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Official BIONICLE Website (2003)

The Official BIONICLE Website in 2003 continued to host many of the features and content introduced in 2002, namely its story updates section, its character descriptions, and its animations, in addition to hosting Mata Nui Online Game 2. The first half of the year centered around the Bohrok-Kal storyline, whereas the latter half promoted the Rahkshi and Mask of Light storyline, along with the first BIONICLE movie, BIONICLE: Mask of Light.

Text Content

In the first half of the year, the site centered around the Bohrok-Kal storyline, adding a Bios section for the Bohrok-Kal and a section for the Krana-Kal. Later on, the site also added additional Bios for supporting Matoran characters previously introduced in the online animations: Takua, Hahli, and all of the Turaga's left-hand Matoran. The site had the following structure:

  • Bios
    • Toa Nuva
    • Turaga
    • Matoran
    • Makuta
    • Rahi
    • Creatures
    • Bohrok-Kal
    • Bohrok
    • Bohrok Va
    • Bahrag
  • Chronicle
    • Updates
    • Games
    • Episodes
    • Comics
    • Mata Nui
    • Lexicon
  • Accessories
    • Kanohi Nuva
    • Krana-Kal
    • Krana
    • Kanohi
    • Boxor
    • Exo-Toa
  • Products
  • Extras

In the second half of the year, the site added Bios sections for the 2003 wave of Matoran sets, the Rahkshi, Takanuva, and an updated Bio for Makuta. It later added a Kraata section detailing all 42 × 6 collectible variations. The structure was:

  • Bios
    • Toa Nuva
    • Turaga
    • Matoran
    • Takanuva
    • Makuta
    • Rahi
    • Creatures
    • Rahkshi
  • Chronicle
    • Wall of History
    • Games
    • Comics
    • Mata Nui
    • Lexicon
  • Accessories
    • Kanohi Nuva
    • Kanohi
    • Kraata
  • Products
  • Extras

Like the previous year, the site also included links to "The Buzz" and "Support." By the end of the year, two more links were added, resulting in the following sections:

  • The Movie
  • The Game
  • The Buzz
  • Support

The site also included links featured prominently on the front page. These included:

  • Your Opinion Matters (A request for feedback about the mini CD-ROMs)
  • BIONICLE: The Game
  • Search for the 7th Toa (Leading to information about the Search for the 7th Toa Contest)
  • BIONICLE Message Boards (A link to the BIONICLE message boards hosted on the LEGO website)

Below is an outline of the text content, including character bios, found on the site, mostly recovered from web.archive.org.

Site Description

LEGO TECHNIC presents Bionicle, a new line of products with an epic story that will unfold on Bionicle.com. Once a paradise, Mata Nui has become a place of darkness and fear, ruled by the deadly Makuta. Now six mighty warriors, the Toa, have come to gather Masks of Power and challenge Makuta. Explore the island... learn the legends... and begin to solve the mystery of Bionicle.


Toa Nuva

See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Toa Nuva.


See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Turaga.

Matoran (Original)

See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Matoran.

Scrollover texts:

  • Huki patrols the foothills of Mount Ihu.
  • Hafu is Po-Koro’s master stone-carver.
  • Jala is captain of the Ta-Koro guard.
  • Takua is the adventurous Chronicler of Mata Nui.
  • Kapura has the ability to cover large distances quickly.
  • Kongu is the captain of the Le-Koro Kahu-force.
  • Tamaru swings swiftly through the trees of Le-Wahi.
  • Maku patrols Lake Naho in her canoe.
  • Kotu tends to Rahi that are freed from Makuta’s control.
  • Hahli catches fish in the waters of Lake Naho.
  • Matoro interprets the wisdom of the Turaga Nuju.
  • Kopeke watches over the icy path to Ko-Koro.
  • Onepu is the captain of the Onu-Koro Ussal cavalry.
  • Nuparu is the inventor of the powerful Matoran Boxor.

Taipu is missing in the original list.


See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Huki.


Matoran from Po-Koro

Hafu is a master stone-carver. Some villagers – not the least of which is Hafu himself – call him the greatest craftsman that Mata Nui has ever known. He is a talented storyteller, but his favored topics tend to be his own genius and great achievements. The other Po-Koro Matoran do their best to ignore his arrogance because they are so fond of their master carver.

Location: Po-Koro


See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Jala.


Matoran from Ta-Koro

Takua has led a singularly adventurous life for a Matoran. It was he who gathered the stones that summoned the Toa to Mata Nui, and he was present at both Makuta’s defeat and the awakening of the Bohrok. Due to his knack - some would say ill luck - for being present at most of the island’s major triumphs and catastrophes, he has been appointed the official Chronicler of Mata Nui, charged with the task of recording significant events as they unfold. Takua is brave and loyal to his friends, but he can be reckless and even irresponsible in his pursuit of new adventures.

Location: Ta-Koro


Matoran from Ta-Koro

Kapura is considered by some in Ta-Koro to be slightly slow, but Vakama has great confidence in the odd little Matoran and has appointed him to stand at his left side. Through the Turaga’s wisdom and lots of practice, Kapura has learned the secret art of covering large distances very quickly by walking very slowly. His slow and deliberate way always remains true to his purpose and he is surprisingly thoughtful, contributing simple but profound wisdom from time to time.

Location: Ta-Koro


See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Kongu.


Matoran from Le-Koro

Tamaru speaks so quickly that he often bewilders even his fellow Le-Koro Matoran, yet somehow he remembers almost everything that he hears. The only thing faster than his speech is his speed at vine-swinging through the tall trees of his jungle home, a skill that helps to make up for his lack of ability as a pilot or navigator. His greatest dream is to fly a Kahu, but unfortunately he is quite afraid of heights.

Location: Le-Koro


See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Maku.


Matoran from Ga-Koro

Kotu has a sharp mind and a quick, witty sense of humor. Her skills at practical jokes are unequaled in Ga-Koro, where almost everyone has fallen victim to one of her pranks. She helps her best friend Maku play jokes on Huki and is a skilled Koli player. Kotu has the important job of tending to Rahi that have been freed from Makuta’s control.

Location: Ga-Koro


Matoran from Ga-Koro

Hahli spends most of her time tending to her many chores in Ga-Koro. She sees herself as only a simple fish-catcher and net-mender, never daring to dream of adventure beyond the shores of her village. Although full of ideas, Hahli is too shy to speak them out loud, and she is often forgotten or overlooked by her fellow Ga-Matoran. Little does Hahli know, but Nokama has glimpsed her true potential and has great plans for the simple net-mender.

