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The sundial was reduced in size by the Order of Mata Nui using a shrink disk and was later given to Takanuva. By shining his light on the sundial, Takanuva could create a shadow that would point in the direction of the Karda Nui Codrex.1

Lewa retrieved the sundial from Mata Nui. The Order of Mata Nui shrank the sundial and gave it to Takanuva. When Takanuva shone light upon it, the shadow it produced pointed toward the spot from which Mata Nui could be awakened.2

Other Information

  • Greg Farshtey contacted the web producer for information on the sundial around November 2006. He wasn't involved in writing the Mata Nui Online Game and as such had no ideas what the writers of the game intended it to be or what role it was supposed to fulfill.3