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When the [Dweller in the Deep] closed in on Nokama from behind, Nokama could sense the disturbance in the water, as if nature itself were crying out to her.1

The element of water was usually associated with peace and tranquility.2

Despite having honed her control over water to perfection, Helryx was unable to control energized protodermis, as it was simply not the same thing as water.3

In Metru Nui, liquid protodermis was what the Matoran considered to be water, since they never encountered normal water.4, 5

Toa of Water could control both real water and liquid protodermis, but needed to learn to control both separately.6

Gali was able to manifest pure water as well as use existing water vapor.7

Toa of Water tended to be in touch with nature.8

It wasn't possible for there to be a male Toa of Water even outside of places like Metru Nui and Voya Nui.9

The control Toa of Water had over their element was not delicate enough to alter pH.10

A Toa of Water could control water pressure.11