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two-headed Tarakava

The Two-headed Tarakava was a mutant Tarakava created by the Energized Protodermis Entity.1


The two-headed Tarakava was a long, serpent-like creature with powerful forearms and, most disturbing, two heads. Both heads featured narrow greenish eyes and a fanged mouth. Just before the two-headed Tarakava was brought to the Archives, it attacked two Ga-Matoran in a fishing skiff. Although the Ga-Matoran managed to escape from the sea safely, the skiff was utterly destroyed. The two-headed Tarakava was kept in the sub-levels of the Onu-Metru Archives in a dark, unlit cell behind a thick metallic door. The door was not locked, but Archivists generally agreed it was best not to disturb the creature at all, since it was very excitable. It was kept in a clear tank of liquid protodermis. The creature was strong enough to crack to glass, making leaving it alone all the more important.2

The Two-headed Tarakava was a biheaded sea beast. It was captured by Bordakh in the last six months leading up to mid-story year 2004. It had resisted stasis and was being held in a water tank on a sub-level of the Archives, near the Mutant Ussal Crab.3

The Two-headed Tarakava was known to have been in the Archives.4