Location: Ga-Koro


See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Matoro.


Matoran from Ko-Koro

Kopeke rarely speaks and is often considered aloof, but his courage and loyalty are unquestioned. The bridge shrines that he carves from ice are some of the most beautifully crafted tributes to Kopaka ever created. He knows the icy slopes of Mount Ihu better than any Matoran and is always on the lookout for suspicious strangers. He is famed as one of the greatest Huai Snowball Sling skaters of all time and has recently begun to train in the new form of Koli.

Location: Ko-Koro


See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Onepu.


Matoran from Onu-Koro

Taipu may appear small, but his compact body holds incredible strength and he can lift many times his own weight. He is enthralled by tales of other lands and yearns to explore all of Mata Nui. He may be a little clumsy, but he is always eager to help. If his friends need protection, Taipu can invariably be found at the front, usually tripping over his own feet to get there.

Location: Onu-Koro


See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Nuparu.

Matoran (Updated)

The Matoran are the villagers of Mata Nui. Although small in stature, they are clever, loyal and brave. With the dark times finally past, their island home is enjoying a newfound age of peace and prosperity. To celebrate, the Matoran prepare for a great Kolhii tournament between all the villages.

Scrollover Texts:

  • Jaller is the brave captain of the Ta-Koro Guard.
  • Takua is the adventurous Chronicler of Mata Nui.
  • Macku is Hahli's Kolhii partner.
  • Hahli has been chosen to represent Ga-Koro in the Kolhii tournament.
  • Matoro interprets the wisdom of Turaga Nuju.
  • Kopeke watches over the icy path to Ko-Koro.
  • Hewkii is the star Kolhii player of Po-Koro.
  • Hafu is Po-Koro's master stone-carver.

Matoran from Ta-Koro

With his strong sense of duty, Jaller is the obvious choice to stand at Vakama's right side as Captain of the Ta-Koro Guard. He is dedicated, studious and respected by all the Matoran of Mata Nui. He takes his position on the Ta-Koro Kolhii team very seriously and spends his rare free moments in training. Although he is Takua's best friend, Jaller is sometimes exasperated by his teammate's lack of responsibility.

Location: Ta-Koro


Taken from http://www.oafe.net/yo/biontp.php

Takua has led a singularly adventurous life for a Matoran. Due to his knack - some would say misfortune - for being present at most of the island's major events, he has been made the official Chronicler of Mata Nui, charged with recording history as it unfolds. He would rather observe important events than participate in them and often acts irresponsibly toward his duties. Despite his faults, Takua is a good and loyal friend, especially to Jaller and the faithful Ussal crab Pewku.


Matoran from Ga-Koro

Macku lives in the floating village of Ga-Koro. Her skill at canoe racing is legendary and her sense of direction is flawless - she can navigate through the waters surrounding Mata Nui in even the worst conditions. Her athletic ability has made her a natural at Kolhii, and her good friend Hewkii is always willing to give her pointers to help improve her game.

Location: Ga-Koro


Matoran from Ga-Koro

Once a humble assistant flax-maker, Hahli has discovered a newfound confidence since she was unexpectedly chosen by Nokama to play on Ga-Koro's Kolhii team. Although new to the game, she is learning fast and displays a remarkable talent. Always full of ideas, Hahli envies Takua's freedom to wander and secretly longs to explore Mata Nui like the Chronicler - especially if it means getting to spend more time with Guard Captain Jaller.

Location: Ga-Koro


Matoran from Ko-Koro

Matoro is the interpreter of Nuju's mystical stories, the only Matoran who can follow the meaning of the legend-keeper's movements and musical tones. He has been chosen to lead Ko-Koro's Kolhii team, a task that he takes very seriously. When once he hunted Rahi in the frozen drifts of Mount Ihu, Matoro now trains night and day to bring honor to his village and his team. He considers himself an ambassador from isolated Ko-Koro to the rest of the villages and is proud of his duties - a little too proud at times, if you ask some of his fellow villagers.

Location: Ko-Koro


Matoran from Ko-Koro

Kopeke rarely speaks and is considered aloof, but his courage and loyalty are known to all. The bridge shrines that he carves from ice are some of the most beautifully crafted tributes to Kopaka ever created. His solitary and suspicious nature makes him an unusual choice for Ko-Koro's Kolhii team, but his skill at Huai Snowball Sling gives him him an unerring aim and sense of timing. Kopeke's Kanohi mask was recently damaged during Kolhii practice and he has taken to wearing a new one in honor of Turaga Nuju.

Location: Ko-Koro


Matoran from Po-Koro

Hewkii, who stands at Onewa's right, lives in the desert village of Po-Koro. He is the greatest Kolhii scorer of all time, a recipient of the Copper Mask of Victory and one of the few Matoran with the ability to crush boulders with both his feet and his head. Hewkii accidentally invented the newest form of Kolhii while rescuing Macku during the Bohrok siege. In return, she is determined to teach the Kolhii champion to swim - whether he wants to or not!

Location: Po-Koro


Matoran from Po-Koro

Hafu is a master stone-carver. Some villagers - not the least of which is Hafu himself - call him the greatest craftsman that Mata Nui has ever known. He is a talented storyteller, but his favored topics tend to be his own genius and great achievements, and he will talk all day and night about his latest Kolhii feats. Hafu often attempts to outdo Hewkii, who tolerates his teammate's showmanship with good humor. The other Po-Koro Matoran are fond of their master carver and do their best to ignore his arrogance.

Location: Po-Koro


Ancient Matoran legends speak of a mysterious Seventh Toa, who will free the island of Mata Nui from darkness. The signs of his coming are said to be the discovery of the Mask of Light and the appearance of a seventh star in the sky. Now both those events have taken place, and Takanuva walks the surface of Mata Nui at last!

Mask: Kanohi Avohkii

The Toa of Light wears the Kanohi Avohkii, which can project powerful beams of light energy and banish the shadows. The Avohkii brings understanding, turning anger to peace and enemies into allies. His destiny is to challenge Makuta, master of shadows, and lead the Matoran out of the darkness and into the light.

Takanuva carries the Kolhii Staff of Light, and rides the Ussanui, a sleek vehicle made from parts of Rahkshi and Bohrok-Kal. The Ussanui is powered by kraata and can find its way to Makuta wherever he may be.


