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Story Year 2008

Brutaka Forms a Team to Free Miserix

  • After Roodaka betrays the Brotherhood of Makuta to the Dark Hunters and then betrays the Dark Hunters as well, both sides now want her dead.1
  • Vezon has spent many days as a captive of the Zyglak. Surrounded by Zyglak, Vezon is sure that he is doomed. There is a sudden flash, and someone strong [presumably Botar] grabs Vezon and transports him away. Then all Vezon experiences is darkness.1
  • Vezon is captured by the Order of Mata Nui.2
  • Brutaka is welcomed back into the Order of Mata Nui.3
  • The Order decides that Brutaka will lead a team of captured villains to free Makuta Miserix from the island of Artidax, in order to use him against the Brotherhood of Makuta. It is believed that Miserix hates the Brotherhood for turning on him and will be willing to ally with them. The Order intends to use Miserix for an attack on the Makuta fortress on Destral.1
  • Helryx tells Brutaka that the Order is finally coming out of hiding, using the term "Destiny War" to describe the event.4
  • Vezon wakes up in a cell, astonished to be alive. He is in a large cell with four other occupants (these are Roodaka, Takadox, Carapar, and Makuta Spiriah). Brutaka, wearing a domed helmet, appears outside the cell. He brusquely introduces himself and and gives the prisoners two choices: willingly carry out a mission for his employers, or meet their fate. Brutaka explains that they all have something in common: they have all had dealings with the Brotherhood of Makuta. Vezon starts to point out that he has never met a Makuta, but Carapar finds him irritating and slams him into the wall.1

Brutaka's Team Visits Stelt

  • Brutaka takes Roodaka, Vezon, Carapar, Takadox, and Spiriah toward the island of Stelt in a small boat. Everyone but Brutaka is unarmed. When Roodaka recognizes the skyline, she protests, since Stelt is home to Sidorak and his people. It is likely that they know she betrayed Sidorak. Brutaka insists that they need a bigger boat to reach their destination, and Stelt is the easiest place to get one. Spiriah also objects, worried that Brotherhood of Makuta agents might be waiting to grab him.1
  • Brutaka and the others arrive on the shores of Stelt. Roodaka fumes against Brutaka as she walks along the waterfront in a cloak made of plant fibre.1
  • Brutaka takes the team to a trading house. Brutaka reveals that he plans to use Roodaka as currency, and Carapar seizes her from behind. The group steps inside the dim, foul-smelling shack, which is run by a member of Sidorak's species. Brutaka offers to trade the seething Roodaka, the killer of Sidorak, for his fastest ship and supplies for a long journey to the south.1
  • The trader invites the group see his prize craft, while Takadox sneaks away. The boat is good-sized, well armed with disk launchers, and large enough for at least a dozen occupants. A crew of large, blue and gray armored bruisers [Krekka's species] are working on it. While Brutaka negotiates with the trader, Takadox hypnotizes the crew guarding the ship into jumping overboard one by one.1
  • While Takadox does his work, the trader accepts Roodaka as payment (Sidorak was considered no prize, but it is still good to bring Roodaka to justice). Brutaka convinces the trader to let Vezon punch him to make it look as if Roodaka put up a fight when the trader "captured" her. At the last moment, Brutaka whirls around and knocks him unconscious. Carapar lets go of Roodaka, and everyone joins Takadox on the boat. Brutaka is sure that no one will come looking for them, since they will not believe someone who was stupid enough to let himself be hit.1
  • Spiriah deduces that the team's mission must be to free Makuta Miserix. Spiriah passes a message to his Zyglak allies through channels on Stelt for help. He plans to attack the island of Zakaz as retribution for the failure of his experiment there.1
  • Since leaving Stelt, Brutaka has Lariska secretly follow their ship in a small skiff in case of emergency.1
  • Brutaka leads a team of condemned villains on a mission to find and free Miserix, the former leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta.3 Vezon is sent with others on a mission to find the long-missing Makuta Miserix.2 Takadox is part of Brutaka's team sent to rescue Makuta Miserix.5 Carapar is forced by Brutaka to join a strike team sent to free Makuta Miserix.6
  • On Stelt, a small group of warriors, including Roodaka, steal one of the best ships of a certain trader. They do it in such a way that no one would even believe it had happened.4
  • Brutaka and his crew are at sea for three days.1

Spiriah Commandeers Brutaka's Ship

  • Three days after Brutaka's team leaves Stelt After being at sea for three days, Brutaka explains to his crew that they were all chosen for this mission because they are expendable. He reveals that their mission is to travel to an island far to the south to free Makuta Miserix, the former leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta. Brutaka assures them that if they flee, they will be hunted down.1
  • A small fleet of ragtag sea vessels approaches from the west, manned by Zyglak. Brutaka tries to steer the ship away, but Spiriah uses his weather control power to keep the boat in place. Spiriah reveals that he already deduced their mission and sent a message to his Zyglak allies on Stelt. He plans to take control of the ship and attack Zakaz.1
  • Spiriah takes command of the ship and sets course for Zakaz. He plans to attack its inhabitants in retribution for the failure of his experiment there.1
  • For three days, Spiriah takes firm control of the ship as they steer a course for Zakaz, surrounded by boats filled with Zyglak. Spiriah is especially hard on Brutaka, but Brutaka says nothing and makes no attempt to strike Spiriah throughout the trip.1

Brutaka Retakes Command of His Ship

  • Three days after Spiriah takes control of the ship Three days after Spiriah has taken command of the ship, Roodaka offers to help Spiriah attack the Brotherhood of Makuta, but Spiriah dismisses her as a traitor.1
  • Zakaz comes into view, and a handful of Dark Hunter vessels are seen in the waters nearby on patrol. Spiriah gives the word for the Zyglak ships to attack, and they take the Dark Hunter ships by surprise, sinking three of them. The other Dark Hunter ships beach on the shores of Zakaz, but the crews are slain by a mob of Skakdi.1
  • Spiriah says he is determined to take revenge on the Brotherhood of Makuta. The mini-armada of Zyglak surges toward the beaches of Zakaz. Before they reach the shore, however, the Zyglak ships lurch and start to sink one by one, with gaping holes torn in their hulls. Takadox sees that beings that look similar to Ehlek are swimming below the water and sinking the ships with their claws. The waters become littered with wrecked ships and dead Zyglak.1
  • With Spiriah distracted by the abrupt annihilation of his forces, Brutaka attacks him and pins him to the ground, threatening to rip open his armor and release his energy. Brutaka reveals that the water-dwellers attacking the Zyglak are allies of his, and that he has had someone following their ship since Stelt in case of emergency, which is how Brutaka was able to make contact with them.1
  • A small skiff approaches from the east, piloted by Brutaka's secret ally. She climbs aboard, and Brutaka introduces her as Lariska, the last member of their team. Brutaka tells them Lariska should be treated with equal authority.1
  • Zyglak ally with Makuta Spiriah in a failed attempt to invade the island of Zakaz.7

Botar Is Killed by Icarax

  • Botar and Trinuma are dispatched by the Order of Mata Nui to a small, wooded island just off the mainland [the southern continent?] with a cache of weapons to rendezvous with Brutaka's team. However, Makuta Icarax spots them and attacks. In a brief and furious fight, Icarax crushes Botar with his magnetic power and kills him, and Trinuma barely escapes.1
  • In desperation, Trinuma stashes the weapons at the first place he comes to (Tren Krom's island) before returning to Daxia with news of Botar's death.1
  • When Botar dies, the Order of Mata Nui has to go to his homeland to draft another of his species.8

Brutaka's Team Meets Tren Krom

  • To discourage Spiriah from making a break for it, Brutaka bluffs by telling Spiriah that the Brotherhood of Makuta will be notified of his location immediately if he tries, even if the ship and the team is destroyed. Brutaka and Lariska hold command of the ship as they veer away from Zakaz and travel south, toward the island where they are to arm the team before moving on to their final destination.1
  • The ship drops anchor just off the coast of the island, and the team walks ashore. Vezon and Lariska immediately pick up on something strange about the place. Brutaka quickly retrieves the weapons and distributes them. Takadox takes a long, thin blade; Carapar takes a broadsword; Roodaka takes a Rhotuka launcher; Spiriah is given a [Midak skyblaster]; and Vezon gets a plain spear.1
  • Lariska hears sounds coming from a cave up ahead, and Spiriah realizes in horror that they are on Tren Krom's island, based on tales from Mutran, although the island used to look different. Vast walls of rock suddenly spring up along the shoreline, cutting the team off from their boat. Brutaka tries and fails to break through the rock with his blade. Spiriah shapeshifts wings and tries to fly over the barrier, but a spear of stone erupts out of the wall and impales one of his wings, sending him falling. Lariska makes an incredible leap off the wall and catches Spiriah in mid-air.1
  • From inside the cave, Tren Krom speaks to the team in his repulsive voice. Brutaka warns Tren Krom of the consequences of trapping them. Tren Krom shoots a massive tentacle out of the cave and pulls Brutaka into his cave and toward his body.1
  • Struggling to get free, Brutaka catches a glimpse of Tren Krom, a revolting experience that threatens to drive him insane. Tren Krom tries to probe Brutaka's mind, but Brutaka's mental training allows him to resist for the time being. Tren Krom demands to know what has happened in the universe since his exile.1
  • The rest of the team enters the cave, and Lariska forces them to stay there. Tren Krom explains that he existed even before Mata Nui and was responsible for maintaining the universe before Mata Nui came to power. Tren Krom intends to extract information about the outside world from his visitors, though it will likely ruin their minds. Lariska tries to convince Tren Krom that the universe is in danger and that they are trying to save it. Tren Krom picks her up, and since Lariska does not have Brutaka's mental training, Tren Krom is able to sift through her lifetime of memories in an instant. Lariska screams, and when Tren Krom releases her, she collapses. From her, Tren Krom learns that Mutran used knowledge gained from their long-past encounter to help him and his kind strike at Mata Nui and seize power for themselves. Brutaka has Spiriah tell Tren Krom that if the Makuta succeed, they will rule the universe and kill all those with the power to threaten them. Tren Krom grows angry at the thought and declares himself invincible.1
  • Brutaka is about to wriggle free and strike Tren Krom when Carapar swings his sword at Tren Krom, having sneaked close. However, a third eye appears on Tren Krom's body looking directly at Carapar. The eye shoots a beam of energy at Carapar, who shatters into fragments as if made of crystal and is killed.1
  • Carapar is killed by the ancient entity Tren Krom.6
  • Tren Krom concludes that living in the chaotic world that Brutaka and the others have made is their deserved fate. He hurls Brutaka away, and Spiriah catches him with his magnetic power. Tren Krom withdraws his tentacles and tells the group to go. They immediately pick up Brutaka and Lariska and hurry out of the cave, where they find the stone walls on the shore receding.1

Brutaka's Team Arrives on Artidax

  • Brutaka and his team approach the shores of the forbidding island of Artidax in their boat. Takadox remains silent following the death of Carapar.1
  • Brutaka and Spiriah, being the most powerful members, lead the way to shore. Spiriah does not know any details about the island's defenses, only ideas that Krika sometimes talked about. Spiriah warns Brutaka that not even Miserix will be able to stop the Plan.1
  • Suddenly, the black sands beneath Miserix form a hand that starts dragging him down. Brutaka struggles to pull him up, and Lariska, Vezon, and Roodaka rush over to help. Takadox stays behind, contemplating escaping on the boat. Roodaka uses her Rhotuka spinner to mutate the grains of living sand into a swarm of fireflyers. The sand loses its grip on Spiriah, who crawls back onto the beach. Spiriah realizes that Krika must have rigged the place to react to the presence of a Makuta by attacking him.1
  • Lariska suggests using Spiriah as a "stalking kinloka" to spring all of the traps along the way. Spiriah strongly objects and clashes with Roodaka, but Brutaka suggests that if Spiriah cooperates, he could be made head of the Brotherhood of Makuta after everything is settled. Brutaka takes Spiriah aside for a few minutes and convinces him to cooperate. However, Lariska and Brutaka both know that Spiriah will never be able to lead the Brotherhood.1
  • The team travels right up the slope of a volcano. They find a tunnel that has been bored through the mountain, being the only way to directly traverse the island. With Spiriah in the lead, Vezon stops him short of tripping a thin vine stretched across the path. The vine is rigged to cause a pile of boulders on the slope to fall on them.1
  • The team members step carefully past the trap and into the tunnel. Too late, Brutaka realizes that Takadox is missing. Takadox cuts the vine and triggers the rock slide, trapping the others inside the tunnel.1
  • Takadox betrays Brutaka's group.5
  • Brutaka and those in the tunnel start freeing themselves from the rubble. Although Brutaka could clear the tunnel entrance with a few blasts of power, Takadox would be long gone, so Brutaka decides to settle with him later and continue the mission. Lariska shows up holding Vezon by the throat, having caught him trying to sneak down a side tunnel.1
  • Takadox leaves Artidax on the boat Brutaka's team used to get there.1
  • Brutaka and the others follow the side tunnel, which opens up into a vast underground cavern spanned by a narrow bridge made of fibrous protodermis. The floor below looks like it is covered in dead branches intertwined with each other. The walls have deep channels carved by lava over the centuries. Strange, six-eyed flying Rahi hang from the ceiling. Brutaka notes that if Tahu and Kopaka had not quelled the volcanic activity on Artidax, they would not have been able to pass through here.1
  • Brutaka leads the way across the bridge, toward an opening on the other side. The opening is marked with the symbol of the Brotherhood of Makuta. Brutaka lets Roodaka know that there are plans to use Miserix as a weapon against the Makuta fortress on Destral.1
  • Vezon points out that the floor beneath them is moving. What they thought were dead branches are actually the limbs of thousands of crimson insects. The insects swarm up the walls and cover the openings on both ends of the bridge.1
  • Brutaka tells Spiriah to use his Rahi control power to clear a path for them through the insects. Spiriah agrees to do it only if he is allowed to walk free afterward, but Brutaka makes it clear that he is giving Spiriah an order, not a request, and knocks him over the side of the bridge, leaving Spiriah hanging on to the edge. Brutaka opens a dimensional portal beneath Spiriah, claiming that it leads to a dimension full of beings of light who feed on shadow. Spiriah reduces his density and floats back up to the bridge, and he agrees to use his power, although he insists that he will leave afterward.1
  • Spiriah tries to use his Rahi control power on the insects, but they are already under the control of a more powerful will, which must be Miserix's. Brutaka decides to have the team fight their way through the far entrance. While Lariska and Vezon stay behind, Brutaka leads Roodaka and Spiriah to the passageway up ahead. They use their powers against the insects blocking the way, but more and more come to replace them, while more insects start approaching from the other end of the bridge. Roodaka has the idea to use her mutation Rhotuka spinner to mutate some of the insects ahead into unrecognizable forms. Other insects attack the ones that were mutated because they do not recognize them. Roodaka repeats this process and forms an opening across the bridge into the tunnel beyond, and the team runs through it.1

Brutaka's Team Frees Miserix

  • The team runs deeper into the tunnel, and the insects do not follow them. They come to the end of the tunnel to find a vast chamber. In it is a massive dragon-like beast chained to the stone floor. All around it fly much smaller Rahi (klakk), dodging the shadow hand that occasionally shoots out from the creature's chest. They realize that the large creature is Makuta Miserix. Spiriah identifies the smaller Rahi as klakk; they have a powerful sonic scream and were apparently left as guardians.1
  • Miserix notices Brutaka's team, and Brutaka explains that they have come to free him. Brutaka asks Miserix to shapeshift to a smaller form, but Miserix is reluctant to do so, since he has absorbed enough klakk to reach a size such that their screams no longer cause him pain. Vezon starts babbling to Miserix about the size of their boat, but Miserix hits him with a blast of laser vision in annoyance.1
  • Miserix notices Spiriah and asks him to come forward, with some foreboding. Miserix recalls that Spiriah was one of the first to side with Teridax, and Miserix uses his shadow hand to absorb Spiriah into his body, too fast for Spiriah to even scream.1
  • Miserix kills Spiriah.4
  • Brutaka tells Miserix that they are offering him the chance to take revenge against the Brotherhood of Makuta, and Miserix invites them to try to free him. Lariska recognizes the type of chain used on him; they grow and shrink with him, and breaking them will cause Miserix great pain. Lariska identifies a weak spot on the chain holding Miserix's right arm. Brutaka and Roodaka fire a continuous stream of energy and shadow bolts at it. After several minutes, the chain starts to wear down and eventually breaks, and Miserix lets out a great scream.1
  • The klakk instantly start attacking Brutaka's team. Miserix pulls the other chain holding him free from the ground. The klakk are driving Brutaka's team back, but Miserix unleashes a power scream that fells all of them, as well as Vezon and Lariska. Brutaka and Roodaka barely remain conscious, and they check on Vezon and Lariska to find them still alive.1
  • Miserix asks where Teridax is, and Brutaka agrees to tell him, but he must shrink so that they can leave the way they came. Instead, Miserix, in good spirits after being freed, repeatedly strikes the side of the mountain and uses his fragmentation power to pulverize an entire side of the volcano, opening it up to the sky and sea.1
  • Miserix grows wings and invites Brutaka and the others to come with him, eager to destroy his enemies. Roodaka speaks up and tries to warn Miserix that he is being used as a pawn against the Brotherhood, and she offers to be his ally. However, Miserix rejects her, considering himself to be no one's pawn or ally.1
  • Brutaka loads a stunned Roodaka and the semi-conscious Lariska and Vezon onto Miserix's back, then climbs aboard. Miserix flies high into the air with his passengers and mutters a vow to come back and destroy Artidax someday. Brutaka notices that the boat is gone, meaning that Takadox got away, although Brutaka believes that Takadox will not be able to avoid the turmoil coming to the universe. Miserix carries his passengers toward the north.1
  • Spiriah is part of the team that frees Miserix from the island of Artidax.9 Vezon helps to free Miserix under threat of bodily harm.4
  • Takadox tries to leave the island of Artidax with Brutaka's ship, but he is somehow shipwrecked on the shore of the island and remains stranded there.10
  • Vezon flies with Makuta Miserix, until Miserix flies in loops and throws Vezon off his back. Vezon lands in the cold ocean water.4
  • When Brutaka's team first escapes the island of Artidax with Makuta Miserix, they fly to a barren island in the middle of nowhere.4
  • After a short time, Brutaka has them on the move again, this time to Daxia. As Brutaka explains, the secrecy of Daxia's location no longer matters.4
  • Vezon and Roodaka are both thrown into cells immediately upon arriving on Daxia. An uncaring guard guards Vezon's cell.4
  • Miserix reappears to try to stop the Brotherhood's plans.9

