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Tesara, also called Tesara the twin village, was located within a forested region in the northwestern part of the Bara Magna desert. It was located by the stumps of three massive, truncated trees. To the northwest were the White Quartz Mountains and the village of Iconox, to the northeast was Gatherers Ridge, to the south were the Dunes of Treason, and to the east was the Skrall River.1, 2 Tesara was the home of the jungle tribe.2


The "twin villages" of Tesara sat in the middle of a rare area of jungle on Bara Magna. Once there was a vast, green area here, but the climate changes caused by the Shattering led to much of the plant life dying off. Only the heartiest trees and shrubs survived, living on the trickles of water that came down from the peaks of the Black Spike Mountains. The Tesara arena was constructed in between the two settlements. The Agori of Tesara spent much of their time up in the trees, gathering plant life for food or for herbal remedies. As a result, their limbs were altered over time to be better suited to climbing. This sometimes caused them to look awkward when walking on the ground. They were known as skilled healers, treasure hunters, and historians. Their primary export was food, and they traded with Tajun for water, Vulcanus for tools, and Iconox for exsidian. The Prime Glatorian of Tesara was Vastus, and its Second Glatorian was Gresh.3

Tajun received wood and plant fiber in trade from Tesara.4

Berix picked up a knowledge of herbal healing from friends in Tesara.5

Tesara Agori used their forelimbs as an extra pair of legs and were extremely agile and great climbers.6

Tesara had access to plants like healing herbs.7