It is said that in the time before time, the dark spirit Makuta grew jealous of his brother Mata Nui and cast him into a deep sleep. As the Makuta's shadow fell across the land, the ancient values of the Matoran began to be forgotten. He corrupted the creatures of the island and awoke the destructive Bohrok swarms. From his own essence he created the kraata, slug-like creatures that spread his infection and control to whatever they touch. Makuta has taken many shapes to deceive the Matoran and the Toa, but in his favored form, he is a hulking and powerful being of pure darkness who carries an immense double-bladed staff.

Mask: Kanohi Kraahkan

Makuta wears the Kanohi Kraahkan, the Mask of Shadows, which can turn friend into foe and bring fear to the heart of the bravest champion.

Even the six Toa Nuva may not be able to put an end to Makuta's darkness alone.


See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Rahi.


See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Creatures.


Only the Toa Nuva can stop the Bohrok-Kal from releasing the Bahrag and the raising the Bohrok Swarm. But the Toa Nuva face their greatest danger yet when the Bohrok-Kal steal their symbols, and with them, their elemental powers!

Scrollover Texts:

  • Quick as flickering flame, Tahnok-Kal controls the forces of electricity.
  • Fluid as water, Gahlok-Kal manipulates the force of magnetism.
  • Solitary and cold, Kohrak-Kal strikes with a devastating sonic blast.
  • Steadfast as the earth, Nuhvok-Kal commands the crushing might of gravity.
  • Master of the swamp, Lehvak-Kal wields the awesome power of vacuum.
  • Powerhouse of stone, Pahrak-Kal uses plasma to melt through obstacles.

Bohrok-Kal of Electricity

Tahnok-Kal is fast and powerful, and usually acts as the leader of a Bohrok-Kal squad. Its reflexes are incredibly swift, making it appear short-tempered to those who see it in action. Some have said the Tahnok-Kal is truly as fast as the lightning it controls.

Tahnok-Kal controls the forces of electricity via his power shield. The shield can use energy for defense or fire lightning bolts at an opponent.

Location: Ta-Koro

Krana: Tahnok Bo-Kal, Tahnok Su-Kal, Tahnok Ja-Kal, Tahnok Yo-Kal, Tahnok Ca-Kal, Tahnok Vu-Kal, Tahnok Za-Kal, Tahnok Xa-Kal


Bohrok-Kal of Magnetism

Like water itself, Gahlok-Kal is hard to catch. Its surface is designed to make it difficult to grasp, and it can “flow” around obstacles when need be. Gahlok-Kal is stealthy as well, able to sneak in and out of a Matoran village without ever being seen or heard.

Gahlok-Kal’s tool is a magnetic shield. This collects, controls and directs the power of magnetism from the earth – which can be employed as a defensive force field against attack, or be used as a formidable defensive weapon. The shield is also use for a variety of mundane tasks, such as shattering magnetic rock.

Location: Ga-Koro

Krana: Gahlok Bo-Kal, Gahlok Su-Kal, Gahlok Ja-Kal, Gahlok Yo-Kal, Gahlok Ca-Kal, Gahlok Vu-Kal, Gahlok Za-Kal, Gahlok Xa-Kal


Bohrok-Kal of Sonics

Kohrak-Kal tends to work alone more than any other Bohrok-Kal. The reason may be that its sonic powers are so great, they are even a threat to its comrades. In fact, the Kohrak-Kal is so awesome that its krana can afford to ignore danger until the very last moment, then react swiftly and with overpowering effect.

Kohrak-Kal’s tool is a sonic shield. It can change its rate of vibration almost instantly, forming a dense sonic barrier that can repel most forms of attack. It is even more impressive when used in attack mode--bursts of sonic emanations can deafen an opponent or if used at higher intensity can cause almost any target to stress and shatter.

Location: Ka-Koro [sic]

Krana: Kohrak Bo-Kal, Kohrak Su-Kal, Kohrak Ja-Kal, Kohrak Yo-Kal, Kohrak Ca-Kal, Kohrak Vu-Kal, Kohrak Za-Kal, Kohrak Xa-Kal


Bohrok-Kal of Gravity

The Nuhvok-Kal sacrifices speed for sheer power. Its gravity shield makes it one of the most dangerous Bohrok-Kal, but it seems to be in no hurry to fight. Perhaps the reason is that as soon as it brings its gravity shield into play, the struggle is over in seconds..

The Nuhvok-Kal’s gravity shield has the dual ability to negate gravity (so that its target becomes lighter than air and starts to float away), or intensify gravity (so that its target becomes much more dense, and sinks into the ground). To be sure of defeating Nuhvok-Kal, the Toa Nuva should face him only above ground.

Location: Onu-Koro

Krana: Nuhvok Bo-Kal, Nuhvok Su-Kal, Nuhvok Ja-Kal, Nuhvok Yo-Kal, Nuhvok Ca-Kal, Nuhvok Vu-Kal, Nuhvok Za-Kal, Nuhvok Xa-Kal


Bohrok-Kal of Vacuum

Lehvak-Kal is the fastest and most unpredictable Bohrok-Kal. Its vacuum shield gives it two powerful modes of defense, and there is no way for a Toa Nuva to know which it will choose. Lehvak-Kal makes full use of the terrain, and can disappear into the jungle in an instant.

Lehvak-Kal’s vacuum shield can suck all the air out of a given area, causing a destructive implosion. It can then release the evacuated air in a single blast that has the power to smash through solid rock.

Location: Onu-Koro [sic]

Krana: Lehvak Bo-Kal, Lehvak Su-Kal, Lehvak Ja-Kal, Lehvak Yo-Kal, Lehvak Ca-Kal, Lehvak Vu-Kal, Lehvak Za-Kal, Lehvak Xa-Kal


Bohrok-Kal of Plasma

Pahrak-Kal is a slow-moving powerhouse. Although it would seem this Bohrok-Kal would be easy to evade, that is not so. The Pahrak-Kal is a powerhouse that can plow through any obstacle on its way to its goal.

Pahrak-Kal’s tool is a plasma shield. It has the power to superheat any substance until it becomes plasmodia. This makes him a fast and effective tunneller. The shield can also be used defensively, to turn any incoming missile or attack into a roiling mass of plasma. More terrifyingly, it can be used as an offensive weapon, to turn any obstacle into a molten mass.

