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The Kanohi Suletu was the Kanohi Mask of Telepathy. It gave its user the ability to read thoughts and to project them.[1]


The Kanohi Suletu was the Great Mask of Telepathy. Toa Krakua was able to use the mask to stay one step ahead of his enemies by reading their thoughts.[2]

The Kanohi Suletu was the Mask of Telepathy. It allowed its user to read the thoughts of others or project his own. Toa Inika Kongu had to deal with a very serious problem – he had not figured out how to turn his mask power off.[3]

When Kongu wore the Suletu as a Toa Inika, the mask's telepathic powers could not be turned off, and Kongu spent the entire adventure on Voya Nui having to hear the thoughts of everyone around him.[4]

Kongu's Suletu was likely the standard appearance for a Suletu that was organic.[5]

Kongu's Suletu was its true shape.[6]

The only difference in Kongu's Suletu after he was struck by lightning was the fact that it was organic.[7]

Like Kongu's, all Suletu were mostly covered in details resembling reptilian scales.[8]

When Kongu found the Suletu, it was in the exact same shape as it was when he became a Toa.[9]

A Suletu could not detect mental activity from an Iden user's projection.[10]

A Suletu user couldn't communicate with the spirit form of an Iden user. The Suletu required a physical "mind", which the spirit wouldn't have.[11]

The Suletu could fill a target's head with mental "noise".[12]

The Suletu's mental noise wouldn't prevent a target from physically hearing, but would prevent them from concentrating.[13]

The Suletu could be used to convey messages.[14]

The Suletu was no more difficult to use on smarter beings.[15]

It was possible for a being to shield himself from the powers of the Suletu.[16]

The Suletu could not be used to control someone else's mind or body.[17]

The Suletu had a maximum range that was likely less than the distance from Metru Nui to Voya Nui even with practice.[18]

The Suletu was likely made using disks other than those found in Metru Nui.[19]