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Story Year 2010

Mata Nui Returns from the North

  • Bara Magna is at peace for the first time in a long while.1
  • Mata Nui returns from his journey to the Black Spike Mountains, battered and weary and carrying a small metal box.1
  • Mata Nui says the box contains the energy needed to power the giant robot unknowingly created by the Agori, a robot now serving as their main source of shelter. He insists that he needs the robot to save Bara Magna from a terrible fate. After much argument, Raanu agrees.1
  • Now comes the hard part for Mata Nui: convincing the Glatorian and Agori, and Raanu in particular, to allow him to use their new mega-village, made from the failed robot that exploded eons ago. After all they have suffered, the last thing Mata Nui wants to do is to take away their newfound security, but he must ask. The fate of his people rests on their answer, and he also suspects that their own well-being depends on the broken-down robot shell.2
  • The village elder (Raanu) grants Mata Nui use of the robot.2
  • A few days after Mata Nui's arrival on Bara Magna Mata Nui reflects on the cold, painful facts of his situation. He believes that the rule of his universe was stolen from him because he was not wise enough to keep it safe. He recalls how his enemy trapped him in the Mask of Life and hurled him into space, and how he later ended up on Bara Magna with a new body created by the Mask of Life.3

Mata Nui Assumes Control of the Prototype Robot

  • Once unleashed, the power source from the maze fuses the parts of the huge robot body together and powers it. Mata Nui has only to send his spirit from the Mask of Life into the body to have the strength to challenge his foe once more.4
  • After saying his goodbyes to his friends, Mata Nui enters the robot body and removes his mask, allowing the body it created for him to crumble into sand. His mind and spirit travel into the robot body.1
  • Mata Nui's newfound power supply lets him take control of the robot. However, he must constantly monitor and adjust the ancient systems. He has no Matoran to regulate this body. The Mask of Life helps him master it, but it is still desperately hard to control. Nevertheless, it feels good for Mata Nui to once again control a powerful robotic body.2
  • For the first time in over 150,000 years, the robot walks Bara Magna, under the control of Mata Nui.1
  • Dimly, Mata Nui can sense his old body standing on Aqua Magna. Although he no longer controls it, he knows that battles rage throughout the robot that Makuta Teridax now controls. Mata Nui feels some guilt over the fact that the Toa and Matoran he ignored for so long fight in vain to free themselves from an evil he allowed to flourish, and he is determined to help them.2
  • Makuta Teridax feels Mata Nui's attention. Mata Nui knows that Teridax is bringing the fight to him, as Teridax launches from the surface of Aqua Magna. Mata Nui must prepare quickly. First, he has to send the tiny forms at his feet to safety. Then he must do the job that he was built for: reuniting three worlds back into one. He can only hope that the robot form he controls and its power supply are up to the task.2
  • The final battle approaches. Mata Nui has no doubt that his enemy knows what has happened and will seek him out. Mata Nui fears that their battle will inevitably rain destruction down on those below. He has warned Ackar and the others to get themselves and the Agori to a place of safety.4
  • Gresh, along with the other Glatorian and Agori, watch in disbelief. Mata Nui lifts his hands to the sky, sending waves of power out into space. What the others cannot see is that Mata Nui is reaching out to the two moons of Bara Magna, drawing them back to where they had once been, so that once more the shattered planet can be whole.1
  • Power surges through Mata Nui's body, out through his metal fingertips, and he begins the process of reuniting both moons with Bara Magna. It is a tricky process that requires close attention. Even as Mata Nui nudges the two moons onto their new paths, he feels Makuta racing closer, giving him little time.2

Makuta Teridax Descends on Bara Magna

  • Makuta, Mata Nui's ancient enemy, descends on Bara Magna in his bigger, stronger robot body.1
  • The two armored giants face each other over the sands of Bara Magna. Mata Nui says nothing, until Makuta speaks jeeringly, disappointed that Mata Nui has no threats or vows of revenge for him. Mata Nui tells Makuta that they do not need to fight. He explains that he now knows the truth: that the Great Beings intended for them to work together to save this planet, and that Bara Magna was once part of a larger world, Spherus Magna, which shattered into three pieces. They are meant to heal it.1
  • Desperately, Mata Nui tries to convince Makuta that they must work together, that they can save everyone and everything if they join forces. As Mata Nui feared, Makuta's insane lust for power overrides all logic. They both know that they will come to blows, and Mata Nui is not certain if his new body can take the punishment; Mata Nui's old body is powerful, and his new one is unstable.2
  • Before blows are struck, Mata Nui senses familiar beings escaping from Makuta. Sparing a small bit of his attention, he watches Tahu and Takanuva fight their way free (he does not know who Takanuva is). They are followed by huge numbers of new yellow Rahkshi, evidence that Makuta has been busy.2
  • Makuta instead offers Mata Nui to join him, since together they have the power to decimate universes – they could rule all of reality. Mata Nui responds that he has a destiny to fulfill, while Makuta has nothing and is nothing. Makuta attacks, shooting a blast of power from his hand at Mata Nui's shoulder.1