Location: Po-Koro

Krana: Pahrak Bo-Kal, Pahrak Su-Kal, Pahrak Ja-Kal, Pahrak Yo-Kal, Pahrak Ca-Kal, Pahrak Vu-Kal, Pahrak Za-Kal, Pahrak Xa-Kal


Only the scrollover text for Lehvak changed:

  • Swamp Bohrok; the Lehvak secrete a powerful acid that can eat through whatever lies in their path.

See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Bohrok.

Bohrok Va

See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Bohrok Va.


See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Bahrag.


Makuta has unleashed these powerful creatures on Mata Nui, with a single mission: find the Mask of Light and prevent the coming of the Seventh Toa!

Scrollover texts:

  • Panrahk can shatter any obstacle in his path.
  • Guurahk can turn rocks to rubble!
  • Lerahk is the bringer of poison!
  • Kurahk turns allies against each other!
  • Turahk fills heroes’ hearts with fear!
  • Vorahk drains the power of the Toa Nuva!


The Panrahk is strong, exceptionally fast, and possessed of incredible endurance. But his true power lies in his staff, which can cause objects to fly apart with a mere touch. It can also be used to cause explosions at a distance. Even the strongest koro walls cannot long stand against Panrahk’s raw power! As he walks, the soil beneath his feet blows apart in a series of small explosions – these sounds serve as warning to the Matoran of this Rahkshi’s approach.

Location: Po-Koro



When Guurahk uses his tool, a web of cracks appears in his target, and eventually it collapses to the ground. But the staff would mean nothing without Guurahk’s skill at divining an opponent’s weak spot -- he is able to spot the stress point in any structure or the weakness in any foe and target it immediately.Guurahk’s staff emits a powerful cone of energy which can disintegrate whatever it strikes. When Guurahk uses his tool, a web of cracks appears in his target, and eventually it collapses to the ground. But the staff would mean nothing without Guurahk’s skill at divining an opponent’s weak spot -- he is able to spot the stress point in any structure or the weakness in any foe and target it immediately.

Location: Ga-Koro



Although not a cunning planner, Lerahk more than makes up for what he lacks in intelligence with sheer power. The touch of his staff can poison anything – plants, animals, soil, or any foe he might choose. Unlike Guurahk and Panrahk, his power does not work over distance – he must physically touch his target.

Location: Le-Koro



Though he is fast and strong enough to down any foe, Kurahk prefers to make his opponents turn against each other. His Staff of Power fire rings of anger, which can cause his target to become consumed by rage. Even the Toa Nuva are not immune to his power, which magnifies any difference of opinion into an all-out physical conflict.

Location: Ko-Koro



Turahk is the master of fear. Using his staff, he can induce anything from slight unease to complete terror in his foes. A being struck by Turahk’s energies will either run in panic or remain rooted to the spot in sheer terror. Turahk’s power is particularly disturbing to the Toa Nuva, heroes who have rarely known fear.

Location: Ta-Koro



The Rahkshi called Vorahk has an insatiable hunger for power. Using his staff, he can drain the energy from an opponent and add it to his own. As his foes grow weaker, he grows stronger, until nothing can stand against him.

Location: Onu-Koro



See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Updates for previous updates.

Theft of Fire

Toa Nuva’s symbol stolen!
By Takua Just as we thought the threat of the swarms was finally over, a new danger has emerged from the darkness. In a daring raid on Ta-Koro, Tahu Nuva’s symbol of power has been stolen, and with it the Toa’s control over the element of fire.

The thief approached the Ta-Suva by stealth, incapacitating the Matoran on watch with some sort of electrical field. As the Ta-Koro Guard looked on helplessly, the creature – like a Bohrok in appearance, but far more powerful than any that we have encountered before – took Tahu’s symbol from the shrine and leapt away.

“I have rarely felt so powerless,” said Guard Captain Jala, “as when that…thing stood gloating before me with Tahu’s symbol in its grasp, and I could do nothing to stop it.”

Tahu Nuva appeared to block the beast’s path, but it brought down a shower of stones upon him. The onlookers’ relief at the Toa’s arrival turned to dismay as mighty Tahu summoned his blazing elemental energies – and was buried beneath the rubble as his flame failed to appear.

What does the appearance of this terrible new creature bode for Mata Nui, and what has become of the Toa Nuva of Fire?

Location: Ta-Koro

Out of Their Elements

Toa Nuva search for symbol thieves
By Takua The theft of Tahu Nuva’s symbol was just the start. Each village of Mata Nui has been the victim of a similar raid, with each Toa left diminished in its wake. Kopaka Nuva was nearly lost down a chasm, Tahu Nuva found himself buried beneath a hail of stones, and Gali Nuva was swept away by a giant wave that she had called forth only a moment before. Lewa, Onua and Pohatu too have suffered indignities thanks to the work of the mysterious Bohrok-Kal.

“I fell out of a tree!” said an embittered Lewa Nuva. “Me, of all beings! I nearly ended up neck-deep in that reeking swamp on the ground below. Stupid bugs.”

“It wasn’t fun,” was Pohatu Nuva’s only comment. “Frankly, I’d rather not talk about it any more.”

As they set out in pursuit of the Bohrok-Kal, some of the Toa were more introspective. “Our powers were increased greatly in the nest of the Bahrag,” Onua Nuva mused, “but they were also shackled to these symbols by some means. Now with the theft of the one, we have lost the other. It is a discomforting thing to ponder.”

“Thankfully, although they have lost some of their vibrancy, our masks still serve us,” Gali Nuva reported. “The Turaga believe that the event that transformed us and created our symbols may also have brought forth new Kanohi from Mata Nui. As we follow the creatures that have stolen our powers, we will seek these Kanohi Nuva and hope that they grant us the strength to protect our villages once more.”

Location: Ta-Koro

Desert Showdown

Disaster in the sands for the Toa Nuva
By Takua The Toa had tracked the thieves of their symbols all across Mata Nui, returning at last to the sandy expanse of Po-Wahi. Deep in the desert, they finally caught up with the mysterious Bohrok-Kal.

The creatures’ eyes glowed with a cunning intelligence. Their gleaming shells bore reptilian patterns surrounding strange symbols. They raised their shields and, incredibly, they spoke!

“We are the Bohrok-Kal,” said one in a voice like metal scraping stone. “We search for Cahdok and Gahdok, queens of the swarms.”

“Tell us where you have hidden the Bahrag and then stand aside,” said another, “We have no wish to harm helpless foes.”