Krakua Becomes a Toa

  • Days ago Krakua becomes a Toa (before Mata Nui awakens).11, 12

The Toa Nuva Arrive in Karda Nui

  • After the Makuta invasion in Karda Nui, some of the sky villages are protected by lightvines.13
  • There are probably fewer than 100 uncorrupted Av-Matoran in Karda Nui when the Toa Nuva arrive.14
  • The "weapon" of knowledge to which Artakha refers is the existence of the Codrex and the information on the keystones.15
  • A couple of days total before the Toa Nuva reawaken Mata Nui16 The Toa Nuva are teleported by Artakha into Karda Nui.17
  • When the Toa Nuva are teleported into Karda Nui, they find themselves in the middle of a pitched battle between three Makuta and the Av-Matoran.17
  • Although the Makuta are beaten back, the Toa know it is only a matter of time before they return.17
  • Antroz, etc. have defeated all but one Av-Matoran village by the time the Toa Nuva arrive in Karda Nui.18 Only one village holds out, eventually receiving aid from the Toa Nuva.19
  • Although Tanma does not recognize the Toa, he immediately acts to save Lewa from a shadow leech.20
  • The Toa Nuva arrive in Karda Nui and actively oppose the Makuta.18
  • Shortly after arriving in Karda Nui, the Toa Nuva decide to split their forces. Kopaka, Lewa, and Pohatu remain to defend the Av-Matoran in the sky villages, while Tahu leads Gali and Onua to the swamp below.21
  • Fearing that the Makuta might get hold of the Mask of Life, Tahu leads Gali and Onua down to the swamp far below.17 No one knows what they might find there, as the mist that separates the swamp from the sky is impossible to see through.21
  • Kopaka serves as team leader of the squad assigned to protect the Matoran villages in Karda Nui.22
  • When Tanma accidentally lands on Lewa, they discover that the physical contact makes it possible for Lewa to access Tanma's memories. Tanma, in turn, is able to act as a living energy source for Lewa's skyblaster.20
  • Although Kopaka would rather work alone, Solek's power to create objects of solid light might provide the edge that wins a battle.23

Tahu, Onua, and Gali Arrive at the Swamp

  • Tahu leads the Toa squad that travels to the swamps of the core. Their mission is to find the Mask of Life, find the keystones to open the Codrex, and deal with any Makuta they might find.24
  • Realizing just how vast the swamp really is, Tahu's team decides to split up.21
  • The Toa Nuva journey to the swamp to find keystones that will allow them to enter the Codrex and to search for the Mask of Life.25

Battles in Karda Nui

  • Kopaka and Pohatu are promptly defeated by the enemy, but Lewa and Tanma mount a successful rescue effort.17
  • After arriving in the core, Lewa mounts a rescue mission for Pohatu and Kopaka with Tanma.26
  • Meanwhile, Antroz dispatches Vican to Destral to bring Makuta Icarax back to combat the Toa.17
  • Antroz summons Icarax to Karda Nui to battle the Toa Nuva.27 Icarax is summoned to Karda Nui.28
  • Photok teams with Pohatu Nuva to do battle with the Makuta.29
  • Solek is overjoyed to see the Toa Nuva arrive and is bursting with questions for them. Unfortunately, the answers will have to wait until the battles with the Makuta are done.30
  • Kopaka, etc. learn how the Makuta have been turning Av-Matoran into shadow Matoran using shadow leeches over the past few days. They are determined to stop this.17
  • The surviving Av-Matoran team with the Toa Nuva to do battle with the Makuta and the shadow Matoran.19
  • Lewa finds himself extraordinarily prepared for the battle in Karda Nui, since he already has experience flying.26
  • Being a Toa of Stone, Pohatu finds it difficult to master flight, but he knows that he must learn combat in the air or die. Despite a number of close calls, he proves to be an effective fighter.31
  • Kopaka's job of leading the Toa Nuva in the skies is not an easy one, as they face five fierce and powerful Makuta.22
  • Returning to Karda Nui is particularly difficult for Tahu Nuva. Of all the Toa, only he has clear memories of their last visit there, when he tricked the others into remaining in the Codrex for 100,000 years. It is not something he is proud of, but he knows it had to be done. Had they been out adventuring during that time and one of them had been killed, they might have never been able to achieve their destiny and awaken Mata Nui.24
  • From the start, something does not feel right to Onua Nuva about their adventure in Karda Nui. The Toa Nuva are outnumbered and certainly outpowered by the Makuta, yet somehow they have avoided destruction. It almost feels as if, despite their ferocious attacks, the Makuta are holding back. Onua cannot help but wonder why. Unable to find an answer, he concentrates on carrying out the mission.32
  • Although Gali Nuva already knew that the fight between the Toa and the Makuta had to come someday, it still fills her with dread. The forces are both so powerful that their conflict might destroy Karda Nui, even the entire universe. Neither side will hold back, surrender, or be able to show mercy. She wonders if the Toa can even hope to stick to the most important part of their code: never to kill their enemies.33
  • Karda Nui is the site of a war between the Toa Nuva and the Brotherhood of Makuta.34
  • Chirox battles the Toa Nuva both in the sky and in the swamp, while also clashing with Mutran, his long-time rival among the Makuta.35
  • In a close call, Pohatu is thrown toward the swamp by Chirox's shadow hand.31
  • Antroz's armor is damaged during a battle with Kopaka.18
  • Antroz is able to patch his armor sufficiently to return to the fight.18
  • Lewa battles Antroz to a standstill.26

Battle in the Shadow Leech Hive

  • Solek teams with Kopaka Nuva to battle Mutran.22
  • Kopaka masterminds the capture of Kirop and a plan to let him escape and follow him back to the shadow leech hive.22
  • The Toa Nuva capture Kirop and then purposely let him go so they can trail him to the hive where the shadow leeches are created.36, 17
  • Sensing hostile forces nearby, the Ignika decides to make a body for itself in case it needs to fight. Inspired by Matoro's heroism, it makes itself look like a Toa.37
  • Inspired by the heroics of Toa Matoro, the Mask of Life creates a body for itself and teams with the Toa Nuva to save the universe. He is eager to experience actually living, having friends, and being a hero.38
  • Toa Ignika rockets up to the sky and aids the Toa against the Makuta.37
  • Kopaka, etc. are joined by a mysterious new Toa whom none of them recognize (Toa Ignika).17
  • The Toa Nuva invade the Makuta's hive in Karda Nui and are captured.39 Inside the hive, they are tricked into battling Ignika and are captured.17
  • Pohatu, Lewa, and Kopaka are captured and chained up in the Makuta hive.31
  • Pohatu Nuva allows the Toa Nuva to escape the hive.39 Pohatu uses his Mask of Speed to escape and free the others before destroying the hive.31 Led by Pohatu, the Toa escape, pausing only to destroy the hive.17
  • The Toa Nuva later destroy the hive, forcing Mutran to move his operations to the swamp.39, 40 Lewa helps destroy the hive.26 Kopaka's plan leads to the destruction of the hive, which does great damage to the Makuta's ability to produce shadow leeches.22
  • Pohatu and Photok are plummeted toward the swamp by Icarax's gravity power. Because he shares Photok's memories, Pohatu knows the location of a fallen stalactite through which the two can smash to try to slow their fall, which saves them both.29
  • Icarax almost immediately finds himself in combat with the Toa Ignika. Ignika devolves Icarax back into being a bio-mechanical being, a process that is quite painful for the Makuta.27 Icarax challenges Toa Ignika but is soundly defeated.17 Toa Ignika easily defeats Icarax.37
  • Icarax summons Vultraz to Karda Nui. His weak telepathic summons reaches Vultraz on Destral. Icarax is obviously badly injured. Vultraz's task is to bring Icarax information he stole from Mazeka and his mentor (presumably about the origin of the Makuta).28
  • Vultraz first goes to track down where he hid the tablets he stole in order to verify his information before bringing it to Icarax.28

Takanuva Is Ambushed in Metru Nui

  • By this time, Metru Nui is intact and beautiful once again.41
  • Metru Nui eventually returns to the status quo prior to the Great Cataclysm with open forges, rebuilt Archives, and Knowledge Towers full of Ko-Matoran.42
  • The sundial which Lewa Nuva retrieved is reduced in size by the Order of Mata Nui using a shrink disk.43
  • Within the last day before visiting the Toa Empire universe While patrolling the shores of Metru Nui, Takanuva is attacked by a shadow leech and barely survives. He is rescued by the Order of Mata Nui.41
  • Takanuva survives an attack by a shadow leech on Metru Nui.44
  • When Takanuva awakes, he discovers that his light has been partially drained, leaving him with the ability to fire light from his left hand and shadow from his right. Takanuva learns that he was attacked by a creature called a shadow leech. Takanuva's rescuers are members of the Order of Mata Nui, who task him with a vital mission: to bring important information to the Toa Nuva in Karda Nui. If he fails, the six Toa are surely doomed.41
  • After the shadow leech attack, Takanuva finds his powers changed. Much of his light has been drained and replaced with darkness, and he can now fire light only from his left hand and shadow from his right.44
  • As a side-effect of the shadow leech attack on Metru Nui, Takanuva's armor and mask darken.45
  • Having shrunk the sundial that Lewa retrieved from Mata Nui, the Order of Mata Nui gives it to Takanuva. They tell Takanuva that the Toa Nuva also know about the Order of Mata Nui.45
  • The shrunken sundial is later given to Takanuva. By shining his light upon it, Takanuva can create a shadow that points in the direction of the Karda Nui Codrex.43
  • The fastest way to get Takanuva to Karda Nui is to use the Mask of Dimensional Gates worn by reformed Order member Brutaka. However, the mask is ever so slightly damaged, making the journey a rough one.41
  • The Order of Mata Nui sends Takanuva on a journey to Karda Nui to deliver vital information to the Toa Nuva. They use a mask power to send Takanuva between dimensions, but since the mask is damaged, Takanuva's trip goes awry.45
  • Brutaka uses the Kanohi Olmak to send Takanuva from Metru Nui to Karda Nui. However, damage to the mask results in Takanuva winding up in multiple alternate dimensions.46

Takanuva Visits a Pocket Dimension

  • Takanuva is on a mission to find the other six Toa in faraway Karda Nui and to give them important news. To get there as fast as possible, he must travel between dimensions. However, things do not go as planned. He falls through a hole in space and lands hard on the ground of a strange world. He finds himself in the middle of a strange forest with black and twisted trees, dying grass, and a cold wind. A voice behind him speaks, and Takanuva turns to see a large, translucent Kanohi Hau floating in midair talking to him. Takanuva explains that he is a hero and needs to find a way out of this place. The mask says that a hero is just what they need and that they will help Takanuva if he aids a village in trouble on the other side of the nearby hill. Before the mask can finish explaining what to do, Takanuva interrupts him and starts heading over the hill in a hurry.47
  • Takanuva runs to the top of the hill and is shocked to see that the "village" is more like a gigantic city, bigger than anything he has ever seen. Towers of silver reach up into the sky, surrounded by buildings made of gleaming crystal, making it a beautiful sight. Takanuva sees the trouble the mask must have been talking about: the city is full of small beings wearing black and purple armor, and they are fighting a monster that is attacking their city. The monster is at least twenty feet high, with pointed ears, huge claws, and a mouth full of sharp teeth. The villagers are fighting hard but seem to be losing. Takanuva steps in and uses bursts of light from his power lance to keep the monster at bay. After fighting for a while, Takanuva hears the creature speaking amid its growling, telling Takanuva to stop and that he is mistaken. Takanuva dismisses this as a trick by an evil monster. Takanuva hits the monster with a light blast from his lance, and the monster runs off into the woods. The villagers start laughing at Takanuva and then shut the gates to the city, leaving Takanuva stuck outside. Puzzled, he knocks on the gates and receives no answer.47
  • Takanuva finds the floating mask again and tells it that he saved the city from the monster. In dismay, the mask tells Takanuva that the "monster" was the last of the beings who lived in the city and that the little armored ones were invaders who had taken it away from him; Takanuva had not given him time to explain this. Takanuva protests that their appearances suggested the opposite, but the mask tells him that good does not always come in little packages, or evil in big ones. The mask says that his giant friend is gentle and kind and only uses his teeth and claws to defend himself. Takanuva realizes his mistake and runs off to make things right.47
  • It takes Takanuva a while to find the wounded beast, and even longer to convince him that he means him no harm. The mask was right – the beast does not want to harm the invaders, only to get them out of his city. Takanuva comes up with an idea to get the city back.47
  • An hour later, Takanuva stands on top of a big hill about half a mile from the city gates. He lifts his lance and hurls light into the sky, creating an amazing fireworks show. The small invaders gradually come out of the city to watch the light show until there is a whole crowd looking up in wonder. Meanwhile, the distraction allows the beast, who has been tunneling home for a long time, to emerge unnoticed from a tunnel into the center of the city. The beast slams the huge gates shut, trapping the invaders outside the city walls. Takanuva appreciates the irony of the invaders' being tricked by false appearances.47
  • Takanuva returns to the floating mask. The mask is pleased with Takanuva for admitting his mistake and fixing it. A hole in space appears next to the mask for Takanuva to take his leave, and the mask gives Takanuva one last reminder of the lesson he has learned. Takanuva dives through the hole, unsure where his journey will lead him next.47

The Toa Mahri Search for Takanuva

  • While the other Toa Mahri leave to search Metru Nui for Takanuva, Jaller chooses to remain behind, as he is still distracted by his grief over Matoro's death.4
  • The Toa Mahri find no sign of Takanuva. When they report this to Jaller, he pays little attention, distracted by thoughts of Matoro.4

Takanuva Visits the Kingdom of the Great Spirit in an Alternate Universe

  • Takanuva acquires a power lance and a Nynrah ghost blaster [sic, Midak skyblaster] in an alternate dimension before arriving in Karda Nui.44

