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The village of Tajun was located in the southwestern part of the Bara Magna desert. It was situated in the northern reaches of a plain of mudcracked ground flanked to the west by the massive Knee Island and to the east by the peninsula of solid ground containing Sandray Canyon. The massive Sea of Liquid Sand stretched to the south and to the west. The Underground Lab of the Great Beings was just to the northwest of the village. Vulcanus lay to the east beyond the Skrall river, as did Tesara to the north beyond the Dunes of Treason.1, 2, 3, 4 Tajun was the home of the water tribe.1


The fire Agori in Vulcanus often traded their services for goods from other villages, especially water from Tajun.5

Tajun was once one of the wealthiest villages on Bara Magna. It suffered terribly in the war with the Skrall. If the water tribe were to survive the conflict, they would have a long period of rebuilding ahead of them. Located to the southwest, Tajun was built around the largest oasis in the desert. Its shelters were largely wood and plant fiber received in trade from Tesara, although some were made of stone as well. The presence of the oasis meant that Tajun Agori were never without water, but they did lack other resources – most notably, metal ore, wood, and even food (most of the plants that grew by this particular oasis were not edible). This meant they had to trade with other villages or win resources in Glatorian matches to keep their village thriving. As a result, most water Agori were very skilled traders, even better at it than the ice tribe members. A popular saying was that water Agori were "sharper than a rock steed's tooth" when it came to making a deal. Unfortunately, the Tajun dependence on trade also made them vulnerable. The Prime Glatorian of Tajun was Tarix, and its Second Glatorian was Kiina.6

There were ruins to the west of Tajun in an area too dangerous for an Agori to visit on his own.7

Tajun was the most economically powerful village due to its water resources.8