Angered by their tone, Lewa Nuva leaped into action, but the impulsive Toa of Air found himself pinned in place by the magnetic force of Gahlok-Kal. Onua Nuva tried to end the battle with a single blow, but Pahrok-Kal’s plasma held him at bay. As Tahu Nuva attempted to protect his fellow Toa with the Mask of Shielding, Nuhvok-Kal’s mastery of gravity sent him crashing to the ground. Then the Bohrok-Kal turned the full force of their powers on the heroes of Mata Nui.

When the Toa Nuva awakened, the creatures were gone.

“This was one of those look-before-you-leap things, wasn’t it?” said Lewa Nuva. “I guess I’m still mad about the tree. Stupid bugs.”

Kopaka Nuva’s mood was predictably cold. “If they free the Bahrag, the swarms will return to their mission. We cannot allow this to happen.”

“The Bohrok-Kal faced us together, while we stood apart,” said Gali Nuva sadly. “This is what I feared when we went our separate ways. As powerful as we became, it is in our unity that our true strength lies.”

Now the quest of the Toa Nuva has become even more desperate. They must find the Bahrag, defeat the Bohrok-Kal and end the threat of the swarms for good – all without the aid of their elemental powers!

Location: Po-Koro

Defeat of the Bohrok-Kal

The Toa Nuva Triumph Again!
By Takua By the time the Toa reached the lair of the Bahrag, the Bohrok-Kal had already arrived – and departed. They had melted through the floor to the cave below, where the Queens had been trapped since their defeat. Strangely, the Bahrag were being guarded by the Exo-Toa. How and why the Exo-Toa came to be there would remain a mystery, for the powerful devices were swiftly defeated by the might of the Bohrok-Kal.

To free the Queens, the Bohrok-Kal needed to touch Cahdok and Gahdok with their krana Xa-Kal and place the stolen Nuva symbols upon the cube in the cavern’s center. When the Toa Nuva arrived, the Kal had already completed the first part of their task!

The Toa Nuva quickly used their secret weapon: the Vahi, the Great Mask of Time. Using the Vahi is very dangerous, and Tahu knew that if he lost control, it could mean the unbinding of all reality. Time slowed, but the Bohrok-Kal were protected by a powerful energy field and could not be harmed. Acting fast, the Toa Nuva took one last gamble and channelled their energy through their symbols, straight into the Kal.

Energized by the elemental strength of the Toa, the Bohrok-Kal’s powers raged out of control, incapacitating or destroying their unliving shells. The krana-Kal yet lived, but without their Bohrok hosts, they were no longer a threat. The Bahrag remained imprisoned, and the Swarms would not be unleashed this day.

As the Toa Nuva reclaimed their symbols, they felt their powers surge through them once more. They made their way to the surface and prepared to return to their villages. Another threat to Mata Nui had been defeated!

Location: Kini-Nui

Naming Day

Honoring the heroes of Ga-Koro
By Takua Mata Nui has bestowed a great gift upon his people. Through the teachings of the Turaga, the Matoran have been transformed, becoming stronger and more agile, better able to defend their villages from danger. As all the villagers of Mata Nui gathered around the Kini-Nui, the Turaga made a momentous announcement.

“Brave Matoran,” began Nokama. “You have weathered a time of challenges with courage, spirit and unity. We wish especially to recognize those who stood against the Bohrok in the final battle against the swarms. In the face of darkness, you were a beacon of light for us all.”

Vakama raised his staff. “The defenders of Ga-Koro shall receive a special honor. Even as the Toa became the Toa Nuva, so too will these heroes have new names when their tale is carved in the chronicles.”

Jala was the first to be called. “Captain of the Ta-Koro Guard,” Vakama declared with pride. “Your valor and dedication to duty are an example to all. When your name is inscribed upon the Wall of History, you shall be known as Jaller.”

As the crowd cheered, Huki of Po-Koro and Maku of Ga-Koro too were granted new names. For their deeds at Ga-Koro, they will be known henceforth as Hewkii and Macku.

At last, Vakama called one final name. “Chronicler Takua…”

“Inscribe these names upon the Wall of History, as is your duty,” said Vakama sternly. “And try to spell them correctly.”

Now it is a time of great festivity and celebration. Matoran from all across Mata Nui gather in Po-Koro to exchange gifts and goods and to play in the village tournaments. After much consultation with Pohatu Nuva, Turaga Onewa has announced that the new form of Koli, played with Ga-Koro net-staffs, is to become the official Po-Koro sport of Kolhii.

As for Takua the Chronicler, who it seems shall forever remain only Takua the Chronicler, he too has held a small ceremony of naming. From this day forward, whenever her deeds are written on the great Wall of History, the faithful Ussal crab Puku shall be known by the name of Pewku.

Wall of History

Unable to be recovered. This mostly consisted of content from previous years.


Mata Nui Online Game II: The Final Chronicle

Return to Mata Nui in an all-new online adventure! As Hahli, Kolhii Champion of Ga-Koro, explore the incredible world of BIONICLE. Play Kolhii, solve puzzles, collect Widgets...and discover your destiny. Log in as a LEGO Club member to save your game, and keep checking back for new updates as the story unfolds!

Mata Nui Adventure Game

Once a paradise, Mata Nui has become a place of darkness and fear ruled by the deadly Makuta. Now six mighty heroes, the Toa, have come to gather Masks of Power and challenge Makuta. Explore the island...learn the legends...begin to solve the mystery of BIONICLE.

Huai Snowball Sling Game

Sling Snowballs at other Matoran, but don't get hit by their shots! Try this online demo of one of the mini-games found in the BIONICLE Game Boy Advance game. Log in to save your high score.

The Battle For Mata Nui

After defeating Makuta, the Toa thought their destiny had been fulfilled. However, the mighty heroes must now face a new threat - the Bohrok. Play The Battle for Mata Nui and help the Toa rid the island of fearsome Bohrok swarms!


This section provided links to view the cutscenes from the Mata Nui Online Game as stand-alone animations.


Issues of the BIONICLE comic could be viewed here as Flash objects. By the end of the year, all issues up to #13 had been added.

Mata Nui

See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Mata Nui.


This section was identical to that of the previous year, except the "Le-Koronan Slang" section was renamed to "Le-Koro Treespeak."

See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Lexicon


Kanohi Nuva

This section was identical to that of the previous year, except that each Kanohi Nuva had a new silver color listed, with the following information:

When the Toa Nuva's elemental powers are stolen, their masks turn the color of protodermis.