Takanuva Visits the Toa Empire in an Alternate Universe

  • Takanuva plunges through the void between dimensions, and a circle of light opens ahead of him. He passes through it and lands hard on the ground beyond. Instead of finding himself in Karda Nui, Takanuva appears to be in Metru Nui, but it is slightly different – there are statues of Toa everywhere, including statues of the Toa Nuva in their Toa Mata forms. Looming over them all is a sculpture of the Mask of Intangibility.41
  • Takanuva spots Kapura scurrying quickly through the street, which is unusual for Kapura. Takanuva tries to talk to him, but Kapura seems not to recognize him and is extremely nervous and obsequious in Takanuva's presence. Kapura also does not seem to know who Turaga Vakama or the Toa Mahri are. Kapura begs Takanuva to let him pass, but suddenly he is trapped in ice from his neck down by Kopaka. Takanuva turns to see Tahu and Kopaka in their Toa Mata forms. Tahu also does not seem to know Takanuva and demands his identity tablet. Kopaka knocks Takanuva over with a blast of ice and holds his sword to his neck. Kopaka tells Takanuva that he is now a prisoner of the Toa Empire for committing an act of war.41
  • Tahu and Kopaka drag a protesting Takanuva to the Coliseum. At the entrance, Vahki guardians salute and step aside.41
  • Tahu and Kopaka haul Takanuva through winding corridors and toss him in a cold, dark cell. Tahu says someone will come back when Toa Tuyet is ready to question him, which might take as long as a week. Takanuva, exasperated, asks them to explain what is going on, but Tahu and Kopaka leave.41
  • Behind Takanuva, a Matoran chained to the wall speaks up with a weak voice. Takanuva uses his power to illuminate the chamber and realizes in disbelief that the Matoran is none other than himself – that is, the form he had as a Matoran, when he was still called Takua. Takanuva is not sure if he is in a dream or an illusion. Takanuva uses a laser beam to release "Takua" from his chains. From what Takua says, Metru Nui seems to be ruled by a tyrannical regime of Toa which crushes all resistance. Takua says he was imprisoned because he spent more time wandering than working, and he was put here after the Vahki treatment did not work. Takanuva asks about Gali, and Takua says that she is in Ga-Metru, where she runs the re-education center with Karzahni. Takua explains that about 3,500 years ago, Toa Tuyet tapped into the power of the Nui Stone and gained the power of something like 100 Toa. Toa Lhikan tried to stop her but was killed by Toa Tuyet and the traitor Toa Nidhiki. From there, Tuyet took control of Metru Nui and convinced the other Toa to join her in crushing everyone who posed a threat to Mata Nui, including the Makuta, the Dark Hunters, and certain Toa and Matoran.41
  • Takanuva tests putting his mask on Takua, but nothing happens. Takanuva decides to break out of the cell with Takua and head below the Archives, where he hopes to find Krahka for aid, as per Turaga Vakama's tales.41
  • Takanuva easily takes out the Vahki guards on the way to the Archives.41
  • Once Takanuva and Takua arrive in the Archives, Takanuva finds that instead of holding Rahi and artifacts to study, the Archives serve as a museum of conquest. Takua proves to be too chatty even for Takanuva's taste. In the Archives, Takanuva sees a dead Visorak on display, weapons such as the Shadowed One's staff and the Spear of Fusion, and Makuta's Mask of Shadows.41
  • Moving deeper into the Archives, Takanuva and Takua see a group of stasis tubes. Takanuva is horrified to discover that one of them contains Turaga Dume. Takua explains that Dume spoke out against Tuyet when she took power and was imprisoned here. Takanuva slices open the case with laser light, although Takua protests, worried about setting off an alarm. Dume regains consciousness in Takanuva's arms, although he is immediately mistrustful of Takanuva because he is a Toa. Takanuva explains that he is trying to find an intelligent Rahi known as a Krahka.41
  • Just then, Toa Tuyet, the leader of the Toa Empire, unexpectedly appears behind them. Both Takua and Dume shrink in fear, and Tuyet gestures with her barbed broadsword for the three of them to start walking, effectively taking them captive.41
  • Without a word, Tuyet marches Takanuva, Takua, and Dume through the twists and turns of the Archives for hours, taking them through rarely traveled parts of the Archives.41
  • They round a corner and enter a large chamber which contains badly damaged Rahkshi and Exo-Toa. Inside, two figures in black armor who appear to be Makuta spring to their feet (these are Krika and Kojol). Takanuva turns around to see that Tuyet was in fact another Makuta in disguise – the Makuta of Metru Nui [Teridax], who now wears a pitted and scarred Kanohi Hau. [Teridax] explains that because of Tuyet, the Makuta are forced to shapeshift when they venture out. [Teridax] also explains that Tuyet leaves his Mask of Shadows unguarded in the Archives as a taunt; if he attempts to touch the mask, Tuyet and her minions will know at once. [Teridax] demands to know why they should not kill Takanuva. Takanuva reveals that he is a Toa of Light from another universe where there is no Toa Empire, and he needs to get back there. The Makuta laugh at him, wondering how he plans to get back to his universe. Takanuva says that he plans to find Brutaka, whose power sent him on his journey in the first place. One of the Makuta, Krika, says he has heard legends of a Brutaka who guards a valuable treasure, although he derides Matoran legend as being totally embellished. Teridax proposes that Takanuva perform a task for them in exchange for their help. Teridax says that a Matoran expedition escorted by two Toa left Metru Nui weeks ago for Artakha to retrieve the Mask of Time, one of the few weapons that might be effective against Tuyet. By now they are on their way back; Teridax wants Takanuva to attack them and steal the mask for the Makuta. In return, the Makuta will smuggle Takanuva out of the city so he can find Brutaka. Teridax warns that the Matoran leading the expedition is a fanatic who will die for his cause, and this Matoran turns out to be none other than Jaller [sic].41
  • The Makuta tell Takanuva roughly where the caravan will be. Since flight is the quickest and easiest way to reach his destination, Krika blows a fine powder into Takanuva's face which he happens to breathe in. Krika explains that this powder is a Makuta virus which temporarily gives Takanuva the power of flight.41
  • Takanuva gains the ability to fly as a result of a Makuta virus he is exposed to in an alternate universe.45
  • Takanuva flies under his own power over a vast stretch of ocean. By now, Takanuva concludes that he must be in some sort of alternate universe.41
  • Takanuva finds the caravan the Makuta were talking about up ahead on the land. He spots a Ussal-crab-drawn cart driven by Jaller, flanked by a Toa of Ice (Kualus) and a Toa of Earth (Bomonga) mounted on Muaka. Jaller is wearing a red Kanohi Komau. The Ussal crab is Pewku [sic]. Takanuva assumes they must have been loaded and unloaded on a ship, since the way to Artakha required going over the sea. Rather than killing all of them as the Makuta suggested, Takanuva decides to try to impersonate a Toa working for the Toa Empire.41
  • Takanuva lands in front of the caravan, and Bomonga and Kualus raise their weapons. Takanuva introduces himself and claims to be there on business of the Toa Empire. Jaller does not trust him, since he has not heard of Takanuva in Kodan's records. Takanuva knocks the reins from Jaller's hands with a beam of light and scorns him, trying to sound convincingly like a Toa from this universe. Pewku is startled. Kualus and Bomonga attack Takanuva, who counters an ice blast from Kualus and temporarily blinds Bomonga with a flare. Takanuva claims that Tuyet has learned of a plot to steal the Mask of Time and has sent him to join them in guarding it. To gain their trust, he spins tales of things like "Takutanuva" and "Graalok the mighty ash bear," claiming they are enemies he has defeated. The Toa let Takanuva accompany them and "suggest" that he walk in front of them. When Takanuva tells them that the one who is coming to steal the mask is Brutaka, the Toa recognize the name, and Bomonga claims that he killed Brutaka.41
  • Takanuva trudges across the barren plains of Karzahni, with Bomonga, Kualus, and Jaller behind him. Takanuva learns from Bomonga how he, Gaaki, and Pouks defeated Brutaka in a somewhat unfair fight, and he also learns that Brutaka's mask was taken to the Coliseum for safekeeping. Takanuva starts raising concerns about the Toa's behavior, but Kualus tells him cynically that it has hard to have a conscience and survive in this universe. Takanuva continues to argue and is sure at one point that his cover is blown and that Bomonga and Kualus are about to attack him from behind. Instead, the two of them are swept away by a powerful gust of wind (possibly killed), and Jaller is knocked unconscious. Takanuva turns to see a strange Toa retrieving the Mask of Time from the smashed cart. The Toa introduces himself as Lesovikk and explains that he is an enemy of Tuyet who steals powerful items from her when he has the opportunity. He says he spared Takanuva because he is not one of "them."41
  • Takanuva and Lesovikk slip back to Metru Nui via underwater chute. Lesovikk knows of chutes that are closed for repair and unguarded but still functional.41
  • A few hours later, under cover of darkness, Takanuva and Lesovikk dart through the Sculpture Fields of Po-Metru. Although Takanuva wants to go to the Coliseum to get Brutaka's mask, Lesovikk insists that if he wants to get in and out alive, they need to visit the Throne of Stone first. Sure enough, nearby they see Pohatu sitting a huge throne made of rock mounted atop a pile of Rahkshi parts, guarded by Po-Matoran bearing torches.41
  • After a few hours, the Po-Matoran leave to return home, and Pohatu descends from his throne. Lesovikk scrapes his foot against a rock three times, which Pohatu immediately recognizes as a signal from Lesovikk. Lesovikk introduces Pohatu to Takanuva and explains that he wants to get to the Hall of Masks in the Coliseum. Pohatu explains to Takanuva how Tuyet awakened the Toa Mata and pressed them into service, and how Pohatu was convinced to work secretly with Lesovikk against Tuyet after she sent a group of Toa led by Nidhiki to wipe out the Nynrah Ghosts. Lesovikk tells Pohatu to summon the troops to get ready for a raid.41
  • Pohatu takes Takanuva and Lesovikk to his cavern. Pohatu sends a mild tremor the length of Metru Nui to signal the members of their resistance group.41
  • Soon, the resistance members filter in to the cavern through underground tunnels. They consist of Nuju; Ahkmou; the Dark Hunters Guardian, Darkness, and Primal; one Toa, Krakua; and the Po-Matoran Kodan, who publicly is also the Toa's Chronicler. Lesovikk tells Takanuva that they are gambling on a single, major strike against Tuyet. Ahkmou has coordinated with the Makuta in Metru Nui, and Darkness has coordinated with any Dark Hunters nearby still able to fight. Pohatu grabs a protosteel axe off the wall and says it is time to take Tuyet down.41
  • The resistance group's strike on the Coliseum starts out well; Lesovikk's group makes it close the Coliseum before being spotted. As planned, Takanuva uses his shadow powers to blind the guards. Pohatu follows with a massive fist of stone that cracks the walls of the Coliseum.41
  • To the east, Teridax leads Krika, Kojol, Turaga Dume, and Takua into battle. At first they make short work of the Matoran and Toa guarding Tuyet's fortress.41
  • Things go badly for Teridax's group. A Toa of Iron appears on the walls. Takanuva watches in horror as the Toa kills Takua with a hail of spikes. The Toa of Iron then uses his power to crush Kojol's armor. A Toa of Plasma incinerates Kojol's essence when it leaks out. Teridax is forced to pull back.41
  • Things go no better for Lesovikk's squad. Primal runs into Tahu at the eastern entrance and kills him. Gali suddenly appears and conjures a sphere of water around Primal's head that causes him to drown to death. Krakua hits Gali with a wave of sound that blasts apart her mask and armor. Pohatu cries out too late as Ahkmou dashes ahead and slays the fallen Gali. Kopaka flash-freezes Ahkmou, and Onua shatters him with a swipe of his claw.41
  • The battle devolves into a dozen separate battles fought at once, the lines moving back and forth. Pohatu fights his way into the Coliseum but finds himself too evenly matched with Onua to make much progress.41
  • Kopaka injures Lesovikk with an ice dagger to the shoulder, but Lesovikk responds by blowing Kopaka off his post high atop the Coliseum, sending him falling to his death.41
  • Takanuva crouches behind a wall, with the wounded Lesovikk beside him. The disastrous battle rages around them. Lesovikk tells Takanuva to follow Darkness inside the Coliseum while the rest of them put up a fight worth remembering outside.41
  • Looking around, Takanuva sees Nuju side-by-side with Guardian, keeping a Toa of Magnetism too off-balance to use his powers. Teridax's forces have charged again. Krika uses his vacuum power to absorb Lewa's attacks while Teridax prepares to hurl a bolt of lightning powerful enough to incinerate him.41
  • Darkness goes on the move, slipping through the cracks in the Coliseum wall. Takanuva uses his shadow power to enlarge the cracks and follows Darkness.41
  • The Coliseum is strangely quiet inside. A team of Toa rushes by to join the fight, and Takanuva uses laser blasts to bring the ceiling down on them, hoping he has not killed them.41
  • Together, Takanuva and Darkness fight their way to the Hall of Masks. When they make it to the chamber door, the door explodes outward as a powerful wall of water erupts from within. Darkness is swept away, but Takanuva manages to hold on to the doorway.41
  • Outside, Teridax's attack meets with success as Toa fall before him and Krika. After Nuju is pulled into the Archives by plant life gone wild, Turaga Dume rallies Lesovikk's group. Guardian defeats half a dozen Toa before falling.41
  • Inside the Coliseum, the water subsides, and Takanuva sees Tuyet herself in the doorway, with the Nui Stone in one hand, and the Mask of Dimensional Gates in the other. Tuyet claims to have guessed who Takanuva is – a visitor from another universe. Fueled by the horrible things Tuyet has done to Toa and Matoran in this universe, Takanuva strikes at Tuyet. However, Tuyet uses a focused tidal wave to blast Takanuva through several walls, leaving him battered and semi-conscious.41
  • Tuyet stands over Takanuva's battered body and scoffs at him. She replaces her Mask of Intangibility with the Kanohi Olmak. Tuyet claims that Takanuva's allies outside are all dead or soon will be, assuring that the Matoran will not be robbed of the "peace" she has brought them. Takanuva starts to get up and rebukes Tuyet's perverted sense of peace, but Tuyet claims she was doing what needed to be done. Takanuva uses his shadow power to temporarily cloak Tuyet in darkness, allowing him to slip away while she is unable to see.41
  • Takanuva's voice comes from high above Tuyet as he tells her that his own universe is better without her in it. Tuyet brings the ceiling down with her power, but Takanuva springs from the opening at the far end of the hall. He hurls blinding light at Tuyet as he makes a grab for her mask. Tuyet catches him by the arm and throws him on the floor. Takanuva hurls bolts of shadow and light at her, but Tuyet parries them with ease.41
  • Takanuva and Tuyet engage in a furious battle, Takanuva's light and shadow power against Tuyet's water power. In the end, Tuyet stands victorious.41
  • Tuyet is about to deliver the finishing blow to Takanuva when a strange sound is heard. Out of a hole in the wall, Takanuva sees thousands of armed Matoran marching toward the Coliseum. In the distance, he sees airships and sea vessels carrying Matoran, Dark Hunters, Vortixx, and others also heading toward the Coliseum. Tuyet claims she has enough power to destroy them all, but Takanuva points out ironically that there would be no one left for Tuyet to rule. Takanuva pleads with Tuyet to consider using her mask to go to a version of Metru Nui where they might welcome a ruler like her. Tuyet looks down at the approaching army and considers killing them all, but she sees Takanuva's point and considers returning with an army of Toa from another dimension to stamp out the rebellion. Tuyet activates the mask and creates a portal to interdimensional space. At that moment, Takanuva hurls himself at Tuyet and snatches the mask from her face. The portal begins to close, and Takanuva dives through it, mask in hand. As Takanuva clears the portal, Tuyet grabs onto his leg and blasts him with powerful bolts of water. She tears the Olmak from his grasp, and the mask floats away into the space between dimensions.41
  • Tuyet hangs halfway though the portal, trying to drag Takanuva back in. She is too consumed by rage to notice the portal closing in around her, and Takanuva tries too late to warn her. The closing of the portal bisects Tuyet's body and kills her instantly, leaving her upper half in the void, and her lower half in the Coliseum in her own universe.41
  • Takanuva hovers in space for a long moment and wonders what will happen in the universe he just left, and he considers returning someday to find out. After reflecting on the fine line between justice and tyranny, Takanuva resumes his journey to Karda Nui with grim resolve.41

Tahu, Onua, and Gali Explore the Swamp

  • The Toa Nuva rediscover the Codrex when they return to Karda Nui.48
  • Tahu Nuva is the first to spot the Codrex, but when he tries to take a closer look, he runs into a force field which knocks him unconscious. Helpless, he lies in the mud as Makuta Krika rises from the swamp to feed on his energy. Tahu awakens just in time, but he is badly weakened. Krika tells Tahu that Makuta hate Toa because Toa are what they could only pretend to be – true heroes who do the right thing for its own sake. Toa get the honors which the Makuta want for themselves. Krika tells Tahu that he is going to kill him, but Tahu shoots a bolt of flame into the air as a call for help. Meanwhile, Onua and Gali are both in need of help themselves as they fight their own battles.21
  • Onua's search for keystones has so far turned up nothing. Stopping to rest for a moment on a spit of mud, he spots a giant Nui-Kopen wasp coming to attack him. He swats it into the swamp, then watches as the waters mutate the insect into a monstrous version of itself. Onua realizes that something in the water caused the change. Before he can defend himself, Onua is attacked from behind by Makuta Bitil. The Makuta uses his own ghost blaster to take over all the mechanical parts of Onua's body. Bitil reveals his mask power to Onua, resulting in a horde of duplicates of Bitil appearing from nowhere. They take Onua to Krika's lair, but Krika is not there. While on the island, the effects of the ghost blaster on Onua wear off. Onua causes an explosion of mud to engulf the Makuta and flies off.32
  • When the original Bitil pursues, Onua uses his ghost blaster to create an energy sphere around the Makuta. Trapped, Bitil falls into the swamp.32
  • Onua Nuva is the first to discover the function of the Nynrah ghost blasters.32
  • Gali Nuva is the first Toa to spot one of the keystones, wrapped in the tendrils of a swamp plant. She is about to retrieve it when some sixth sense warns her to turn around. Just in time, she turns to face Makuta Gorast diving to attack. A furious battle follows. Gali takes a chance, trapping Gorast's head inside a sphere of water. To her surprise, she succeeds in cutting off the Makuta's air (the effects of the swamp waters have changed Gorast so that she now needs to breathe). However, this is not enough to stop her. Finally, Gali uses her power to increase the moisture in the ground beneath Gorast's feet. The Makuta makes no effort to free herself, instead sinking beneath the mud. Gali cannot believe that anyone would allow herself to perish like that. The next instant, Gorast erupts from the ground behind Gali. The Makuta attacks, starting to drain Gali's light from her.33
  • Onua knows that he has to warn the others that the Makuta are in the swamp. He spots Tahu's fireball soaring up through the sky and knows that Tahu would never call for help unless it was an emergency. Onua flies off to aid Tahu, but before he can reach him, he spots Gali in need of help.32
  • Onua flies by just as Gorast is draining Gali's light. Spotting the trouble, he grabs Gorast, lifts her high into the air, and smashes her down to the ground. Realizing there is nothing to gain by fighting, Onua chooses to rescue Gali and fly to where he saw Tahu's fireball. The Toa's only hope now is to stand together.33
  • Makuta Gorast tries repeatedly to convince Onua to switch sides, claiming that he would enjoy having a "spirit as black as his armor." Onua refuses, prepared to give up his life to fulfill the team's destiny.32

The Destiny War Begins

  • Helryx sends Botar's replacement and Toa Krakua to bring Axonn from Voya Nui back to Daxia for his help.4
  • On Voya Nui, Axonn spies two figures materialize in the Green Belt. One of them looks like Botar (but clearly is not), and the other is a Toa he does not know (Krakua). Presuming them to be hostile intruders, Axonn charges across the landscape and easily subdues the two of them, pinning the Toa to the ground with his axe. Krakua introduces himself and says he was sent by Helryx to request Axonn's presence on Daxia, which Axonn verifies using his Kanohi Rode. The Botar lookalike teleports all of them into the great hall of the fortress on Daxia.4
  • Once in the fortress on Daxia, Axonn sees Brutaka and [Miserix] in the form of a huge dragon waiting for him. Axonn is incredulous when he sees Brutaka, who explains that he was released from the Pit for "good behavior." Brutaka explains that the Order is about to come out of hiding after so many years.4
  • Axonn leaves Voya Nui to join in the Order of Mata Nui's assault on the Brotherhood of Makuta.3
  • Ancient stands on the beach of Odina, waiting anxiously for Lariska's return to hear what she has seen and heard. The rebuilding of the fortress destroyed by Pohatu Nuva is continuing rapidly. Ancient sees a number of bat-winged Rahi flying in a particular formation that is recognizable only to him. This is an urgent signal from the Order of Mata Nui to Ancient that he must convince the Shadowed One to join their cause or, failing that, kill him.4
  • Vezon paces in his cell on Daxia. Across from him are two great water tanks: one containing the six Piraka, who have been mutated into water snakes, and the other one containing Karzahni, who seems quite insane.4
  • Trinuma releases Vezon from his cell, saying he is needed for a mission requiring someone who can "die horribly without being missed." Taking the remark as a compliment, Vezon gladly agrees.4
  • The Order of Mata Nui reveals itself to the Shadowed One in order to recruit him to their cause. The Shadowed One makes a bargain with the Order, whereby the Shadowed One is tasked with ensuring that Xia provides no more weapons to the enemy. The Order asks the Shadowed One to blockade or occupy the island. Unwilling to conduct the war on the Order's terms, the Shadowed One instead decides that he will destroy the island and every living thing on it.10
  • The Toa Mahri subdue the Kardas Dragon on Metru Nui. At this point, most of the other Rahi are back in the Archives as well.4
  • Botar's replacement drops Karzahni and Roodaka off at the Pit; he does not send anyone else there.49, 50, 51 Roodaka is sent to the Pit because she helped lead a Visorak army that slaughtered thousands of people and conquered numerous islands.52
  • Lariska assists in the war against the Brotherhood of Makuta.51

