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Energized Protodermis Entity

The Energized Protodermis Entity was a sapient being composed entirely of energized protodermis in a humanoid form. It was able to appear anywhere there was energized protodermis. It is highly unlikely that it was destroyed during its conflict with the Toa Metru, as it probably disappeared before the impact and reappeared at a pool of energized protodermis somewhere else. It would no doubt have been planning revenge for its defeat after this.1


Helryx and Keetongu found the Energized Protodermis Entity in the center of a lake of energized protodermis on an island. Rising from the center of the lake was the figure of a living being: a head, two arms, and a torso ending in the lake itself. Its features were barely there, and its substance was the silver color of energized protodermis.2

The Entity felt the Order of Mata Nui's efforts to destroy pools of energized protodermis throughout the universe. The Entity considered it destructive but ultimately futile; if one capped one source of its substance, it would emerge somewhere else. The Entity claimed itself to be "creation and destruction," "the power to transform and to destroy." It was one and the same with every drop of energized protodermis that existed. It claimed to be as far beyond creatures of armor and tissue (such as Toa) as they were beyond an insect. The Entity scoffed at others' attempts to contain, control, or destroy it, considering them to be lesser beings.2

The Energized Protodermis Entity did not choose to come to its dwelling place in the Matoran universe. It lived in the core of a planet [Spherus Magna], until one day a portion of its substance forced its way to the surface. The inhabitants of that world soon discovered its power and began warring over it. Some of what made up the Entity's form was taken and placed inside the Matoran universe and so escaped before cataclysm overtook the planet.2

Afterwards, the Entity spent its time experimenting on the creatures and things it found around it. It even let others make use of its power if it found their intentions intriguing enough. The Entity considered itself to be a weapon, not responsible for the actions of those who wielded it.2

The Energized Protodermis Entity was made of protodermis [sic].3

Other Information

  • Though its form was based on the 2003 Makuta set in the BIONICLE: Maze of Shadows game, the entity actually appeared to the Toa Metru in a form similar to themselves, as described in the book.4