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The Kanohi Suletu was the Kanohi Mask of Telepathy. It gave its user the ability to read thoughts and to project them.1


The Kanohi Suletu was the Great Mask of Telepathy. Toa Krakua was able to use the mask to stay one step ahead of his enemies by reading their thoughts.2

The Kanohi Suletu was the Mask of Telepathy. It allowed its user to read the thoughts of others or project his own. Toa Inika Kongu had to deal with a very serious problem – he had not figured out how to turn his mask power off.3

When Kongu wore the Suletu as a Toa Inika, the mask's telepathic powers could not be turned off, and Kongu spent the entire adventure on Voya Nui having to hear the thoughts of everyone around him.4