Helryx Sends the Toa Hagah to Metru Nui

  • On Xia, after a long battle, the Tahtorak batters the Kanohi Dragon enough that Norik's spinners are able to slow it down, while Kualus' ice attack finishes it off. The Kanohi Dragon now lies unconscious, sprawled across much of the southern district of the city. Iruini takes the advice of a Vortixx and makes sure to move the creature's leg away from the Mountain so that it will not be consumed by it. Xia has sustained significant damage, with few of its spires left standing. The island has been half-leveled.10
  • Bomonga uses his Mask of Growth to grow almost to the size of the Tahtorak. Bomonga manages to wrestle it to the ground at one point, and Pouks uses his power to trap it with bonds of stone.10
  • Gaaki stands off to the side, under the power of her Mask of Clairvoyance. She cries out, muttering in vague terms that hundreds of "seekers of shadows" are coming. Kualus, using his ability to communicate with flying Rahi, tells a smoke hawk to scout to the west. The Toa Hagah realize that Gaaki is referring to Dark Hunters. Kualus' bird returns and confirms that a battle fleet of ships with armed crews is approaching. Iruini sees the ships from the top of a spire. Eager to use his restored powers, he ignores Norik's request to hold back and uses his mask power to teleport to the flagship of the oncoming fleet.10
  • When Iruini teleports onto the deck, he finds himself facing two powerful figures (the Shadowed One and Ancient) and surrounded by a number of warriors. Iruini asks what their business on Xia is, and the Shadowed One replies that he has come for profit, which he says has been strangled for too long. The Shadowed One says that a new ally of his has asked him to ensure that Xia provides no more weapons to the enemy. Rather than blockade or occupy the island, he has decided to destroy the island and every living thing on it. Iruini refuses to allow the Shadowed One to slaughter the Vortixx.10
  • Suddenly, a massive tidal wave big enough to flood the entire Dark Hunter fleet rises up and hangs suspended in the air. Toa Helryx appears on the ship, flanked by a warrior in golden armor [Botar's replacement] and a huge, four-armed warrior carrying a small object covered in a cloth. Helryx scolds the Shadowed One for disobeying her orders, all the while threatening to bring the wave down on the fleet. [Botar's replacement] teleports the other five Toa Hagah onto the ship. Helryx and a concerned Shadowed One engage in intense whispered conversation, which ends when Helryx casually blasts three nearby Dark Hunters into the sea.10
  • Helryx turns to the six Toa Hagah and informs them she has a mission for them. She explains that she is the leader of an organization called the Order of Mata Nui, which is at war with the Brotherhood of Makuta. The Toa Hagah are highly reluctant to trust her. Helryx quietly explains that the Order has been unable to locate the leader of the Brotherhood, Makuta Teridax. Their best information is that he was last known to be inside a Maxilos robot near Mahri Nui. The Order needs the Toa Hagah to find him; after all, the Toa Hagah fought and beat him before. Helryx has a theory that Teridax has gone somewhere no one else has ever ventured, where he could do untold damage. Helryx has the four-armed warrior reveal what he is carrying: a globe filled with water, containing Zaktan, who has mutated into a green sea snake. Zaktan will serve as the Toa Hagah's guide in exchange for his freedom; Helryx recommends pulling him out of the water to gasp for air if he acts up. The Toa Hagah agree to Helryx's mission. However, Gaaki, under the influence of her mask, says ominously that they are going to a place of death, and that one of them will not return. (This premonition refers to Zaktan's apparent death in the chamber where Teridax hides.) Helryx explains that the Toa Hagah's mission is to track down Makuta Teridax before he can execute the final stages of his Plan. Zaktan has information that Teridax will be heading to an inaccessible spot below the Metru Nui Coliseum. As antidermis, Teridax would be able to slip through otherwise inaccessible spaces; the only way to follow him is to shatter the foundation of the Coliseum, which would bring the structure down. The Toa Hagah need to carry Zaktan with them in his water-filled sphere.10
  • The Kanohi Dragon is imprisoned again on Xia. The Tahtorak is either captured as well or driven off.53

The Toa Mahri and Toa Hagah Clash

  • The Toa Mahri are gathered near the statue of Matoro made by Onewa in the center of Metru Nui. Jaller continues to be distracted by Matoro's death and gazes up at the statue. The other Toa Mahri are in conference. With the Kardas Dragon subdued and most of the other Rahi back in the Archives, Metru Nui is quiet for now. Still, the Toa Mahri remain on guard.4
  • Suddenly, there is a flash of light, and the Toa Hagah appear in front of the Toa Mahri [presumably transported by Botar's replacement]. Norik introduces himself, though the Toa Mahri remain on guard. Norik asks the Toa Mahri to stand aside as they destroy the Coliseum.4
  • Naturally, the Toa Mahri do not react well to the news that the Toa Hagah need to destroy the Coliseum, especially given Takanuva's recent disappearance. The two teams of Toa become locked in combat.10
  • At one point, Kualus, wanting to bring the fight to a quick end, uses his Mask of Rahi Control to take control of a massive, three-headed Rahi dwelling in the Archives not far below. Its huge claw grabs Nuparu, and Hahli blasts Kualus with water and breaks his concentration.10
  • Free of Kualus's control, the Rahi emerges from below and lets out a cry that shatters crystal structures as far away as Ko-Metru. The Toa Mahri and Toa Hagah set aside their conflict to subdue the beast. Jaller and Norik quickly discover that it is afraid of fire and drive it into the barren plains of Po-Metru in a sparsely populated area. However, the creature is not about to go quietly. It hurls Nuparu at deadly speed, and Hewkii uses his Mask of Gravity to save him. Bomonga, still enlarged to maximum size, strikes the beast but has little effect. Kongu and Iruini combine their air power with Jaller and Norik's fire power to create a tornado of flame around the Rahi. Unable to fly out, the creature is overcome by the heat and topples over.10
  • Po-Metru is a disaster area, the ground scorched and burned. Fortunately, the fact that the area is sparsely populated prevented a serious crisis. Hahli and Gaaki help Po-Matoran put out fires in their villages. Already, Onu-Matoran are on their way to help prepare the creature for its return to the Archives.10
  • With the crisis averted, the Toa Hagah explain to the Toa Mahri that they need to destroy the Coliseum in order to save the Matoran. Iruini suggests that with so many Toa, they should be able to get beneath the building while keeping the structure intact. Norik explains that the Toa Nuva are currently in the core of the universe, fighting for Mata Nui. However, there is a special place beneath Metru Nui with all the secrets to the universe. They believe Makuta has reached this place and could cause terrible consequences if not stopped.10

The Dark Hunters Occupy Xia

  • The Order of Mata Nui, through the Dark Hunters, takes control of Xia. The Shadowed One and the Dark Hunters are dispatched to occupy Xia by the Order of Mata Nui. The island is pacified in a matter of hours.4
  • Toa Helryx asks her spy Ancient to give her regular reports on the state of things in Xia and the Shadowed One's actions. Helryx fully expects a Brotherhood of Makuta attack on the island.4

Axonn and Brutaka Go to Zakaz; Miserix Visits Stelt; Vezon Goes to Destral

  • Axonn and Brutaka go to Zakaz in order to convince the Skakdi warlords, including Nektann, to form an alliance with the Order of Mata Nui.4
  • Axonn and Brutaka attempt to approach Nektann first. To Axonn's displeasure, Brutaka simply knocks on the front door of his base to get his attention. The Skakdi at the base attack them, pinning them on the beach.4
  • Axonn and Brutaka duck for cover behind a wall as Skakdi fire bolts of fire and ice at them. Brutaka manages to return a few blasts from his sword at their attackers. A green Skakdi carrying a spiked club jumps over the wall, but Axonn quickly dispatches him. Axonn complains that Brutaka has gotten them pinned. Brutaka flippantly fires an energy bolt at a half-crumbled building, ruining its only support and sending it toppling down on a mob of Skakdi, trapping all of them. Then, Brutaka unexpectedly pulls Axonn along with him out into the open, raising his arms and announcing their surrender to the Skakdi army.4
  • For the trader on Stelt, things have at last settled down since Brutaka and his team stole one of his best ships. He has managed to find a replacement ship and recover those members of the old crew who are still alive. It is back to business as usual.4
  • Suddenly, a 20-foot tall dragon [Miserix] tears the roof off of the trader's shop, demanding to know where "Teridax" is. The terrified trader has no idea whom he is talking about. Miserix explains he has come to Stelt because he knows it is a place where rumors fly. Losing patience, Miserix scoops up the trader in his claw and tells him to spread the word that Miserix is back, and that when he finds him, Teridax is dead.4
  • Vezon and Trinuma sail in a small skiff with a jet black sail on a secret mission. At one point, Trinuma arms Vezon with a dagger. Trinuma watches for potential threats. Trinuma explains that they are going to Destral, where Vezon's task will start. Once on Destral, Vezon's job is to "betray" the Order of Mata Nui. Once the Order of Mata Nui begins its attack on the fortress of Destral, Vezon's mission is simple (it is purposely kept simple so even he can remember it). Vezon is supposed to follow the Makuta there, find the means used to teleport Destral from place to place, and then disable it. However, he will probably be killed after that.4

Axonn and Brutaka Convince the Skakdi to Fight the Brotherhood

  • Axonn and Brutaka are marched into warlord Nektann's camp. Since Skakdi do not normally take prisoners, no one seems quite sure what to do with them. Axonn insists they they be brought before Nektann himself. The Skakdi refrain from killing them so they can learn why they came in the first place.4
  • Axonn and Brutaka are brought before Nektann, sitting on his throne and accompanied by his pet, which looks like a Muaka covered in spiked armor. Axonn tells Nektann that they offer him a chance to fight the Brotherhood of Makuta: to sack their fortresses, loot their weapons, and slay their warriors. Axonn lies to Nektann that they have already allied with the other warlords of Zakaz, who have all agreed. Afraid of being left out, Nektann agrees. Quietly, Axonn tells Brutaka to visit the other warlord's camps and convince them to join them.4
  • Axonn and Brutaka make allies of the other Skakdi warlords as well.54

Vezon Is Captured on Destral

  • Trinuma drops Vezon off on the shore of Destral. Vezon is captured by Rahkshi in less than two minutes.4
  • A Makuta in purple and crimson armor [Tridax] comes to meet Vezon and puts a spear dripping acid to his throat.4
  • Tridax brings Vezon inside the Makuta fortress of Destral, where he questions Vezon about who he is and how he arrived. Three Rahkshi guard Vezon from behind, staffs at the ready. Vezon says he was brought by an agent of the Order of Mata Nui, an organization that opposes the Brotherhood, and that he was supposed to tell the Makuta that the Order exists and plans to attack the island. Vezon says that the Order wanted him to pretend to betray them, convincing the Makuta to concentrate their forces on Destral against an attack that will not come. However, Vezon claims that he has actually decided to betray the Order. Tridax starts to lose patience with Vezon's antics. Vezon claims that the Order plans to mass an army and navy against Destral, forcing them to teleport away. However, Vezon claims that the Order has a spy in the fortress who has sabotaged their means of teleportation, which will kill them when used.4
  • Miserix finds another Makuta and threatens him into pointing him in Teridax's direction. Miserix learns that Teridax has gone beneath the Coliseum of Metru Nui. Afterwards, Miserix absorbs the Makuta into his body.10 This Makuta is the Makuta of Stelt.55

The Toa Prepare to Go Beneath the Coliseum

  • Together, the Toa Mahri and Toa Hagah spend hours planning how to get beneath the Coliseum.10
  • The Toa Mahri and Toa Hagah spend time convincing the Turaga to go along with their risky plan to get beneath the Coliseum.10
  • The Toa Mahri and Toa Hagah spend half a day completing the work needed to prepare for their plan to get beneath the Coliseum.10

The Brotherhood of Makuta Resists the Order of Mata Nui

  • The Rahi Keetongu reluctantly agrees to break off his efforts to save the victims of Visorak long enough to help in the Order of Mata Nui's war. In return, Helryx promises him that the Visorak will never again be a threat to anyone else.4
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta uses an unnamed island in one of the southern chains as a staging area for an invasion of the mainland continent. (This is the island with the pool where the Makuta species was created.) The Brotherhood brings Rahkshi there in secret and allows them to practice their skills on the scattered Matoran residents. As a result, the Matoran population is wiped out.4
  • The Order is unable to dislodge Makuta forces from the island of Nynrah.4
  • In other places, the Order's surprise attacks meet with unexpectedly fierce resistance from Rahkshi and Exo-Toa.4
  • After the Dark Hunters pacify Xia, there is little for the Dark Hunters to do, leaving the Shadowed One bored. Except for the occasional two or three Dark Hunters tapped by the Order for a mission, the bulk of their forces have yet to act. The Shadowed One gives orders to get all manufacturing centers working again, as many of the buildings are still badly damaged following the battle between the Tahtorak and the Kanohi Dragon.4
  • The Order of Mata Nui's war against the Brotherhood of Makuta has begun, though it has not begun well. Although the Order, through the Dark Hunters, now holds Xia, it has been unable to dislodge Makuta forces from the island of Nynrah. In other places, the Order's surprise attacks have met unexpectedly fierce resistance from Rahkshi and Exo-Toa.4
  • Helryx is forced to make two vital decisions to turn the tide of the war. First, she dispatches a messenger [Johmak] to Metru Nui, carrying the Heart of the Visorak. It is to be given to the Toa Mahri, with instructions to bring it to the volcanic island of Artidax and use it there. The second decision is very difficult for Helryx to make. Having heard from Brutaka about the presence of Hydraxon in the Pit and the events that happened there, Helryx sends a second messenger (Botar's replacement56) to the Pit with a tablet containing orders for Hydraxon. Hydraxon is to free the Barraki and allow them to raise armies against the Brotherhood of Makuta. Helryx is not even sure if Hydraxon will obey.4
  • The Order of Mata Nui determines that they need a decisive final battle to defeat the Brotherhood of Makuta. They select Metru Nui as the most suitable place and plan to make it a target by leaking false information to the Brotherhood. After all, Metru Nui is already a high-value target. First, the Order needs to send the Toa Mahri away from Metru Nui so that they will not interfere with their efforts to fortify the city. They decide to solve two problems at once by sending the Toa Mahri on a far-flung mission to Artidax with the Heart of the Visorak to destroy the Visorak horde.10

The Toa Hagah Go Beneath the Coliseum

  • Finally, after half a day of preparation, the Toa Hagah and Toa Mahri are ready to execute their plan to get beneath the Coliseum. Jaller, Norik, Pouks, and Nuparu use their powers to crack the foundation and create a tunnel. Outside, Hewkii's gravity power, Kualus's ice power, and Bomonga's vast strength struggle to keep the building intact. Once the tunnel is in place, Hahli and Gaaki use their water power to cool down the walls. Meanwhile, Iruini and Kongu watch over Zaktan.10
  • Lastly, Bomonga and Kualus need to let go of the Coliseum to join the other Toa Hagah in the tunnel, leaving Hewkii alone to support it. Jaller offers for the Toa Mahri to go with them, but Norik refuses, since the Toa Mahri may be the only ones able to stop Teridax if he escapes. The Toa Hagah descend into the tunnel, and Norik and Pouks seal the tunnel behind them. Finally, Hewkii slowly lowers the Coliseum back to the ground, then passes out due to the strain.10

The Barraki Are Released

  • Sarda waits in the ocean for Lesovikk.57
  • Sitting in the command chamber of her fortress on Daxia, Helryx mulls over the difficult decision she had to make regarding the Barraki. Meanwhile, in the Pit, Hydraxon receives the tablet from Helryx with her orders. Soon after Hydraxon reads it, Lesovikk opens the chamber door, bringing back another escaped prisoner. Hydraxon shows the tablet to Lesovikk, no longer worried about secrecy since the Order's existence has been revealed anyway. With difficulty, Hydraxon obeys Helryx's orders, as he has always done.4
  • Hydraxon descends to the lowest tier of cells, where Pridak, Kalmah, Mantax, and Ehlek are kept. Hydraxon explains that there is a war against the Brotherhood of Makuta. If the Barraki agree to fight against the Makuta, they will get their freedom. Otherwise, they will face even worse consequences. Pridak is warm to the offer and sees it as another chance for the League of Six Kingdoms to rise again.4

Johmak Gives the Toa Mahri a Mission to Artidax

  • Moments after the Toa Hagah's departure, the five Toa Mahri stand by the Coliseum, apparently with nothing to do but wait for the Toa Hagah's return. Suddenly, Hahli sees what appears to be a golden crystal floating in mid-air. It moves away when she tries to touch it. [Who is holding it? Jerbraz? Part of Johmak?] The Toa Mahri turn around to see an ebon-armored female being (Johmak), who explains that the object is the Heart of the Visorak, an item that summons the Visorak from all over the known universe. She tells the Toa Mahri that they must take it to an island called Artidax and plant it there, where the Visorak can be imprisoned forever. She assures the Toa Mahri that Metru Nui will be protected in their absence. She gives the Toa a tablet with a map to Artidax and urges them to leave right away. Suddenly, her body shatters into crystalline fragments and floats away.10
  • Jaller decides that Kongu and Hewkii will stay in Metru Nui while he, Hahli, and Nuparu go to Artidax.10
  • Within the hour, Jaller, Hahli, and Nuparu depart Metru Nui by ship.10
  • Kongu and Hewkii agree on how best to patrol Metru Nui, then head toward the Coliseum. However, since the Order needs the two of them out of the way while it fortifies the city, Johmak coalesces behind them and knocks them out with her shield.10
  • The Order of Mata Nui takes the unconscious Hewkii and Kongu to the Coliseum.10

Journey to Artidax

  • Jaller, Hahli, and Nuparu have a long but uneventful trip to Artidax that lasts multiple days. Nuparu keeps a careful watch for Visorak but sees none for the first few days.10

Mazeka Pursues Vultraz

  • A rogue Fe-Matoran and Nynrah crafter helps Vultraz modify his vehicle. Vultraz mentions that he is going to win the favor of a Makuta and that he is heading to "the core" to bring something to someone named Icarax.28 The modification the rogue Nynrah Ghost makes to Vultraz's skyfighter is to make his Midak skyblaster shoot shadow.58
  • After modifying his vehicle, Vultraz uses it to raid a village on an island not far from Stelt. Two Matoran are killed, and 12 more are hurt. Presumably, this is where Vultraz hid the tablets containing the information he needs to give to Icarax.28
  • Following scraps of information he has picked up in pursuit of Vultraz, Mazeka comes to Stelt on his swamp strider to see a Fe-Matoran and rogue Nynrah crafter whose name changes every few months. The whole island is in an uproar after a reptilian being [Miserix] tore the roof off a building.28
  • Mazeka walks into an inn in one of the nastier parts of Stelt, where he knows he can find the Fe-Matoran on the second floor. The way to the second floor is guarded by two big, blue warriors (members of Krekka's species59). Despite being smaller and weaker, Mazeka, wielding a dagger, manages to disarm one of the brutes and evade them long enough to sprint up the stairs to the Fe-Matoran's workshop.28
  • Mazeka kicks in the door to the Fe-Matoran's workshop. Mazeka demands to know where Vultraz is (he also mentions that someone will be along to address his dirty business one day), but the Fe-Matoran pretends not to know. Mazeka mentions that the Fe-Matoran helped modify Vultraz's vehicle, which Vultraz used to raid a village on a nearby island, killing two Matoran and hurting 12 more. The Fe-Matoran refuses to take responsibility, and Mazeka hurls his dagger and knocks the Fe-Matoran's mask off. Mazeka threatens to crush the mask, and the Fe-Matoran reveals that Vultraz said that he was going to win the favor of a Makuta and was heading to "the core" to bring something to someone named Icarax. This fits with other scraps of information that Mazeka has picked up. Mazeka crushes the Fe-Matoran's mask and leaves.28
  • Mazeka realizes he still needs to evade the guards on the way out and takes ten minutes to get away from them. He returns to his swamp strider.28

The Barraki Raise Armies

  • After Pridak is released from the Pit, his captors provide him with ships and resources to raise an army. Pridak wears a water-filled helmet.4
  • From the worst holes in the universe, Pridak finds ex-Dark Hunters, exiled Vortixx, and even a Skakdi or two for his crews.4
  • Before Kalmah has even devised a battle plan, Pridak sails off without him on a voyage of conquest. Pridak relishes the opportunity to sack, burn, and destroy again.4