Power: Lost Powers

Color: Silver

Worn by: Toa Nuva

See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Kanohi Nuva.


The Krana-Kal are far more powerful than normal krana. A Bohrok-Kal that possesses all eight can switch between them to make use of their intelligence and enhanced abilities. With the powers of the krana-Kal, the Bohrok-Kal will stop at nothing in their mission to free the Bahrag and unleash the swarms.

Krana Xa-Kal

Liberator. The most important of the krana-Kal. Must be brought into physical contact with the Bahrag.

Power: Unleashing the Bahrag

Mask Colors
ColorWorn by
Metallic GreenLehvak-Kal
Steel BlueGahlok-Kal
Iron GreyPahrak-Kal
Krana Vu-Kal

Transporter. This krana can transport its Bohrok-Kal host over the surface or through the air at great speed.

Power: Speed and Flight

Mask Colors: (as above)

Krana Yo-Kal

Excavator. This krana can sense stress points in the earth and detect underground movement.

Power: Earth Attunement

Mask Colors: (as above)

Krana Su-Kal

Demolisher. This krana provides tremendous strength, endurance and resistance to heat and cold.

Power: Strength

Mask Colors: (as above)

Krana Za-Kal

Overseer. This krana communicates telepathically and has the limited ability to read minds and sense strong emotions.

Power: Telepathy and Empathy

Mask Colors: (as above)

Krana Ca-Kal

Seeker. This krana is linked to the minds of the Bahrag and can sense their presence within a limited range.

Power: Mental Link to Bahrag

Mask Colors: (as above)

Krana Ja-Kal

Tracker. This krana can detect distant obstacles and enhances all of the senses of the Bohrok-Kal.

Power: Radar and Enhanced Senses

Mask Colors: (as above)

Krana Bo-Kal

Visionary. This krana can see in the dark and through any substance but the floors and walls of the Mata Nui underground.

Power: Infrared and X-ray Vision

Mask Colors: (as above)


See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Krana.


See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Kanohi.


See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Boxor.


See Official BIONICLE Website (2002)#Exo-Toa.


Unfortunately, the original text of this section is not available in web archives; the Flash object which described the various types and power-levels of the Kraata was online for only a few months, and its textual content was loaded through a separate XML file which web crawlers at the time failed to detect. However, fan-made projects exist (namely, here) which appear to include all of the text that was originally used. Below is a re-construction of this section based on those sources, and the descriptions most likely match the original text exactly. The names of the Kraata colors come from the original Flash object.

