of some types of water. He had the power to duplicate the natural abilities of others temporarily, allowing him to combine and use those powers himself. He carried a Zamor sphere launcher and a combination harpoon and buzzsaw, which could hurl water daggers at an enemy.3


Vezok, "the Beast," was the nastiest and most vicious of the Piraka. He was a mountain of rage waiting to explode. He carried a harpoon that could pull him through the water at high speed, as well as a zamor sphere launcher and a buzz saw that fired water daggers. He possessed powerful impact vision and was capable of absorbing and storing the powers of anyone in close proximity.4

Vezok was nasty and vicious. To the Shadowed One, Vezok was everything one could ask for in a Dark Hunter. On the outside, Vezok always seemed like a calm, cool, and efficient operative. On the inside, he was an explosion waiting to happen. Dealings with Vezok remained peaceful as long as one remained on his good side, but his good side was extremely narrow. If one got on his bad side, he reacted with extreme hostility, wrecking one and everything one held dear for his own amusement.5

Vezok could not stand Hakann, Zaktan, or the other Piraka, except for Reidak, since he believed that Reidak was not smart enough to plot against him. Because of this, the Shadowed One was puzzled as to why Vezok would chose to go rogue with them. The Shadowed One believed Vezok would be a great asset to the Piraka, unless they angered him. Vezok hid a valuable tablet just prior to turning traitor. Because the Shadowed One valued this item slightly more than punishing Vezok, he considered striking a bargain with him upon capture.5

Vezok was able to absorb the powers of those near him, storing them, and using them himself. He possessed powerful impact vision. His harpoon could propel him rapidly through the water, and his buzz saw hurled water daggers. He also carried a Zamor sphere launcher.5

Before meeting Hakann and joining the Dark Hunters, Vezok had a reputation as a master thief and a cunning strategist. His gruff voice and overly brutal behavior were all a cover for a cunning intelligence. He had keen eyes and great attention to detail.6

Vezok was the nastiest of the Piraka. He was a key part of the strangest even in the Piraka's history: the creation of Vezon. Usually cool on the outside, Vezok was convinced (correctly) that the other Piraka were out to get him. He particularly disliked Hakann because of the Vezon incident. Vezok carried a zamor sphere launcher and a combination harpoon/buzzsaw. He had impact vision and the ability to absorb the powers of others, store them, and use them himself later on. He also controlled the elemental power of water, though he could only use it in combination with other Piraka.7

Other Information

  • In marketing, Vezok's nickname was "the Beast," and his tagline was "100% Animal, 0% Pet."7