Pridak Defeats Brotherhood Forces on an Island

  • Far to the west of Destral, Pridak arrives with an army at an island with a fortress occupied by a Makuta's forces. (This is the same island where Zaktan once found notes detailing the Plan.) Pridak's men rout the Makuta's forces, though they find no actual Brotherhood member.4

The Order Rigs a Volcano on Artidax to Erupt

  • A short time before Jaller, Nuparu, and Hahli arrive on Artidax Takadox watches as two strange beings appear on the beach of Artidax in a flash of light. They do not notice Takadox, and he decides to follow them. Takadox watches them mount something on the slope of the largest volcano on the island. They are apparently planning to trigger an eruption. The two beings disappear as quickly as they came, leaving Takadox with no way to escape.10

Mazeka Goes to Daxia

  • Most Order of Mata Nui members are away from Daxia, leading operations against Makuta strongholds.28
  • Mazeka goes to Daxia without proper clearance, determined to find out from Helryx what "the core" is so he can stop Vultraz. He storms the coast of Daxia and enters the Order of Mata Nui's base.28
  • Mazeka runs through the central corridor of the Order of Mata Nui's base, requesting an audience with Helryx. Two guards chase him, worried that he could be a Brotherhood of Makuta spy. With some clever maneuvering, Mazeka momentarily knocks the guards to the ground, finds a shadowed hiding place, and waits for the guards to run past him.28
  • Mazeka makes his way to Helryx's chamber in the center of the base, using his knowledge of the base from prior visits to avoid detection. Since many Order members are away from Daxia because of the war, this is manageable to do.28
  • Mazeka remembers the location of an escape tunnel leading out of Helryx's chamber. He goes to the hidden point where the tunnel comes out and follows it to Helryx's chamber.28
  • When Mazeka reaches Helryx's chamber, Helryx is not there, but he finds Tobduk there instead. still waiting for his time to enter the war. Tobduk chides Mazeka for coming uninvited, but Mazeka explains that Vultraz is heading to "the core" to bring something to a Makuta, and he needs to know what the core is. Tobduk says he knows what it is, but he will only tell Mazeka if he agrees to help him on a mission. Since Mazeka's alternative is to be hauled off by guards for interrogation, he agrees.28

The Toa Arrive on Artidax

  • As Jaller, Hahli, and Nuparu get closer to Artidax, they spot Visorak on the shores of islands they pass. By now, the entire horde is expected to be in pursuit of them.10
  • Jaller, Nuparu, and Hahli arrive on Artidax. They spot a set of recently made tracks, as well as the wreckage of a boat in the water. To the Toa's surprise, Takadox appears, wearing a water-filled helmet and holding a crude stone dagger. Meanwhile, countless Boggarak are skating across the surface of the ocean, heading for the island. Thousands more Visorak approach the island floating on all sorts of flotsam and jetsam. Takadox surmises that the Toa are carrying the Heart of the Visorak. Before the Toa can react, Takadox manages to hypnotize all three of them into a trance with his gaze. Takadox intends to escape the coming eruption while the Toa stand still and wait for their demise.10
  • Takadox sails away on the Toa's boat. Meanwhile, the first Visorak reach the shores of Artidax, where Jaller, Nuparu, and Hahli are helplessly standing still.10
  • Artidax's volcano is mere moments away from exploding. Jaller, Hahli, and Nuparu are still stuck in a hypnotic trance as Visorak start scuttling across the beach toward them. Because the Visorak remember their clash with the Toa Hordika in Metru Nui 1,000 years before, they are careful not to approach the Toa right away.10
  • Teridax, with newly increased powers, reaches out to Jaller's mind far away on Artidax. Teridax sees that Jaller is about to meet an ignoble end and decides to rouse Jaller from hypnosis; that way, Teridax will not miss Jaller's reaction when he finds out the truth. Jaller is jolted awake, although he does not remember Teridax's talking to him.10 Because Teridax is in Mata Nui's body, he is able to amplify his existing telepathic powers.60
  • Jaller rouses Hahli and Nuparu. Hahli summons a wall of water to strike the oncoming Visorak, and Jaller blocks those coming from behind with a wall of flame. Suddenly, the volcano rumbles, a sure sign that it is about to erupt. The Toa realize that the purpose of their mission was to summon the Visorak to Artidax to be killed by the volcanic eruption, and that their own safety was not necessarily a concern.10
  • The Toa notice that their ship is gone. Nuparu fends off some Visorak with a shot from his Cordak blaster. The Toa decide to make a break for the sea. Nuparu uses his elemental power to clear a path through the Visorak leading to the water.10
  • The Toa dive into the ocean. Drawn by the Heart of the Visorak, the Visorak do not chase them. The Toa battle their way through more Visorak in the water. Jaller considers destroying the Heart of the Visorak to spare the Visorak, since Toa are not supposed to kill. He decides against it, accepting that perhaps it is best just to stay alive in these uncertain times.10
  • The volcano explodes, and the Toa are still dangerously close. Hahli pulls the other two underwater just as flaming rock comes raining down. The Visorak, on the other hand, are obliterated.10 All of the Visorak are killed, and the Heart of the Visorak is destroyed.61
  • The Toa escape unharmed and emerge from underwater. Jaller is determined to return to Metru Nui and get answers from the black-armored female [Johmak].10
  • It takes the Toa Mahri a long time to make it from Artidax back to Metru Nui.4

The Shadowed One Discovers Makuta Viruses

  • The Shadowed One and the Dark Hunters continue to occupy Xia. With precious little to do, the Shadowed One prowls the factories of Xia seeking amusement.4
  • While walking through one of Xia's badly damaged manufacturing centers, the Shadowed One comes upon a male Vortixx frantically clearing away rubble. The Vortixx is startled and kneels before the Shadowed One. The Vortixx claims that he is simply cleaning up, but the Shadowed One can tell that he is lying and becomes intrigued. When the Shadowed One offers to help, the Vortixx desperately tries to decline. The Shadowed One uses his staff to gag the Vortixx with crystalline protodermis. The Shadowed One starts digging where the Vortixx was, and the Vortixx appears to grow more and more upset. Eventually the Shadowed One comes across a protosteel box. Burned into the lid is the symbol of the Brotherhood of Makuta. More curious than ever, the Shadowed One breaks the lock on the box and opens it. He is astounded to find that it contains three vials of Makuta viruses, immediately realizing that the find could make him master of the world.4
  • To protect the secret of the viruses, the Shadowed One kills the Vortixx.4

The Order Attacks Destral

  • On Destral, Tridax doubts Vezon's story about cross and double-cross. He identifies himself to Vezon as Tridax and hangs Vezon from a ceiling by his ankles for questioning. Tridax checks Destral's teleportation technology and finds no sign of sabotage.4
  • Tridax returns to Vezon for questioning, convinced that he has been bluffing. Tridax picks up a wickedly sharp blade and prepares to behead Vezon, who continues babbling, saying that there is no army or navy coming to Destral after all. Suddenly, an incredible impact shakes the fortress. A second blast opens a hole in the wall, sending mangled Rahkshi flying into the chamber. Vezon's chains are knocked loose, and he drops to the floor. Tridax's attention immediately turns towards following his orders: to maintain Destral in its current location unless attacked. In the event of a serious threat from Toa or Dark Hunters, he is to teleport off the shores of Metru Nui and seize the city. Tridax stalks off to carry out these commands, and Vezon secretly follows him.4
  • Axonn and Brutaka are reunited for the raid on the Brotherhood of Makuta base at Destral.3
  • The Order of Mata Nui mounts a devastating attack on Destral.45 An army appears outside the gates of the Destral fortress.28

Pridak Discovers the Plan

  • Back on the island where Zaktan once found notes detailing the Plan, a pleased Pridax watches the fortress burn and takes the opportunity to survey his conquest. He notices that the structure was rebuilt on an earlier strong point. The lower levels are unfinished, and while exploring them, he finds a strange room. Deep beneath the basement is a room of rubble. The walls have been smashed, and their pieces lay littered around the floor. Pridak examines the pieces and notices that they have peculiar symbols on them that make no sense to him. Intrigued, Pridak realizes that they must have contained a message that someone wanted to destroy. Determined to recover it, Pridak begins to put the pieces back together with discipline and patience.4

Nocturn Is Killed

  • Nocturn is in the Pit.62
  • Recaptured by Hydraxon, Nocturn dies trying to make one more attempt at escape.63

The Shadowed One Kills Ancient

  • On Xia, Ancient searches for the Shadowed One for the better part of an hour, as they are supposed to be discussing the defense of the city. Ancient is concerned, since Toa Helryx asked him to give her regular reports on the state of the things in Xia and the Shadowed One's actions, and he is already overdue for his latest dispatch.4
  • Ancient finds the Shadowed One standing amid a pile of debris, looking into a small chest he is holding. Ancient also notices a dead Vortixx on the ground, his face encased in crystalline protodermis. He then sees the three vials in the chest. Ancient asks his friend what he has found, and the Shadowed One explains that the three vials are apparently viruses that were left behind by Makuta Kojol on the visit to Xia that got him killed. Ancient knows the story from the Order of Mata Nui. Ancient grows extremely worried, since weapons like this in the hands of the Dark Hunters is a disaster in the making. Hiding his worry, Ancient suggests that they ransom them for a good price. However, the Shadowed One is determined to learn about them and make use of them, then force Helryx and the Makuta answer to him. The Shadowed One knows that he will need time and total secrecy to do this. Without warning, the Shadowed One strikes Ancient with beams of power from his eyes, disintegrating and killing his old friend.4
  • Pridak contacts Kalmah and assures him that their old dream of overthrowing the Great Spirit might live again. The Barraki believe that a prototype of the virus that Makuta Teridax used to strike down Mata Nui was hidden on Xia, which the Shadowed One now controls. Pridak assumes that the Shadowed One has found the virus, so he sends Kalmah to Xia to negotiate an alliance with the Dark Hunters, which will solidify their power after the chaos of the war has ended. The Barraki can use their (alleged) knowledge of how to use the virus to bargain. Kalmah would rather be leading his new fleet against the Brotherhood of Makuta, but he agrees.4

Tobduk Kills Tridax

  • Vezon follows Makuta Tridax through the halls of the fortress of Destral, doing his best to remain unseen. Another attack from the Order of Mata Nui shakes the walls of the fortress violently. Tridax makes his way into a sub-basement. Although he seems oblivious to being followed, he can actually hear Vezon the whole time.4
  • At the bottom of the basement is a massive chamber, and its contents astonish even Vezon. The walls tower 40 feet all around. Lining the walls are close to 100 stasis tubes, each one containing an identical figure. A few have jet-black armor, most white and gold, but they are clearly all the same being [Takanuva]. Tridax walks up to a Kanohi mask sitting on a small table in the center of the room. Before picking it up, Tridax turns around and hurls a blast of shadow at Vezon, pinning him to the wall. Tridax proceeds to explain the mysterious contents of the room to his doomed captive. Tridax explains that the mask he holds is one of only two Kanohi Olmak known to exist. He has been using it to travel to other realities, abduct the Toa Takanuva that resides in each, and bring them back to this chamber. He has been draining their light using shadow leeches, thus building an army of shadow Toa. The walls shake again. Tridax is confident that he only needs to release the shadow Takanuva against the attackers to defeat them. Suddenly, Tridax looks at his arm in horror as the armor starts dissolving like shattering crystal, causing his antidermis to leak into the air. Vezon is released from Tridax's power. Two beings step out of the shadows: a Matoran [Mazeka] and a member of another species, tall and dangerous in appearance [Tobduk]. Tobduk laughs harshly and says he is the most dangerous enemy of the Makuta.4 The virus that dissolves Tridax's arm is the same one that killed Kojol.64
  • Mazeka grabs Vezon and brings him away from where Tridax and Tobduk are fighting. Mazeka explains that he has come to kill Vezon (Tobduk considers Vezon to be a "loose Rahi" that needs to be contained), but he decides to let Vezon go and take his chances with the army outside the gates, slim as they might be.28
  • The protosteel-eating virus dissolves the last of Tridax's armor, leaving only his free-floating antidermis. The fortress of Destral continues to shake and crumble before the onslaught outside. Tobduk notices the Toa in the cases all around and can tell that they are somehow all the same being, suggesting that Tridax has been "tampering with things best left alone." Tridax's floating antidermis turns a darker shade, perhaps in an attempt to attack Tobduk mentally. However, Tobduk's mental shields prevent anything from getting through to him. Tobduk pulls out a nasty looking staff. Tobduk reveals to Tridax that he used to be an inhabitant of the island of Visorak, before a Makuta created the Visorak there and unleashed them on his village. Tobduk escaped and joined the Order of Mata Nui, who named him "Tobduk," meaning "survivor." Tobduk finds this ironic, since he considers himself to be a totally different person from before. A beam of white-hot energy lances from Tobduk's staff and strikes Tridax's antidermis, incinerating it within moments.28
  • Mazeka lies to Tobduk that Vezon is dead, Tobduk agrees to tell Mazeka about the core. The attack on the fortress continues to cause damage. Mazeka asks about the fate of the Toa in the chamber, but Tobduk simply considers them casualties of war, since they do not have time to save them. Although Mazeka imagines a Toa would risk everything to help them, he considers it foolish and decides to continue pursuing Vultraz instead.28
  • Mazeka and Tobduk leave, and Vezon emerges from hiding in the shadows. Although Destral is falling to pieces around him, Vezon notices Tridax's collection of Toa and considers what he could do with an army of Toa by his side.28
  • The fortress of Destral is largely destroyed by an Order of Mata Nui attack.9
  • Vezon, the sole living and conscious occupant of the fortress on Destral, uses an Olmak to leave the island.10
  • There are only 50+ Toa left in the universe, a fact which Mazeka is aware of.28
  • Mazeka takes what he considers too much time to get directions to "the core," Karda Nui, from Tobduk. Mazeka is concerned about the trouble Vultraz might be causing in the meantime.28
  • Mazeka takes more time to retrieve his swamp strider from Daxia.28

The War Turns against the Brotherhood

  • The Order of Mata Nui makes drastic changes to Metru Nui in order to fortify it against an impending Brotherhood of Makuta attack. At least on the southern side, high walls are constructed on the coastline, with huge weapons mounted atop them. Weapon emplacements are put atop buildings. Streets leading to the Coliseum are barricaded, with Order of Mata Nui agents put on guard. Matoran of all kinds help build defenses.10
  • The Turaga of Metru Nui object to the Order's plan, so the Order confines them to the Coliseum.10
  • In recent days leading up to Destiny War, Chapter 8 Much changes in Metru Nui, not all of it good. All of the Turaga are forced to take up residence in the Coliseum and remain confined there.4
  • According to rumors overheard by Vakama, the fortunes of war have turned against the Brotherhood of Makuta. Numerous Makuta-held islands have fallen, including, rumor has it, Destral itself.4

Krakua Sends a Message Back in Time

  • The far future relative to story year 2005 Toa Krakua is the lone hero left to defend a besieged island fortress. [It is not clear what story year this occurs in. This is just a guess.]65
  • Some time after Krakua's appearance in Destiny War Chapter 1 Krakua sends his message back in time to Vakama.66 Krakua does not wear a krana-kraata hybrid during this encounter.67

The Skakdi Defeat a Rahkshi Army

  • Axonn, Brutaka, and the Skakdi army go to the unnamed island. Axonn and Brutaka's real purpose for going there is to destroy the place where the Makuta were originally created. Doing so will make it impossible for any more Makuta to ever come into being.4
  • On the unnamed island, Axonn and Brutaka watch from a rise as the assembled might of the Skakdi of Zakaz battle the Rahkshi forces. Initially, the Skakdi suffer horrible losses. However, they do something which the Rahkshi cannot: they tap into their rage. Hungry for victory, and filled with hatred for their enemy, the Skakdi regroup and tear through the Rahkshi ranks in a sickening spectacle.4
  • Nektann is present at the battle with the Rahkshi. The Skakdi do not have their Tahtorak with them.68

The Order Takes Nynrah

  • A long and furious battle takes place on the beach of the island of Nynrah between the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Order of Mata Nui. Rahkshi fight on the side of the Brotherhood. In the end, the Order wins, driving the Brotherhood forces from the island or crushing them on the beach.4

Miserix Saves the Toa Hagah from a Trap

  • The Toa Hagah have moved quite a distance from the Coliseum. Miserix tears up the ground above them to reach them.69
  • The Toa Hagah move carefully through a narrow passage below the Coliseum. Kualus is carrying Zaktan with them.10
  • At one point, Norik uses his flame power to illuminate one of the tunnel walls. On the wall is a series of very ancient inscriptions. The Toa do not recognize the language; Bomonga, who is familiar with old inscriptions, hypothesizes that it is a record written in some sort of root language for Matoran. Bomonga is only able to make out the name "Bara Magna," but none of them understand the significance of the name.10
  • The tunnel suddenly fills with a loud hum, and all six Toa Hagah are pinned to the wall by a powerful magnetic force. The tunnel wall proves impervious to their elemental powers. Even worse, molten protodermis starts flowing toward the trapped Toa from the tunnel up ahead.10
  • In the tunnel underneath Metru Nui, where the Toa Hagah and Zaktan are trapped, something suddenly smashes through the stone and metal of the ceiling. It is Makuta Miserix, in the form of a giant reptilian creature, who looks down on them quizzically. Curious to find out who they are, Miserix teleports all of them to safety in another part of the tunnel; Miserix decreases his size accordingly.10
  • Miserix demands to know what the Toa are doing in the tunnel. Norik explains to Miserix the history of the Toa Hagah and their mission in the tunnels, although he leaves out any mention of Toa Helryx or the Order of Mata Nui. Miserix introduces himself and explains that he was also looking for Teridax when he happened to find them. He found another Makuta and threatened him into pointing him in the right direction, then absorbed and killed him. Pouks tries to use his mask to copy Miserix's power, but Miserix notices what Pouks is doing and knocks his mask off. Gaaki retrieves it for him.10
  • Miserix continues down the tunnel as if totally uninterested in the Toa Hagah, determined to face Teridax and eliminate him. The Toa decide to follow Miserix and help him.10
  • Miserix, the Toa Hagah, and Zaktan travel through the tunnel for what feels like hours.10

The Order Lures the Brotherhood to Metru Nui

  • The Makuta have suffered serious defeats, but they are not yet defeated. Wanting to lure the Brotherhood into a final battle on Metru Nui, the Order leaks word through servants on Stelt that they have turned the Great Furnace into a virus works to replicate the protosteel-eating virus that killed Makuta Kojol.10