Stage 1A first-stage Kraata is driven completely by instinct. With no real mind of its own, it slithers through the deepest, darkest places of Mata Nui, eternally compelled to seek out masks to infect.
Stage 2A second-stage Kraata has little intelligence to speak of, but knows enough to flee from danger and avoid the light. Kraata at this stage often make their homes in the marshy depths of the Le-Wahi swamp.
Stage 3A third-stage Kraata is capable of evading capture and defending itself with its powers if cornered. Many of these Kraata lurk in the crevices of Mata Nui’s caves and tunnels, waiting to infect the masks of passing beings.
Stage 4A fourth-stage Kraata can evade traps and even withstand the sunlight for a short while. These Kraata are shrewd enough to know of Matoran and are known to spring from ambush in an attempt to infect a mask.
Stage 5A fifth-stage Kraata has developed its powers and knows how and when to use them best. These Kraata know the Makuta’s will and actively seek out Matoran masks to infect.
Stage 6A sixth-stage Kraata is fully aware of its mission and in control of its powers. Kraata at this stage are in constant communication with the Makuta and carry out its bidding with cunning and skill.
Stage 7It is rumoured that a seventh-stage Kraata exists, capable of infecting masks from a distance and known in whispers as the Shadow Kraata.  If the stories are true, this Kraata must be the most intelligent and powerful of all the Makuta's servants, save the Rahkshi themselves. (purple-colored) (This text appears in the fan-made material but may not have been in the original Kraata section.)
ColorPowerStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6
Dark Grey Metallic/GreyHungerSaps small amounts of energy from the plants around it.Can leech some energy from small Rahi on contact.Completely drains the energy of a small Rahi.Drains large amounts of energy from Matoran and Rahi.Can completely drain the energy of any Rahi, Matoran or other large creature.Has enough strength to drain the energy of a Toa Nuva.
Lemon Metallic/Bright Yellowish GreenPoisonLeaves a trail of sticky, sickly slime that is unpleasant to touch.Inflicts mild nausea on contact.Poisons the ground so that plants cannot grow.Creates pools of toxic corrosion wherever it slithers.Makes any Rahi or Matoran severely ill on contact.Dangerously toxic even to a Toa Nuva.
Sand Yellow Metallic/Brick YellowShatteringTunnels through rock explosively.Can create blister-like ruptures in metal with a touch.Makes solid objects fall apart on contact.Shatters objects to pieces on contact.Can forcefully shatter rock or metal on contact.Has the power to create explosions in the immediate area.
Sand Blue Metallic/Medium BlueDisintegrationBurrows by dissolving a path through metal, rock or ground.Can slowly corrode inorganic material from within a touch.Causes walls, floors and other fortifications to collapse by tunneling through them.Completely disintegrates rocks and plants on contact.Can completely disintegrate forged metals on contact.Has the power to reduce even Protodermis to dust.
Light Grey Metallic/WhiteAngerCauses feeling of general irritation in nearby creatures.Nearby presence turns friendly conversations into shouting matches.Can magnify mild grudges into furious feuds.Causes all Rahi in the area to become fiercely territorial.Has the ability to drive most creatures temporarily mad with rage.Has the power to turn even the Toa Nuva against one another in anger.
Reddish Gold/Bright RedFearCreates feelings of vague unease in its vicinity.Manifests suspicion and paranoia in any being nearby.Causes any being nearby to inexplicably become very frightened.Can temporarily freeze creatures with fear.Constantly emits a field of overwhelming terror.Has the power to bring fear to the hearts of even the Toa Nuva.
Lemon Metallic/Dark Grey MetallicWeather ControlMoves hidden by a shroud of heavy fog.Uses short but powerful gusts of wind to buffet attackers.Has the ability to manipulate existing weather.Can create heavy rainstorms in the immediate area.Has the power to summon rain, hail or snow.Can manifest powerful, dangerous thunderstorms and blizzards at will.
Bright Yellowish Green/Bright YellowElasticityHas a stretchy, flexible body that is highly resistant to harm.Able to squeeze through narrow cracks and crevices.Has the ability to stretch several times its own length to climb over obstacles.Elastic enough to withstand and snap back from heavy blows.Can stretch around even sharp edges without harm.Can stretch incredible lengths in the blink of an eye to infect a faraway mask.
Black/Bright OrangeHeat VisionBurning hot to the touch.Can raise the temperature of objects through physical contact.Can heat objects to the boiling or melting point through touch.Has the ability to heat up nearby objects by staring at them.Uses short-range heat vision to ignite nearby objectsPowerful long-range heat vision can ignite any object within sight.
Dark Green/Bright YellowIllusionShimmers in and out of sight as it moves.Can project an image of itself across a short distance to confuse enemies.Camouflages itself inside of a false image.Has the ability to create simple moving illusions in the nearby area.Has the power to project a realistic moving image.Can create and control multiple realistic illusions anywhere within sight.
Lemon Metallic/Bright RedTeleportationInstinctively disappears and reappears a short distance in a random direction to evade capture.Can teleport a short distance in any direction at will.Has the power to teleport anywhere within close visual range.Can teleport to anywhere it can see.Can teleport through thin barriers even if it cannot see the other side.Has the power to teleport itself through any wall or other structure.
Lemon Metallic/Sand Blue MetallicQuick HealingCan enter a hibernation state during which minor injuries quickly heal.Rapidly heals mild injuries while awake.Quickly heals from any minor or moderate injury.Has the ability to repair any but the most serious injury.Immediately heals from any serious injury.Almost indestructible; if captured, can be used to heal the injuries of others.
Lemon Metallic/Dark GreenLaser VisionEyes glow with intensely bright light.Can focus light from eyes into a temporarily blinding beam.Has the power to fire beams of searing light from its eyes.Fires eye-beams that can burn through wood or soil.Fires eye-beams that can burn through stone and metal.Fires powerful eye-beams that can burn through solid Protodermis.
Dark Grey Metallic/Lemon MetallicGravityUses gravity to hold itself to objects, making it difficult to pick up.Uses gravity powers to pull small objects to itself across a small distance.Has the ability to pull large and heavy objects toward itself.Can increase or decrease the effect of gravity on an object by touch.Can use gravity to hold an object or creature to the ground from a short distance.Uses gravity control to crush any object in visual range.
Bright Blue/Bright RedElectricityBody emits mild, numbing shocks on contact.Uses painful sparks to incapacitate anything that it touches.Constantly surrounded by a protective electric field.Has the ability to extend its electric field around objects in physical contact.Can manipulate electric field to shock nearby creatures.Powerful electrical field can be controlled to surround or stun distant objects or creatures.
Black/Bright YellowSonicsUses sonic vibrations to shake itself loose if captured.Can use light sonic waves to shake any surface that it touches.Has the power to knock over objects with short sonic pulses.Can use strong sonic pulses to shake objects apart.Uses sonic blasts to pound or shatter nearby objects.Blasts distant objects with powerful waves of sonic force.
Bright Yellow/Bright Yellowish GreenVacuumUses vacuum powers to pull itself swiftly through cracks and tunnels.Has the ability to draw small objects toward itself.Can pull objects towards itself or blow them away.Fires concussive blasts of air across short distances.Can tear objects apart with powerful vacuum force.Has the power to create gale-force winds or instantly reverse their flow.
Dark Grey/Sand Blue MetallicPlasmaSuperheated plasma coating protects body and aids in tunneling.Can drip plasma like acid to burn through surfaces.Has the ability to fire small jets of searing plasma.Can fling dangerous blobs of plasma with great accuracy.Can superheat objects on contact, melting them or absorbing their energy.Has the power to instantly melt any object into vapor.
Bright Orange/BlackMagnetismCan use magnetism to cling to any rock or metal surface.Can draw trace metals from the ground to form a thin protective shell.Has the ability to create armor of tough spikes from surrounding rock or metal.Can hurl stone and metal fragments within a short range.Has the power to warp, shred or crush metallic objects on contact.Possesses magnetic powers strong enough to tear a slab of Protodermis in two.
Black/Bright RedFire ResistanceCold and clammy surface provides protection from heat.Can burrow imperviously through the hot rock of Ta-Wahi.Able to survive short dips in the lava stream.Thrives in the magma flow of Ta-Wahi.Has the ability to invade the heart of a volcano unharmed.Strong enough to withstand the heat of Tahu Nuva’s magma swords.
Bright Yellow/Dark GreenIce ResistanceUnbearably hot to the touch.Comfortable in the cold lakes around Ko-Wahi.Capable of tunneling through the ice of Mount Ihu.Able to endure short periods frozen solid in ice.Unaffected by long periods of freezing.Impervious even to the cold of Kopaka Nuva’s ice blade.
Bright Red/Lemon MetallicMind ReadingInstinctive empathic ability prevents easy capture.Has the ability to detect and seek out nearby creatures for infection.Can evade any trap that a nearby pursuer is thinking about.Able to anticipate and instantly avoid attacks.Able to read and understand the thoughts of nearby creatures.Powerful enough to invade the mind of a Turaga or Toa Nuva.
Dark Grey/Bright Yellowish GreenShapeshiftingCan wriggle free of all but the strongest of grasps.Has the ability to slither through the smallest passages.Can flatten or stretch itself to several times its original size.Has the ability to mimic basic shapes for camouflage.Can take the form of a small creature or object at will.Has total control over its own shape, although its mass cannot change.
Reddish Gold/Bright YellowDarknessHas the natural ability to become invisible in shadow.Can project a small field of darkness around itself.Travels in a large field of total darkness, making it difficult to strike or capture.Can snuff out any light in the area, whether sunlight, flame or Lightstone.Can project spheres of darkness onto objects or creatures to temporarily blind a foe.Has the power to consume all light in a large area; only Takanuva's light is stronger.
Reddish Gold/BlackPlant ControlLeaves a trail of slippery, unpleasant weeds wherever it slithers.Can cause plants to grow strong or wither away with a touch.Has the ability to grow a thicket of thorny, poisonous plants around itself.Can summon vines from the ground or wall to ensnare enemies.Can control any plant that it touches and use fast-growing creepers to spread infection.Has total control over any plants in the area.
Sand Yellow Metallic/Reddish GoldMolecular DisruptionMolecular disruption field makes inorganic matter gradually melt away on contact.Tunnels slowly through solid rock or metal by disrupting molecules in its path.Has the ability to flee by melting instantly through the ground or walls.Can extend molecular disruption field to take large bites out of inorganic material.Disruption field is strong enough to make cave walls and Koro fortifications collapseHas the power to utterly disintegrate any inorganic object with a touch.
Sand Blue Metallic/Lemon MetallicChain LightningConstantly emits crackling sparks.Can severely jolt any creature or object in physical contact.Has the ability to fire small arcs of electricity across a short distance.Can fire large arcs of electricity across a moderate distance.Can fire and control multiple powerful electrical jolts at the same time.Controls devastating bolts of chain lightning that leap between multiple targets.
Sand Blue Metallic/Light Grey MetallicCycloneInstinctively influences wind currents for speedy travel.Able to raise aa defensive field of cyclone wind.Can project short cyclone blasts to blow away enemies.Has the ability to create small cyclone winds in a limited area.Can create a powerful cyclone wind, but not control its direction or duration.Has the power to create and control powerful cyclones at will.
Dark Green/Lemon MetallicDensity ControlCan briefly increase density to resist physical blows.Can focus density to protodermic hardness, becoming almost impervious to harm.Can decrease density for enhanced speed and agility.Has the power to become momentarily intangible.Has the ability to pass through matter at will.Complete control over own density and that of any object in physical contact.
Sand Yellow Metallic/Bright YellowChameleonInstinctively adopts a camouflage pattern to blend in with surroundings.Has the ability to mimic the patterns of a rocky or sandy surface.Can blend in perfectly with any shadowed terrain.Can mimic the color patterns of complex surfaces or objects.Becomes almost undetectable in all but the brightest light.Has the ability to become completely invisible in any environment.
Bright Red/Bright BlueAccuracyInstinctively seeks out the most vulnerable part of a target.Able to strike and infect a nearby target perfectly nine times out of ten.Has the ability to strike a close target with unerring accuracy.Can strike even a remote target with near-perfect accuracy.Able to leap and strike with perfect precision, no matter the circumstances.Can strike the smallest target at a great distance or in any environment or condition.
Sand Yellow Metallic/BlackRahi ControlAble to instinctively ward off attack by any Rahi.Has the ability to pacify low-intelligence Rahi.Can drive a Rahi into a violent rage or lull it to sleep at will.Can enlist the aid of nearby Rahi for transport, defense or attack.Able to totally control any Rahi through physical contact.Has absolute control over every living Rahi in the near area.
Bright Yellow/BlackInsect ControlConstantly surrounded and protected by a swarm of tiny, stinging insects.Able to summon small insects to attack its enemies.Able to control even large insects through physical contact.Able to control multiple insects without physical contact.Has the ability to summon insects from all across the island to serve its will.Powerful enough to control and command an entire hive of Nui Rama.
Sand Blue Metallic/Dark GreyStasis FieldAble to project a stasis field that protects it from any physical harm but freezes it in place.Can briefly freeze small creatures in stasis through physical contact.Can briefly freeze any creature in stasis through physical contact.Can briefly freeze any creature in stasis by making eye contact.Able to freeze any creature in stasis for a couple of days through eye contact.Has the power to freeze a creature in near-permanent stasis through eye contact.
Black/Sand Yellow MetallicLimited InvulnerabilityHas a tough hide that makes it difficult to injure.Metal-like skin protects it from almost any physical harm.Possesses armor as strong as Protodermis and limited resistance to heat and cold.Completely armored and immune to environmental extremes.Strong enough to resist the elemental powers of the Toa Nuva.Absolutely invulnerable to physical harm of any kind.
Bright Red/BlackPower ScreamEmits a constant high-frequency screech that cannot be heard but sets nerves on edge.Can emit short bursts of high-pitched sound that cause crippling headaches.Amplified scream can deafen and disorient other creatures for short periods.Power scream causes unconsciousness and can be heard for several Kio around.Power scream is strong enough to physically knock an opponent back.Power scream shatters stone and can be heard all across the island.
Bright Yellow/Sand Yellow MetallicDodgeSurprisingly difficult to catch.Fast enough to evade the most skilled disc-thrower on Mata Nui.Quick enough to crawl circles around an enraged Husi pecking bird.Able to dodge faster than a Tarakava’s strike.Skilled enough to dodge even Pohatu Nuva’s speed.Impossible to physically strike, no matter how swiftly or powerfully.
Bright Yellowish Green/Dark GreySilenceAble to move and tunnel in complete silence.Projects an aura of silence that can disorientate or terrify an enemy.Can drain all sound from any object or creature with which it is in contact.Has the ability to absorb all sound in a small area at will.Can radiate aura of silence over an entire village.Aura of silence is powerful enough to temporarily deafen a Toa Nuva.
Bright Yellow/Reddish GoldAdaptationAdjusts quickly to environmental extremes such as heat and cold.Adaptive abilities make it impossible to capture the same way twice.Has a limited ability to alter its own physical properties to fit new situations.Able to thrive in any environment, from treetop to seafloor.Capable of controlled physical transformation to adapt to the unexpected.Instantly adapts to take maximum advantage of any condition or situation.
Light Grey Metallic/Sand Blue MetallicSlownessExtremely slow, but difficult to dislodge and highly resistant to physical harm.Able to anchor itself to a creature and rob it of speed.Temporarily slows down anything in which it comes into contact.Has the ability to slow down all movement in a small area.Has the ability to completely stop all movement in a small area.Able to rob even a Toa Nuva of all speed as long as it remains nearby.
Black/Reddish GoldConfusionProduces a feeling of disorientation in anything that it touches.Projects an aura that confuses any small-minded creatures in the immediate area.Aura of confusion is strong enough to make a Matoran forget what they were doing.Aura of confusion leaves all beings in the area bewildered.Aura is strong enough to leave an entire village helpless with confusion.Extended proximity can reduce even a Toa Nuva to mindless babbling.
Reddish Gold/Sand Yellow MetallicSleepAble to survive for extremely long periods in a state of hibernation.Physical contact slows reflexes and makes creatures groggy.Has the ability to put Rahi to sleep with a touch.Can cause any nearby creature to fall asleep.Has the ability to cause sleep in multiple beings across a small area.Has the power to instantly put an entire village into deep sleep.


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