The Toa Nuva Clash with the Makuta in the Swamp

  • Seeing the battle going against them, the Makuta retreat to the swamp. The Toa Nuva and their Av-Matoran follow, leaving Toa Ignika to guard the fallen Icarax.17
  • After rescuing Tahu from Krika, the three Toa Nuva find themselves in what seems to be a losing battle. They find new hope with the arrival of Pohatu, Kopaka, and Lewa. Although the Makuta are united again as well, the Toa are able to drive them off.70
  • Gali Nuva uses her elemental power a great deal in Karda Nui, although she has to exercise great control to make sure the mutagenic water does not strike her allies.33
  • Tahu soon discovers that creative uses of his powers are necessary in the swamp, such as when he uses his flame to explosively ignite swamp gas and stun Makuta Vamprah.24
  • Moving down to the swamp, Lewa works with Gali to produce a massive thunderstorm to distract the Makuta.26
  • At some point, Pohatu learns what Niazesk are, and that they are pets of the Makuta that somehow got transformed into the bigger form seen in the swamp.45
  • Icarax later informs Toa Ignika that the Mask of Life is a threat to everything that lives, prompting Ignika to abandon his guard duty to find the Toa Nuva and tell them of the danger.17 Toa Ignika learns that if the universe is not brought into balance again, an automatic power built into the mask will extinguish all life in the universe.37
  • Chirox is the first to voice the suspicion that Teridax has sent the Makuta to Karda Nui not to achieve a vital mission, but as a way of getting rid of them.35
  • While working in his new location in the swamp, Mutran produces a winged Rahi called a klakk. The klakk escapes.40
  • Following the battles in the skies of Karda Nui, Vamprah is defeated by Tahu Nuva down in the swamp.71
  • Pohatu and Photok are trapped inside a giant rock by Gorast, but they manage to escape.29
  • Despite having every advantage, Bitil is outfought by the Toa Nuva in Karda Nui, who successfully use their wits against his greater power.72

Takanuva Arrives in the Swamp

  • As the mission in Karda Nui continues, Krika's doubts grow.73
  • As Krika's doubts about his mission grow, he kidnaps Gali and tries to convince her to flee Karda Nui, believing that if the Toa Nuva split up, they cannot achieve their destiny and wake up Mata Nui.73
  • After visiting three wrong dimensions on his way to Karda Nui, Takanuva is unsure if he has been on his journey for a day or for a year. He sees a point of light in the distance and fights the currents of interdimensional space to reach it. He dives desperately for the portal and lands on the other side on a small island of mud.45
  • Takanuva arrives in Karda Nui after a long journey between dimensions to warn the Toa Nuva of impending doom. When Mata Nui is reawakened, a great energy storm will erupt in Karda Nui, destroying anything that lives. If the Toa Nuva cannot find some way to escape, they will die there as well.70
  • Takanuva finds himself in a swamp with murky water and weird plant life, shrouded in mist. He occasionally sees a fin or tentacle break the surface of the muddy water, but he does not see many Rahi around. Takanuva uses his new power of flight to rise into the air. He spots a Toa of Water, possibly Gali, being attacked by a pale-white creature [Krika].45
  • Takanuva gets the creature's attention with a burst of light from his power lance. To Takanuva's surprise, the creature looks sad and resigned, as if it had known Takanuva was coming but had hoped he would not. The creature drifts down through the mud like a spirit and vanishes.45
  • Takanuva flies over to Gali and recognizes her, despite her change in appearance. Gali somehow also recognizes Takanuva. Takanuva has no time to explain what he is doing in Karda Nui, and he is in a rush to tell the other Toa how much danger they are in. Gali points out that Takanuva's armor and mask have turned dark and that he also seems to have grown bigger. Takanuva himself realizes that he has grown in size, though he does not know why, or whether it will continue.45
  • Upon his arrival in Karda Nui, Takanuva grows larger, as his body absorbs the energies of Karda Nui.44
  • Gali is ready to head off to join the other Toa Nuva, but Takanuva takes out the sundial he has carried with him and places it on the ground. He shines a beam of light on its face, and the shadow that is produced points east. Gali realizes with confusion that this is the sundial that Lewa retrieved from Mata Nui, reduced in size. Takanuva explains that the Order of Mata Nui shrank the sundial and gave it to him, and that the shadow points toward the spot from which Mata Nui can be awakened.45
  • Takanuva and Gali notice something orange closing in on them fast from the east. Takanuva's dark side urges him to attack, and it is becoming harder and harder for Takanuva to resist those impulses. Gali reassures him that it is Pohatu, whose armor has turned orange. Pohatu joins the two of them.45
  • Pohatu, Gali, and Takanuva fly east toward where Pohatu and Gali say the other Toa Nuva can be found. Along the way, they fill Takanuva in about events in Karda Nui – their arrival in Karda Nui, the discovery of the Makuta there, and the revelation that the Makuta had been turning Matoran of Light into shadow Matoran. Takanuva finds the treatment of the Matoran of Light particularly revolting, since he now knows that he must have been a Matoran of Light in the past, though those memories are blocked. He wonders if these Matoran of Light were once friends of his. Takanuva vows to make sure that the shadow Matoran are cured, even if it means that Mata Nui stays asleep, or it costs him his own life.45
  • The three fly for a few minutes and then spot half a dozen large, insectoid creatures flying close to the surface of the swamp down below. Pohatu identifies them as Niazesk. The Niazesk spot them and fly toward them to attack. Pohatu hurls stones at them, but the Niazesk dodge them. Gali takes one down with a blast of water. Knowing there is no time to lose, Takanuva is about to use his power lance to send a blast of light at them, but he decides, at the last moment, to use his right arm to send a blast of shadow at them, just in case a blast of light would not be strong enough. The blast of darkness hits them and sends them falling to the swamp.45
  • The year after story year 2001 After seeing Takanuva use the power of shadow, Pohatu and Gali become afraid of him; Pohatu even aims his weapon at him [sic, what weapon?]. Takanuva fumbles to explain himself, and Pohatu assumes that Takanuva must be the Makuta of Metru Nui in disguise. Takanuva blurts out "What's a Toa?" – which is the first thing that Pohatu said when he woke up on Daxia. Takanuva hopes this will convince him he is not a Makuta, but Pohatu points out that Takanuva was not there either. Takanuva insists that he saw the Toa's creation, training, and fight against the avohkah in Karda Nui. Takanuva suggests that Gali form a mental link with him like she did last year to prove that he is telling the truth.45
  • Gali links her mind with Takanuva's, and for an instant, Takanuva can see himself through Gali's eyes. In an instant, Gali learns that Takanuva visited a place where Mata Nui died and another where the Toa rule as dictators. Gali pulls away and tells Pohatu that he is the real Takanuva, if a bit darker than before.45
  • Pohatu tells Takanuva that the Makuta are putting up a fight to the east, but the Toa are holding their own. Takanuva is anxious to tell the Toa his message before they awaken Mata Nui. Pohatu himself does not even remember the story that Takanuva told of his early adventures.45

The Toa Regroup in the Swamp

  • Takanuva, Pohatu, and Gali arrive in the midst of a full-scale battle between the Toa and a group of Makuta. Pohatu and Gali attack from the flanks, and Takanuva charges down the middle. Takanuva's appearance seems to take the Makuta by surprise. Takanuva's light powers tip the balance, and the Makuta retreat to the east.45
  • Tahu wastes no time in producing six fragments of stone [the keystones] and having everyone read them, as they contain the secret to awakening Mata Nui. Takanuva is just about to share his news when a strange Toa arrives. Not only is this Toa wearing the Mask of Life, he says that he is the Mask of Life. He brings news that as the Mask of Life, he is on a countdown to the annihilation of every living thing in the universe, as some kind of measure to correct the imbalance in the world. After a moment, Takanuva also adds his news that if the Toa succeed in waking up Mata Nui, Karda Nui will be hit with an energy storm that will destroy everything inside it. Rather than panic, Tahu simply decides to fight their way into the Codrex as fast as possible (although Takanuva does not know what this is).45
  • Toa Ignika reveals to the Toa Nuva that the Mask of Life is on a countdown to the annihilation of all life in the universe.70
  • In the swamp in Karda Nui, major battles take place between the Toa Nuva and the Makuta.25

Helryx Discovers the Energized Protodermis Entity's Island

  • The Order of Mata Nui wants to know every source of energized protodermis used by the Makuta so they can capture or destroy those sources. Since Rahkshi are created using energized protodermis, the Makuta would not be able to create new Rahkshi without it. It would be far easier to defeat the Brotherhood by cutting off their source of power rather than beating them in battle.4
  • The Order of Mata Nui destroys the energized protodermis pool in Voya Nui.74
  • The Order of Mata Nui destroys the energized protodermis pool in Mangaia.75
  • Helryx picks her way across the remains of the battlefield on the beach of the island of Nynrah. Keetongu accompanies her. Helryx picks up different pieces of Rahkshi armor and examines them with her Mask of Power, which lets her see the past of an object just by touching it. Her goal is to discover previously unknown sources of energized protodermis where those Rahkshi were created. For a while, Helryx only sees sources that the Order already knows about.4
  • Helryx picks up a piece of crimson Rahkshi armor and uses her mask power on it. This time, she sees a place she does not recognize. She sees Makuta Chirox there, as well as a silver pool with some sort of being made of energized protodermis emerging from it [the Energized Protodermis Entity]. Helryx concentrates hard and determines its location: an island just north of the one Keetongu came from. Helryx and Keetongu set off to find the new source.4

Voporak Steals the Vahi

  • Turaga Vakama walks slowly through the corridors of the Coliseum. Despite being confined to the Coliseum, Vakama has managed to hear that the fortunes of war have evidently turned against the Brotherhood of Makuta. He passes his chamber and heads down a flight of stairs to a secure room. Here are kept weapons, memorials to the Toa Mangai, and, most importantly, the Kanohi Vahi. Although the room is one of the safest spots in the city, Vakama still checks on the Vahi every day, as he is extremely worried about it falling into the wrong hands. Halfway down the stairs, Vakama hears a crash. At the bottom, he finds a half dozen heavily-armed Ta-Matoran tossed aside. The door to the chamber has crumbled with age, and Vakama spots Voporak stepping through it, holding the Vahi. Vakama freezes, knowing that no attack of his can stop Voporak. After a moment, Voporak simply walks away, and Vakama follows.4
  • A few minutes later, Voporak walks out of a hole in the side of the Coliseum. A four-armed warrior holding a multi-bladed axe bellows at the sight of the thief and charges. Voporak grabs the attacker, causing the warrior to age tens of thousands of years in a matter of seconds. The warrior collapses. Voporak keeps moving, with apparently nothing to stop him.4
  • The beings Voporak attacks to retrieve the Vahi do not die.76
  • After stealing the Vahi, Voporak makes a gap in the wall protecting Metru Nui.4

Axonn and Brutaka Find the Place Where the Makuta Were Created

  • On the unnamed island, once the Skakdi get the better of the Rahkshi, Axonn and Brutaka head toward the place where the Makuta were created. They descend the hill and go deep into a small canyon. In the center, buried under a slab of rock, is a square metal trap door with an iron ring. Axonn splits the rock open with his axe, and Brutaka opens the door underneath.4
  • Axonn and Brutaka descend into the hole. The chamber inside is bare stone except for a pool in the center; this is the place where Mata Nui created the Makuta. The waters are greenish-black and swirling angrily. Axonn wonders for a moment if they have the right to destroy a species.4
  • The waters of the pool suddenly explode up and outward. Foul, scalding liquid strikes Axonn and Brutaka, seeping into the openings in their armor, hissing as if alive and burning wherever it touches. Temporarily blinded, Axonn and Brutaka both stumble and plunge into the pool itself.4
  • Axonn quickly starts drowning in the pool of greenish-black liquid. However, Brutaka, who has become stronger by exposure to the liquid, pulls Axonn out of the pool and saves him. When Axonn recovers, Brutaka is hovering three feet off the floor, radiating a brilliant aura of pure power, with green fire crackling from his eyes and fingertips. Brutaka starts referring to himself as "we" and identifies himself as the essence of the Makuta species. Speaking as the essence of the Makuta, Brutaka says, "We know what they were meant to know but have forgotten. We see the error, the flaws, so much to repair... but it cannot be done." Axonn readies his axe and recalls that Makuta antidermis somehow makes Brutaka stronger. Brutaka continues, muttering to himself, "Spherus Magna... the Shattering... the three that must be one... the two that must make them one." Suddenly, Brutaka grabs Axonn and urgently tells him, "He must remember! He must be made to see, or the journey of 100,000 years will be for nothing. He hides beneath, preparing to meet his destiny. We must go there. We must right the wrong, so many wrongs, before the Shattering can end."4
  • Makuta Teridax is hiding beneath [Metru Nui].4
  • Brutaka insists that they immediately go to a secret place beneath Metru Nui. He uses his Kanohi Olmak to make the journey.10

Helryx and Keetongu Meet the Energized Protodermis Entity

  • After a short journey, Helryx and Keetongu arrive at their destination. At first, the island seems uninhabited. Then, Helryx spots strange beings skulking among the rocks. They look like something in between Matoran and Rahi. The whole place has a strange vibe, something which makes Keetongu uneasy. There are no buildings on the island, and the most prominent feature is a large cave.4
  • Helryx and Keetongu enter the cave cautiously. The passage narrows so much that they are forced to crawl. When the tunnel widens again, they see more creatures. Although they are clearly Rahi, they are unlike anything Helryx has seen before. They are short, pale bipeds with large yellow eyes and spindly arms and legs. They step out of Helryx and Keetongu's way harmlessly, although they follow them as they continue.4
  • Helryx and Keetongu come to a huge chamber. In the center of it is an entire lake of energized protodermis. Rising from the center is the figure of a living being made from energized protodermis. Helryx recalls that an agent on Metru Nui reported that Turaga Vakama once mentioned an Energized Protodermis Entity that his team fought as Toa Metru, and Helryx wonders if this is the same being. The entity says that it has been expecting them, and that it has felt their kind at work in its pools throughout this universe. The entity remarks that their work has been destructive but ultimately futile; cap one source of its substance, and it will emerge somewhere else. Defiantly, Helryx asks the entity what it is. The entity says that it is every drop of energized protodermis that exists, and it claims to be as advanced beyond Helryx as she is beyond an insect. The entity says that it did not come here by choice, but once lived in the core of a planet. One day, a portion of its substance forced its way to the surface. The inhabitants of that world soon discovered its power and began warring over it. Some of the entity's substance was taken and placed inside this universe, and so escaped before a cataclysm overtook that world. Now, the entity spends its time experimenting on the creatures and things it finds around it. It has even allowed others to make use of its power if it found their intentions intriguing enough. Helryx rebukes the entity for helping create beings that have brought terror and death to thousands, though the entity says it is not responsible for the actions of those who wielded its power. Helryx threatens to destroy the entity, but the entity scoffs at the thought. The lake begins to boil and churn. A huge wave of energized protodermis spanning the whole chamber rises up behind the entity and sweeps toward Helryx and Keetongu, threatening to transform or destroy them.4
  • Helryx and Keetongu have nowhere to escape to avoid the oncoming wave of energized protodermis. Helryx tries and fails to control the substance with her elemental power. Just in time, a hole in space opens up behind them. With no time to think, Helryx and Keetongu jump through the portal; Helryx thinks perhaps Brutaka has come to save them. At the same time, Vezon emerges from the hole into the chamber, wearing a Kanohi Olmak. Now Vezon faces the oncoming wave of energized protodermis.4
  • The Olmak is fused to Vezon's face.77

Mazeka and Vultraz Fight in Karda Nui

  • Vultraz comes to Karda Nui to aid Icarax in his plot to take over the Brotherhood of Makuta, never suspecting that his arch-enemy Mazeka is on his trail.78
  • Vultraz and Mazeka's final conflict begins in Karda Nui.78
  • Mazeka pilots his swamp strider through the outskirts of Karda Nui, looking for Vultraz. Occasionally, a tentacle or something else from a creature emerges and tries to grab the vehicle, and Mazeka has to deal with it. Meanwhile, Mazeka tries not to get drawn into the battles raging all around. The Toa are locked in combat with what Mazeka assumes to be Makuta. According to Mazeka's sources, Icarax was summoned here, and Icarax summoned Vultraz. Mazeka is particularly worried that Vultraz will deliver to Icarax a crucial piece of research that he stole from him and his mentor five years ago: a theory about how and where Mata Nui brought the Makuta into being.28
  • Vultraz flies his skyfighter high above the swamp waters, following the direction of Icarax's mental call. Below, the Toa and Makuta are fighting, and shadow Matoran are hunting down their former friends. Far below and well to the west, Vultraz sees Mazeka and leaps at the chance to defeat him once and for all.28
  • Vultraz dives straight at Mazeka, flying low over the water on a collision course with the swamp strider. Mazeka spots him with seconds to spare. Vultraz and Mazeka both charge toward each other and open up with their skyblasters.28
  • Just as the two vehicles are about to crash into each other, a portal in space opens between them.28 Vezon is responsible for creating this portal.79 Mazeka and Vultraz both plunge inside the portal.28

Mazeka and Vultraz Go to an Alternate Universe

  • After a sickening moment of darkness and disorientation, Mazeka can see again. His swamp strider is heading right for a massive tree banded with golden metal. Mazeka jumps clear just as his vehicle topples over.28 Mazeka's swamp strider is destroyed.80
  • Not far away, Vultraz is heading toward what looks like a lake. Its waters undulate like some vast organism. Shards of razor-sharp crystal fly from the depths of the pseudo-lake, slicing pieces off the skyfighter. Vultraz jumps clear as the vehicle spins out of control. The vehicle hits the surface of the creature. and the instant it makes contact, it transforms into sheer energy and disappears.28
  • Mazeka and Vultraz find themselves in the woods. Two strangers approach through the woods; they appear to be a Ga-Matoran and a Toa of Water. The smaller "Ga-Matoran" introduces herself as Toa Macku and the larger being as one of her villagers. Macku tells Mazeka that they are on Spherus Magna and says she is happy to "meet another hero of the Melding."28
  • Mazeka and Vultraz follow behind the two strangers. Mazeka and Vultraz have never heard of this world called Spherus Magna, and it is clear that Macku has never heard of Mata Nui. Macku assumes that Mazeka and Vultraz were involved in saving Spherus Magna, and they play along to learn more about where they are. In this world, the Great Beings made Toa small, agile, and fast, and made Matoran villagers tall. The tall Matoran is Helryx, who regrets being unable to help save Spherus Magna like Macku. Mazeka and Vultraz learn that a little over 100,000 years ago, some villagers discovered a silvery liquid that instantly destroyed some villagers who touched it, then later turned a tool into a trident (they realize this describes energized protodermis). Everyone started fighting over the liquid, but it spread all over. The Great Beings knew they needed to stop the spread to stop the planet from being shattered. While Macku is talking, they arrive in "Ga-Koro," a village inside of a clearing filled with other tall Matoran like Helryx. Macku explains that the Great Beings rejected their first few ideas for saving the planet, then eventually decided on creating a few powerful beings called Toa with elemental powers and mask powers. The Toa went underground to retried the liquid in special containers and tried to fix the damage. Through five years of hard work, made easier by the Toa's smaller size, the Toa managed to meld the planet back together.28
  • Mazeka tells Macku that they need to go on a very long journey back home. Macku suggests they see Gali, who runs a canoe business, but Mazeka says they will need more than a canoe. Macku suggests that they see the Great Beings, since they know Spherus Magna better than anyone. Macku offers to find them a guide to take them there. Mazeka wants to focus on returning home, although Vultraz is eager to stay and pretend to be a Toa. Mazeka is furious with Vultraz, and Vultraz is convinced he will be able to outwit Mazeka in this new world.28
  • Shockingly, when Macku returns with a guide to the fortress of the Great Beings, their guide is a tall, white-armored being whom she introduces as Makuta Teridax. Teridax suggests they start the journey right away, as it is a treacherous journey in the dark. Mazeka and Vultraz learn that in this universe, the Makuta's role is to aid the Toa, to create new life forms, and to teach the virtues of unity, duty, and destiny to those they create. The Makuta must be utterly without doubt or any trace of shadow, and they have taken long years of meditation before assuming the title. The Great Beings created the Makuta as an answer to the power-hungry rulers that once ran Spherus Magna.28
  • No one speaks for the rest of the journey, and Mazeka keeps his questions to himself to avoid revealing where Mazeka and Vultraz are really from. They go on a long and dangerous trip through thick forest and high mountains. Now and then, a great roar shakes the earth, but the two Matoran are too timid to ask about its source.28

The Toa Nuva Enter the Codrex

  • It is not long before the Toa are in the air and in combat with the Makuta. Lewa and Gali combine their powers to create a thunderstorm, while Takanuva strikes with his light powers. The Makuta start to give way, and Takanuva sees the Codrex through the mist.45
  • The Toa force their way inside the Codrex, using the keystones to get past a force barrier around it.45
  • Using the keystones they have gathered, the Toa Nuva make their way into the Codrex.70
  • Once inside the Codrex, the Toa stop short, realizing that this is the place where they slept in their canisters for almost 100,000 years. Takanuva notices that Tahu looks uncomfortable.45
  • In the Codrex, the Toa Nuva discover empty slots where once six Toa canisters had rested. Shocked, they realize that this must be where they slept so many millennia away, waiting for the call to action.70
  • Onua starts examining some of the machinery in the chamber. Something he does causes the floor of the room to start to descend. Down below, the Toa see a huge, cavernous chamber. As the section of flooring touches the bottom, six great lightstones rise to form a circle.45
  • Curious, Onua studies the strange machinery in the room. Passing his hand in front of a panel, he causes the section of the floor with the canister slots to drop slowly. Down below there is a vast chamber, laid out like the spokes of a wheel. When the section of floor settles in the center, huge lightstones rise in a circle from it.70

The Toa Nuva Acquire Battle Vehicles

  • The Toa descend into the chamber to explore. There are six pathways leading from the center. Lewa is the first to reach the end of his. A large, metallic cocoon erupts from the floor. Then it disappears, and in its place is an amazing crimson vehicle with a nameplate that reads "Axalara T9." The Toa discover three vehicles in the Codrex.45
  • The Toa Nuva fly down to investigate. They discover three powerful vehicles, long concealed: the Axalara T9, the Jetrax T6, and the Rockoh T3.70
  • The Toa barely have time before a red-armored Makuta [Antroz] appears in the cockpit of the Jetrax T6 and flies off before the Toa can react. Pohatu and Lewa get into the Axalara T9 and Rockoh T3 and head off in pursuit, leaving the other Toa behind.45
  • Antroz follows the Toa into the area in the Codrex where the vehicles and power core are. He steals the Jetrax T6.48
  • Lewa, Pohatu, and Kopaka are set to pilot the vehicles against the Makuta, but before they can do so, Antroz steals the Jetrax.70
  • When the Toa Nuva discover three powerful vehicles inside the Codrex, Antroz steals one, the Jetrax T6.18 Kopaka intends to pilot the Jetrax T6, but Antroz steals the ship first.22 Although the Jetrax T6 is originally going to piloted by Kopaka, Makuta Antroz steals it.81
  • On its way out of the Codrex, the Jetrax T6 collides with a huge lightstone and briefly becomes super-charged with energy, causing its armor to glow yellow.81
  • Lewa and Pohatu pursue Antroz in the Axalara and Rockoh, and a furious aerial battle begins.70
  • Having stolen the Jetrax T6, Antroz battles Lewa Nuva and Pohatu Nuva in the air.18 Lewa pilots the Axalara T9 in battle against Antroz in the Jetrax T6 and assorted Makuta.26 Pohatu pilots the Rockoh T3 above the swamp, doing battle with Antroz in the stolen Jetrax T6.31
  • The Jetrax T6 gives the both the Rockoh T3 and Axalara T9 a rough time with its armaments.81
  • Kopaka and Onua soon leave to join the battle.70
  • Kopaka leaves the Codrex before Takanuva.45
  • Takanuva feels a strong urge to go back into the swamp. He feels rage for what the Makuta have done and feels that he exists to destroy them. He knows that he must have been a Matoran of Light, even if he does not remember it, and understands that his people are out there fighting for their freedom. Although Tahu and Gali try to talk him out of it, Takanuva leaves the Codrex and heads back to the fight.45
  • Takanuva then sets out, determined to save the Matoran from the coming storm.70
  • Tahu is next to go. Before he goes, he reveals to Gali his guilt over helping to confine the Toa in the Codrex for so much of their lives.70
  • Takanuva catches up to Kopaka as he is pursuing the Jetrax and tangling with Radiak. Takanuva deals with Radiak so Kopaka can go after the Jetrax. Radiak taunts Takanuva by calling him a "Toa of Twilight," but Takanuva remembers that he is not a shadow Matoran by choice. He is determined to find a way to save the shadow Matoran and get them out of Karda Nui before the energy storm hits.45
  • Gali has discovered the process by which Mata Nui can be reawakened, but it is a long one – too long, with the Kanohi Ignika soon to eliminate all life.70
  • Desperately, Gali pleads with Toa Ignika. Only the Mask of Life will have the power to bring Mata Nui back to life [sic, consciousness] quickly enough to end the countdown. With the memory of Matoro's sacrifice in mind, Ignika agrees. It begins a descent into the middle of the lightstones.70
  • Racing against time to awaken Mata Nui, the Toa Nuva turn to Toa Ignika to provide the needed power.37
  • In the area of the Codrex where the vehicles and power core are kept, Ignika sacrifices its existence as Toa to revive the Great Spirit Mata Nui.48 Although reluctant to give up his newfound life, Toa Ignika finally sacrifices himself to awaken Mata Nui.37
  • Outside, the Toa Nuva and Makuta continue their battle.70
  • Pohatu plays a key role in the battle by forming a stone hand that erupts from the muddy waters and holds the Jetrax in place while he rakes the side of the stolen ship with energy bolts.31
  • Kopaka Nuva eventually seizes control of the Jetrax T6 from Antroz.18 Kopaka regains the Jetrax T6 and flies it in battle against the Makuta.22 Kopaka finally recaptures the Jetrax T6.81
  • Icarax talks Krika into helping him attack the Codrex in an effort to frustrate Teridax's ultimate plan.27 Krika joins with Icarax in an attempt to frustrate Teridax's plans by destroying the Codrex and killing the Toa inside.73
  • Vamprah teams with Gorast to challenge Icarax and kill the renegade Makuta.71 Vamprah, Mutran, and Gorast attack Icarax in retaliation for his actions. Icarax is killed when his teleport ability goes wild and he is transported to a million different places at once.27 Mutran aids Gorast and Vamprah in their successful attack on Icarax.40 The Kanohi Kraahkan is destroyed when Icarax perishes.46
  • When Krika discovers that an energy storm will consume all of Karda Nui when Mata Nui awakens, he tries to warn the other Makuta. Gorast refuses to believe his story, brands him a traitor to the Brotherhood, and kills him.73
  • During the final battle, Gorast kills both Krika and Icarax as punishment for their traitorous actions.82

The Shadow Matoran Are Cured

  • Vican is freed from being a shadow Matoran by a Rahi's attack.45
  • Vican is the first to be cured by the klakk.40
  • It is discovered that the klakk's sonic scream can shatter the psychic shield that blocks light from entering a shadow Matoran.40
  • Takanuva manages to collect Photok, Solek, and Tanma. Together, they drag a struggling Radiak through the sky, although Takanuva has no idea how they will cure him.45
  • A shadow Matoran, Vican, flies right toward Takanuva. However, Vican insists that he is no longer a slave of the Makuta. He claims that a Rahi's attack has shattered the hold shadow had over him, even though he was once turned into a shadow Matoran by a shadow leech. Although the Matoran think he is lying, Takanuva believes his story. They set out to find the Rahi.45
  • Radiak is the first to spot the Rahi, and he immediately hurls a shadow bolt at it. He misses, but it irritates the creature, which emits an extremely loud cry that seems to stagger Radiak. Takanuva lets go of him, and Radiak greets Photok, Solek, and Tanma as if they are friends he has not seen in ages. Tanma refuses to believe him, but Radiak's change seems real. He even reveals that the Makuta plan to allow Mata Nui to wake up, then slay the Toa Nuva and corrupt the rest of the Av-Matoran. Takanuva wonders why the Makuta would want Mata Nui to wake up.45
  • Takanuva turns Radiak back into an Av-Matoran.83
  • Takanuva tells Tanma to gather the rest of the shadow Matoran so they can cure them all, then get everyone out of Karda Nui. Tanma wants to stay and fight for their home, but Takanuva insists that Karda Nui will be hit by a devastating energy storm.45
  • Just after Tanma and his companions fly off, Takanuva comes under attack by Chirox and seven incarnations of Bitil. Takanuva is not intimidated, since his light power is a potent weapon against them. He uses his light power to blast a hole in Chirox's armor with a laser beam, then charges into the midst of the Makuta in a rage. At this moment, he is the closest he has ever come to letting the shadow take control. Just as one of the Bitil copies is about to strike Takanuva down, a bolt from the Jetrax T6, piloted by Kopaka, saves him. A second hits Bitil and interrupts his control of his mask power, causing his duplicates to disappear.45
  • During Takanuva's attempt to rescue the shadow Matoran, Chirox mounts an attack on him. Chirox is badly beaten by Takanuva and has his armor pierced by a laser burst. Wounded, he has to retreat.35
  • Takanuva tries to keep fighting and goes after Chirox. Kopaka stops Takanuva and brings him back to his senses before he kills Chirox. The Makuta flee back to the swamp. Takanuva warns Kopaka that the Makuta want Mata Nui awakened for some reason. Kopaka leaves to warn the others.45
  • Solek saves a handful of other Av-Matoran.30
  • Solek participates in the battles against the Makuta in the swamp.30
  • Solek aids Takanuva in his round-up of the shadow Matoran.30
  • Takanuva tracks down Gavla, the last shadow Matoran needing to be saved. Despite her protests, Takanuva puts her in the path of the klakk's scream, as well as himself. Finally, the barrier within Takanuva shatters, and the light begins to return. Although Gavla is cured, she is not happy about it, since she felt she belonged to the shadow.45
  • Takanuva sends Gavla after Tanma and the others, who are making their way to the western portal to escape from Karda Nui. Meanwhile, Takanuva goes to rejoin the Toa.45
  • Gavla is transformed back to an Av-Matoran against her will.84
  • Using the klakk's power, Takanuva is able to cure himself and the shadow Matoran.40
  • Takanuva turns Kirop back into an Av-Matoran.36
  • After becoming an Av-Matoran again, Kirop leads the other Av-Matoran again.85
  • Knowing that the energy storm will strike again as soon as Mata Nui is awakened, Takanuva gathers the Av-Matoran together and sees to it that they are evacuated out of Karda Nui.19
  • Takanuva succeeds in curing the shadow Matoran and directs all of the Av-Matoran to flee Karda Nui and go to Metru Nui, where they will be safe. He is just in time, as the energy storm has just begun to gather strength.70
  • Gavla agrees to travel to Metru Nui only because she sees no other option left to her.84
  • Vican leaves with the Av-Matoran to travel to Metru Nui.40
  • The Av-Matoran make their way to Metru Nui.19
  • All of the Matoran in Karda Nui, including Vican, migrate to Metru Nui.86

Mazeka and Vultraz Arrive at the Great Beings' Fortress

  • Mazeka, Vultraz, and Teridax at last arrive at a vast fortress made completely of crystal and iron.28 This fortress is not the Valley of the Maze and is not in the Bara Magna or Black Spikes region of Spherus Magna.87 Two more Makuta guard the main gate, whom they recognize as a white-armored Gorast and Icarax. Vultraz comments on Gorast's armor as they walk past, and Gorast telekinetically slams him on the ground as a warning.28 The "telekinesis" Gorast uses on Vultraz is actually a use of her gravity powers.88
  • Although the trip to the fortress was a long one, the journey from the main gate to the central chamber takes even longer. Their journey goes through twists and turns, apparently designed to make it difficult for visitors to remember how to find their destination.28

The Barraki and the Shadowed One Arrange a Meeting

  • Kalmah, Mantax, and Ehlek walk warily through the main factory complex of Xia. They approach the Shadowed One, who is sitting on a makeshift throne. Darkness is perched on the rafters above him. Kalmah extends Pridak's greeting to the Shadowed One and congratulates him for seizing the island. Kalmah reports that Pridak believes that the Barraki and the Dark Hunters would be well served by an alliance, which would solidify their power after the chaos of the war has ended. Kalmah explains that they know that Makuta Teridax used a virus to strike down Mata Nui. They believe a prototype of it was hidden on Xia, and that the Shadowed One is now in possession of it. The Shadowed One coyly claims that he is a mere administrator, but Kalmah calls his bluff. Kalmah offers that they make a bargain on the basis that the Barraki know how the virus can be used, and the Shadowed One knows where it is. The Shadowed One decides that the Barraki's knowledge is potentially worthwhile and decides not to kill them immediately. The Shadowed One stipulates that he and Pridak will meet on neutral ground: the land of Karzahni.4

Hewkii and Kongu Awaken

  • Hewkii regains consciousness, with Kongu unconscious beside him. He realizes that someone attacked them from behind. He finds himself in the Coliseum; they are not under guard, but their weapons are gone. Hewkii rouses Kongu, and the two step out into the corridor.10
  • Johmak coalesces her crystal shards and appears in front of Hewkii and Kongu. She introduces herself and explains that the Order of Mata Nui wanted the Toa Mahri to leave Metru Nui so they would not interfere with the Order's operations there. Through a window facing the south of Metru Nui, Johmak shows them the newly fortified city. High walls have been constructed on the coastline, with huge weapons mounted atop them. Weapon emplacements are also visible atop buildings. Streets leading to the Coliseum are barricaded, with Order of Mata Nui agents on guard. Matoran of all kinds are frantically building more defenses. Johmak explains that the Makuta have suffered serious defeats but are not yet vanquished. The Order has leaked information that will lure the Brotherhood into a final battle on Metru Nui. The Toa are furious, but Johmak tells them to stay out of the Order's way. Johmak then disperses into a cloud of crystal and floats away.10

Teridax is Discovered in the Chamber Beneath Metru Nui

  • Finally, the tunnel that Miserix and the Toa Hagah are traveling down comes to an end at a mid-sized chamber lined with sophisticated machinery. Inside the group finds two strange, armored corpses that appear to have been dead for thousands of years. One has red armor, and the other green. They somewhat resemble Toa, but they are clearly radically different. Miserix examines a piece of armor and, to his surprise, realizes that it is not made of protodermis. Miserix guesses that nothing about the bodies is, from their organic tissue to their masks, meaning they are alien to the world they know.10
  • Suddenly, a portal appears behind the group, and figures approach them from the other side.10
  • In the chamber beneath the Coliseum, Helryx and Keetongu emerge from the portal. Before the portal closes, Axonn and Brutaka also emerge from it. Helryx is surprised to see them and immediately notices the bizarre changes to Brutaka. Axonn explains that he and Brutaka found the pool where the Makuta species was created. Brutaka was exposed to it and somehow changed by it. Brutaka insisted they immediately come to this place, using his Kanohi Olmak to journey there. However, Brutaka was not the one who transported Helryx and Keetongu out of danger. Somehow, Brutaka knows that there is another Olmak that is being misused and may threaten them all. Iruini points out that they have seen no sign of Teridax so far.10
  • Teridax, who resides in the machines, hopes to prevent the newcomers from leaving. He causes a bolt of energy to shoot out from a nearby bank of machinery and strike Brutaka, shattering his mask. Teridax greets the newcomers in a strangely soft voice that seems to come from all around. There is no sign of Teridax's body. Helryx claims she knows what Teridax is planning. Teridax points out that Zaktan has information about his plans as well. Teridax causes a loud hum to fill the room, and Zaktan and his water tank explode, apparently killing Zaktan. Teridax starts to discuss his plans with his captive audience.10, 89
  • Zaktan survives Teridax's attack thanks to his bizarre nature. He already survives as a swarm of extremely small creatures, so when he is exploded, he basically survives as much, much smaller fragments, at the molecular level, until he is able to coalesce at least a portion of himself again.90
  • The island of Destral lies in ruins. The fortress has been pounded largely to rubble. Vezon, who was the sole living and conscious occupant of the fortress, has already left using an Olmak. Occupiers move through the shattered rooms, looking for survivors or loot.10
  • Inside a subterranean chamber, one of the dark Takanuvas wakes up inside a cracked canister. He remembers being kidnapped from his universe by a Makuta, but nothing else until waking up. He gets out of the canister and sees the duplicates of him. Some are dead, and some are still trapped in suspended animation. He notices that his armor is all black now. Most strangely, he inexplicably feels a desire to destroy the world.10
  • Helryx, Keetongu, the Toa Hagah, Miserix, Axonn, and Brutaka stand against Teridax. There is no sign of Teridax's body. Even without his mask, Brutaka seems frighteningly powerful, glowing green and floating off the floor. Teridax demands to settle leadership of the Brotherhood of Makuta with Teridax once and for all. Teridax explains that the Makuta in Karda Nui will soon be wiped out, and that Tridax, Spiriah, and others are already dead, thanks to the Order of Mata Nui. This puzzles Helryx, so Teridax states, "I have no allies, for I have no equals."10
  • Teridax creates a loud hum that overwhelms almost everyone on the room. Only Brutaka stands, and he strikes the machinery on the far wall with a bold of energy from his sword. The sound stops.10
  • Brutaka claims to know all that Teridax has "forgotten." He sternly warns Teridax that he was not meant to grab at power with his risky plan.10
  • Miserix, realizing that Teridax is in the machines, strikes at them with gravitic power. However, Brutaka strikes Miserix with his sword, sending him sprawling. Brutaka explains that they are as close to the mind of Mata Nui as it is possible to be; destroying this place would mean doom for the universe. Brutaka explains that Mata Nui's body is the universe in which they live. However, Teridax has taken root in that body and controls it; as soon as the Toa Nuva awaken the body, Teridax will be unleashed to rain darkness on everyone.10
  • Miserix attacks the machinery and chamber around them, heedless of the consequences and only wanting Teridax dead. Axonn, the Toa, and Keetongu try in vain to stop him.10
  • Teridax remarks that that Miserix is being "one dimensional," then causes Miserix's body to change. Miserix's body wavers, and there is a blinding, intense release of energy. Afterwards, Miserix has been inexplicably turned into a picture of himself on the wall of the chamber.10 Miserix is not dead and may rather be subject to illusions of Teridax.91
  • Next, Teridax uses a mental power on the Toa Hagah. Rather than harming them, Teridax causes the Toa Hagah to believe that they have just battled and vanquished him. From now on, the Toa Hagah will experience an imaginary reality where the forces of good have won, and peace and happiness are all around. The Toa Hagah leave the chamber triumphantly, oblivious to their surroundings.10
  • Teridax does not bother to use the same mental trick on Axonn, Brutaka, or Helryx because their minds are well-shielded. Brutaka warns that Teridax is tampering with fate. Teridax teleports Brutaka, Axonn, and Keetongu to the dangerous southern edge of the Matoran universe.10 He likely teleports them to separate locations.92
  • Only Helryx remains with Teridax. Teridax states the Mata Nui's great failing was not having someone to share his thoughts with; in other words, a "friend." Teridax tells Helryx that he will keep her with him in this chamber, where all her needs will be met so that Teridax can share the "brilliant darkness" of his mind with her. Helryx sees this as an opportunity to stay alive and be in the center of Teridax's thoughts. She vows not to give in to despair and to somehow find a way to defy him.10

The Battle of Metru Nui

  • When the Toa Mahri (Jaller, Nuparu, and Hahli) arrive in Metru Nui, they find the city under attack. Jaller barely recognizes the city, as it is now surrounded by high walls with weapons mounted atop them, weapons belching fire and smoke at the attackers. The walls are manned by warriors of all sorts. Jaller does not recognize any of them, except for Hewkii, who is battling three opponents at once. It looks like a full-scale war has come to the city, resulting in an awesome sight. Ships flying the banner of the Brotherhood of Makuta ring the island city. Flying Rahkshi are assaulting from every direction, firing bolts of energy from their staffs while others pound on the walls. In one section, a portion of the wall has already crumbled, and warriors fight in the gap, trying to keep the invaders out. Seeing the invaders breaking through, the Toa Mahri join the fight.4
  • Jaller, Nuparu, and Hahli hit the gap from behind using their elemental powers, tearing through the ranks of Rahkshi. They make it through the wall of the city. Beyond the ranks of Order of Mata Nui agents, they spot the Turaga manning barricades. Vakama explains to Jaller that they have the Order to thank for starting the battle. Hahli suggests using the Vahi against the Rahkshi, but Vakama tells her that a Dark Hunter stole it and made the gap in the wall they just came through.4
  • Jaller can tell that the Order of Mata Nui has badly underestimated the ferocity of the Makuta attack. The Rahkshi have already gained the tops of the walls in three or four places. In one southern section, they have made it inside the walls. The defenders of the gap fall back, and the invaders begin pouring through. Jaller realizes that they need some sort of unexpected edge against the Rahkshi. Vakama says there are more Toa coming, but they will be too late. However, Vakama suggests that they find Toa Krakua, who is in the city, so he can use his sonic power to awaken the Bohrok beneath Metru Nui. They suspect that the signal used to awaken the Bohrok is sonic. They believe they can awaken them if Krakua cycles through multiple frequencies until finding the right one. If the Rahkshi get in the Bohrok's way, the Bohrok will attack them. This may buy the Toa some time for something else they are planning.4
  • Hahli finds Krakua and tells him Vakama's plan, while Krakua fights off Rahkshi with sonic beams. Although Krakua finds the plan strange, he agrees to try. Hahli leaves, planning to use her power to stir up the ocean and try to wreck the Makuta ships. 4

The Toa Nuva Escape from Karda Nui

  • The Ignika has begun its process of awakening Mata Nui. Now the Toa Nuva and Takanuva can only hope to escape before it is too late. Climbing aboard the three vehicles, they rocket across Karda Nui. Looking down, Tahu Nuva realizes that the storm is going to claim the Makuta. There is nothing the Toa can do about it, not if they wish to survive for themselves. Tahu decides to leave them to their fate.70
  • The energy storm starts out small, just in the center of the swamp, but grows rapidly. The storm itself is extremely intense. Mutran hovers tentatively near the edges of the storm as if trying to study it. However, a bolt of lightning incinerates him. Takanuva watches this unfold as he flies by.45
  • When the energy storm strikes Karda Nui, Mutran tries to get close and study it. He is incinerated by a bolt of power from the heart of the storm.40
  • Along with the other heroes, Takanuva clings to one of the three vehicles as they race to escape Karda Nui. Around him, he can see the Makuta being consumed by the storm. He is grateful that the Matoran escaped, since clearly nothing could have survived the storm. Even though Toa have a code against killing, after all he has been through, Takanuva feels no remorse about the Makuta's deaths.45
  • Pohatu says he thinks he saw the Mask of Life. Gali tells everyone about Toa Ignika's sacrifice to awaken Mata Nui.45
  • Bitil refuses to aid Vamprah to escape Karda Nui when the energy storm erupts. Vamprah perishes in the storm, characteristically without saying a word.71
  • When the energy storm erupts in Karda Nui, Bitil refuses to help Antroz or any of the others escape. He tries and fails to escape the storm and is finally disintegrated by it.72
  • Antroz perishes in the energy storm unleashed when Mata Nui awakes.18
  • Chirox is killed by the energy storm that strikes Karda Nui.35
  • Gorast is killed when the energy storm sweeps over Karda Nui. Shocked at the turn of events, she makes no attempt to try to escape, but simply sits in the mud and waits for the end.82
  • A wave of energy rocks the vehicles, which are headed for a solid wall. Takanuva is sure that they are going to crash, but at the last moment, all three vehicles and their passengers shimmer out of existence, only to reappear inside a twisting array of tunnels. Somehow, Lewa, Pohatu, and Kopaka manage to pilot them through. Behind them, the storm has reached its peak, disintegrating everything in Karda Nui, and the Makuta with it.45
  • Just as Teridax intended, the Toa Nuva and Takanuva escape Karda Nui, while the Makuta perish in the storm.93
  • Lewa successfully escapes the core along with the other Toa.26
  • The swamp is destroyed by the energy storm that strikes Karda Nui.25 The energy vaporizes the swamp in very short order.94

Mata Nui Rises

  • The Toa feel the universe jolt and tremble, as if the Great Cataclysm has happened again. Somehow, they know that this is not another disaster, but a sign of renewal and hope. The Toa Nuva realize that, at long last, they have achieved their destiny and awakened Mata Nui.45
  • Before Hahli can use her powers on the Brotherhood ships, everything changes all around her. The stars brighten overhead, the breeze turns warm, and the earth shakes in a gentle tremor. Somehow, Hahli knows that the Great Spirit has awakened.4
  • Mata Nui's body rises, standing high above the unending sea, but with Teridax's consciousness in control. Teridax has finally achieved his goal of dominating the universe.93
  • When Mata Nui rises and the island of Mata Nui is destroyed, there are no Matoran on the island.95
  • The journey to Metru Nui seems to take ages despite the speed of the vehicles. The Toa are all exhausted and longing to see their friends again. They have no idea what has happened outside of Karda Nui in their absence.45
  • Beyond the city walls, a storm rises and tosses the Makuta fleet around. This does nothing to deter the Rahkshi, who keep on coming. The Rahkshi have broken through the walls in four places and are rampaging through Ta-Metru.4
  • It seems that nothing can stop the Rahkshi in Ta-Metru, until the ground erupts in front of them, and a horde of Bohrok emerges. It is not a large number, as it only consists of the Bohrok kept in the Archives and the small nest below it. The Rahkshi attack immediately, and the Bohrok respond. While the Rahkshi and Bohrok are locked in combat, the Toa Mahri and Order agents pick off Rahkshi at will. The battle see-saws back and forth. The Rahkshi never realize that the Bohrok only want to get to the island of Mata Nui, and that the Rahkshi need only get out of their way.4
  • The Toa come within sight of their home; they can see the Coliseum, the spires of Ko-Metru, the Great Forge [sic?] of Ta-Metru, and the Great Temple. They are grateful to return home alive and victorious.45
  • The heroic Toa return to Metru Nui, even as the Great Spirit Mata Nui begins to rise. No one but Teridax knows what this truly means. He has been to the places no one else has ever seen and so knows the ultimate truth: that Mata Nui does not rule the universe of the Matoran, but in fact is the universe itself.93
  • The city shakes from a series of explosions. An Order agent atop the wall reports flyers incoming. Hahli sees three incredibly fast aircraft soar over the city, bank as one, and head back toward where the ships waited. One craft slows down just enough for Hahli to recognize Pohatu in the pilot seat. Pohatu flies his vessel back out of the city to finish off the ships. Meanwhile, Lewa and Kopaka dive, peppering the Rahkshi with blasts of light.4
  • The sight rallies the city's defenders, who surge back toward the gaps in the walls. Led by Jaller and Hewkii, they drive the Rahkshi back.4
  • Finally, the storm is over. The Brotherhood ships have sunk to the bottom of the silver sea. The walls around the city have been battered down, but the rubble is littered with dead kraata and shattered Rahkshi armor. Those of the invaders that are intact have flown away, provided they could escape the blasters of the Jetrax, Rockoh, and Axalara. Metru Nui is safe. As the Toa Nuva confirm, the Great Spirit has awakened. The power of the Brotherhood is broken for all time.4
  • Turaga Dume welcomes the Toa warmly, even sparing Takanuva a lecture about deserting his post. Dume says there must be a celebration of the Toa Nuva's triumph and the awakening of Mata Nui. More, there must be a tribute to those Toa who lost their lives in the fight against the Makuta.45
  • Turaga Dume and Turaga Vakama appear side-by-side to announce that tomorrow will be a city-wide day of celebration in the Coliseum.4
  • Hahli does not feel like celebrating. She cannot help but remember Matoro's sacrifice. Despite all the wounded and the dying among the defenders, she also senses that their victory was a little too easy. She feels that they should not have been able to win against the army of Rahkshi, at least not with so much of Metru Nui still intact. Still, Hahli tries to push her worries aside. She heads for Ga-Metru, humming a song of hope that Nokama once taught her.4
  • As of the end of story year 2008, Hakann, Avak, Reidak, Thok, and Vezok are imprisoned on Daxia.96, 97, 98, 99, 100
  • As of the end of story year 2008, the Matoran Resistance is still on Voya Nui, although the island itself has now rejoined its original continent.101
  • As of the end of story year 2008, Umbra remains on Voya Nui, waiting for the return of the Mask of Life to its resting place.102
  • As of the end of story year 2008, Hydraxon remains in the ocean, hunting down escaped prisoners and jailing them again.103
  • As of the end of story year 2008, Pridak remains trapped in the Pit, with no hope of ever becoming an air breather again or reclaiming his kingdom.104
  • As of the end of story year 2008, Takadox's whereabouts are unknown following his betrayal of Brutaka's group.5
  • As of the end of story year 2008, Mantax remains exiled to the Pit.105
  • As of the end of story year 2008, the Codrex still stands in Karda Nui, having survived the attacks of the Makuta and the energy storm.48
  • As of the end of story year 2008, Radiak now lives on Metru Nui.83
  • As of the end of story year 2008, the Av-Matoran reside in Metru Nui.19
  • As of the end of story year 2008, Lewa is in Metru Nui.26 Pohatu is in Metru Nui.31 Kopaka is in Metru Nui.22
  • As of the end of story year 2008, Tanma is living on Metru Nui.20 Solek is living on Metru Nui.30
  • As of the end of story year 2008, Tahu Nuva has returned to Metru Nui and is now in overall command of all surviving Toa in the universe.24
  • As of the end of story year 2008, Onua Nuva is on Metru Nui, tasked with transforming the Archives into an impenetrable fortress.32
  • As of the end of story year 2008, Gali Nuva is on Metru Nui. At Tahu's request, she is engaged in research in the Great Temple, hoping to learn the secrets of the Great Beings who created Mata Nui.33
  • Artakha teleports the Rockoh T3, Jetrax T6, and Axalara T9 back into the Codrex.106
  • Takanuva does not take long to return to his normal size.107 His flight virus will also be wearing off soon.108
  • A few weeks after the Toa Nuva are sent to Voya Nui The 2008 story ends.109

Makuta Teridax Reveals Himself

  • Takanuva has been part of many celebrations of the Toa's heroics, but he finds being part of one as a Toa to be an amazing thing. He counts himself fortunate to have adventured beside the Toa Nuva, and he looks forward to a new era of peace.45
  • The residents of Metru Nui celebrate the awakening of Mata Nui at the Coliseum. They cheer and bow their heads to give solemn thanks to all of those who have died so they can see this day. It seems that all is right in the world.93
  • Turaga Dume makes a beautiful speech, honoring the heroes who have given their lives to save the universe. Takanuva wishes he could remember Toa Lhikan or had gotten to know Matoro better.45
  • Unable to wait any longer, Teridax sends a chill breeze through the assembly, and his laughter is in the thunder overhead. Realizing that Teridax is still alive, the Toa shout their defiance, unable to understand what has happened.93
  • Teridax does not rain destruction on the Toa, Matoran, or other enemies immediately, believing that no one will be able to escape his reign of darkness, and that he has an infinite amount of time to torment them at any time he wishes. Teridax ponders the changes he will bring to the universe. He plans to make the Rahkshi the enforcers of his law, stalking every settlement. The Visorak will sweep once more across the known lands, overwhelming resistance, crushing any hint of rebellion. The Toa and the Dark Hunters will scatter before the power of his shadow, reduced to huddling in fearful anticipation of their deaths.93
  • Only two things still concern Teridax. The first is Mata Nui himself, whose spirit might somehow find a way to strike back. The second is the Mask of Life, which, left alone, will surely end all life in the universe. Teridax comes up with a brilliant solution: he forces Mata Nui's mind and spirit into the mask, then ejects the mask into the void beyond his universe, beyond the world on which he stands. With the mask sent away to parts unknown, Teridax is convinced that he has nothing more to fear from Mata Nui, and that he has complete dominion over the universe and its people.93
  • Teridax banishes Mata Nui's spirit into the Ignika by power he has acquired from Mata Nui's body. Teridax knows that Mata Nui is too much of a threat to keep around, and that the Ignika might turn black when he takes over. He solves both problems by putting Mata Nui's spirit in the Ignika and expelling it from the universe.110, 111
  • One year before story year 2010112 Not content with putting Mata Nui to sleep, Makuta Teridax schemes to eliminate his fellow Makuta and take over Mata Nui's massive robotic body. Although Matoro's sacrifice brought Mata Nui's body to life, Teridax steals Mata Nui's robot form before his consciousness awakes. Mata Nui is flung out of his own body, imprisoned in the Mask of Life.112
  • Mata Nui's body is stolen from him, and his mind is trapped inside the Mask of Life. The mask is then rocketed off into space.113
  • After stealing control of the universe, Makuta traps Mata Nui inside the Mask of Life and hurls him from the universe into the blackness of space. Makuta believes Mata Nui is no longer a threat to him in any way, although Mata Nui intends to prove him wrong.114
  • Teridax refrains from destroying Mata Nui's spirit outright because he wants him to suffer.115
  • Teridax reveals to the heroes that he has forced the mind and spirit of Mata Nui into the Mask of Life and then ejected it from this universe.45
  • Now that he has achieved ultimate power, Makuta Teridax reflects on how strange it is to look back on the Makuta he once was. It has been a long journey from overseeing Metru Nui to embodying the universe, but the end has made it worth every moment's trial.116
  • As of the end of story year 2008, there are very few Makuta sill active in the universe. Since Teridax has seized complete control, he has seen little need to allow potential rivals to live. The Makuta who do survive are used to mass-produce kraata so that Teridax's Rahkshi armies remain strong.9
  • Although Mata Nui intends to strike back against Makuta, he has no idea how he might do this as his prison soars through space. He feels shock, rage, and even fear (more for his people than for himself).114
  • The virus has done a lot of damage to Mata Nui's memory. As a result, he does not remember his mission or why he was created.117
  • Once the Ignika is far enough from the Matoran universe, it turns back from silver to gold.118
  • The entire Matoran universe is made aware of Teridax's triumph. The Toa, Turaga, and Matoran in Metru Nui learn his real name.119
  • Teridax's Plan does not end with taking over the Matoran universe. Rather, he has ambitions to traverse to other worlds and attempt domination on an even larger scale.120

Mazeka and Vultraz Meet the Great Beings

  • After a long journey from the main gate, Teridax brings Mazeka and Vultraz to what looks like a dark council chamber. For a moment, Mazeka thinks he can see six figures seated at the dais at the far end of the room. A soft voice, no more than a whisper, breaks the silence and asks Teridax the reason for their visit. Teridax explains that he has come with two strangers who want to return to another land. Teridax also tells them that one of them has a spirit filled with shadow, and Mazeka, to his dismay, realizes that Teridax must have telepathically scanned Vultraz and learned everything. A different, strikingly ancient voice whispers for Vultraz to step forward. The Great Beings examine him and whisper among each other, considering taking Vultraz apart or at least examining him further. The Great Beings realize that Vultraz is the work of the Great Beings from an alternate reality, and they acknowledge that visitors from another reality are a fascinating, but not surprising and somewhat unwelcome, event. One of the Great Beings offers Mazeka an exchange: they will allow Mazeka to return to his universe, while they will keep Vultraz for study and to learn where their counterparts went wrong in his creation. In exchange, they will allow Mazeka to bring one being from their universe back with him, to maintain balance between the two realities. Mazeka, wanting to bring Vultraz to justice himself, declines, but the Great Beings make it clear that it is not a request. Chirox and Vamprah appear out of the darkness and haul Vultraz away. Teridax explains to Mazeka that he has seen the rot in Vultraz's spirit, and that he has learned of the evil things his counterpart did in Mazeka's universe and wishes he could make them right. Mazeka chooses Teridax to come with him back to his universe, and the Great Beings agree.28