Mata Nui Fights Makuta Teridax

  • Down below, the Glatorian try to come up with a plan to help Mata Nui. Gresh comes up with a plan for the Glatorian to distract Makuta while he sneaks inside of his body. The Glatorian and Agori (including Gelu, Tarix, Berix, Kiina, Vastus, and Ackar) charge the invader, trying to attract Makuta's attention, while Gresh darts away to carry out his part of the plan.1
  • Secretly watching the Glatorian and Agori from a rocky outlook above, Skrall see them making a doomed attack against the giants. Wanting to take revenge on the Glatorian and Agori for themselves, the Skrall decide to attack them now.1
  • The Glatorian focus Thornax fire on one spot on the Makuta robot's foot to try to punch a hole in it, but the Thornax have no effect.1
  • Mata Nui fires two blasts of energy from his hands squarely at Makuta's chest. Mata Nui hopes this will slow him down, since Mata Nui's body does not have the power of Makuta's and is already breaking down. Mata Nui knows he has to act quickly to defeat Makuta and complete his mission. Makuta recovers and reminds Mata Nui that an entire universe of Toa, Matoran, and other beings devoted to him lives inside of his body – if Mata Nui damages Makuta, he may kill them. Makuta notices Mata Nui's allies below are trying to attract his attention and launches a devastating blast of energy from his hand at the ground below. The beam misses the Glatorian but knocks them off their feet.1
  • Makuta attacks Mata Nui. Dragging up strength from both the Mask of Life and his unstable power supply, Mata Nui is able to hold him off, but he cannot defeat Makuta without damaging his people inside. This battle distracts Mata Nui from reuniting Spherus Magna, but unless he can defeat Makuta, it will all be for nothing. Mata Nui can only wonder how long his strength will last.2

The Toa Arrive on Bara Magna and Collect the Pieces of Golden Armor

  • The blast blows Gresh closer to what he was looking for – a way to get inside the Makuta robot. He sees what looks like a hatch. He tries to get in and plans to smash everything inside in the hopes of bringing the colossus down. Suddenly, the hatch starts to open, and Gresh crouches behind cover. A group of yellow heat vision Rahkshi pour out of the opening, heading toward the other Glatorian. Gresh sees someone else coming out of the hatch and attacks him with his elemental air power. The newcomer is a startled Takanuva, who now thinks Gresh is an enemy.1
  • Makuta taunts Mata Nui that his pathetic forces will be no match for his Rahkshi and other allies. Meanwhile, the Glatorian fight against Rahkshi and Skakdi below. Makuta strikes Mata Nui with more blasts of power from his hands, determined to claim Bara Magna as his own.1
  • Adding to Mata Nui's problems, Makuta now attacks his Glatorian and Agori friends with hordes of Rahkshi, Skakdi, etc. Mata Nui cannot afford to concentrate on them, no matter how desperate they are, but he tries to steer Makuta away from his friends scurrying at their feet.2
  • Tahu Nuva emerges from the interior of the giant Makuta robot into the sun-scorched desert of Bara Magna.5
  • Gresh tries to attack Takanuva and Tahu Nuva. Quickly realizing that they are friends, not new foes, he goes to join the battle.5
  • The rest of the Toa arrive on Bara Magna.5
  • Makuta and an army of some of the greatest villains in the world attack Bara Magna. Mata Nui, the Glatorian, and the Toa must battle for their lives to save a world. Only Toa Tahu, clad in mysterious golden armor, can hope to defeat the forces of darkness. Defeated but not destroyed, the Skrall are ready to take revenge on Mata Nui, the Glatorian, and the Agori. Warlord Nektann of the Skakdi race has allied with Makuta and leads his people in a fierce attack on this new world.1
  • Mata Nui feels a strange tickle from within as the Mask of Life, with a mind of its own, does something on the ground. A beam of energy shoots from Mata Nui's chest to Tahu. Mata Nui spares a moment of attention to see what is happening. He sees Tahu transformed. Six pieces of golden armor materialize around Tahu, and Mata Nui recalls this particular contingency plan. He thinks that it is a brilliant strategy, and he hopes Tahu will be able to make it work.2
  • A moment after emerging from the Makuta robot, Tahu Nuva has a vision of himself standing on a lava plain on the island of Mata Nui, facing the Mask of Life floating in mid-air. The mask speaks to Tahu, saying that he must become what he was before. To Tahu's alarm, the mask transforms him into his original form as a Toa Mata. The mask says that a message has been sent, and a message has been received, and that Tahu must learn of the power of the golden armor. Now free from the vision, Tahu watches as the Mask of Life creates the pieces of a set of golden armor. Takanuva appears, astonished by Tahu's appearance, but Tahu tells him that he only needs to use the armor to stop Makuta. Suddenly, a blast of power from Makuta strikes nearby, blasting the two of them off their feet and scattering the pieces of golden armor across the desert. Tahu and Takanuva know they need to find the pieces quickly.5
  • Mata Nui's moment of distraction allows Makuta to scatter the golden armor. Mata Nui sees enemies (a Skrall, a yellow Rahkshi, and Nektann) picking them up. Mata Nui is forced to focus all of his effort fending off Makuta's attack; there is nothing he can do to help Tahu. Reluctantly, he focuses back on Makuta and is forced to ignore the battle raging at his feet.2
  • A piece of the golden armor lands at Gresh's feet. He picks it up but quickly finds himself facing a group of Skrall, one of whom is holding another piece of golden armor.5
  • Gali and Pohatu devastate half a legion of Skakdi.5
  • Teridax feels no hesitation in using all the power at his disposal. Mata Nui, on the other hand, is limited in his concern for those on the ground below. He does not want to unleash his full power and risk their harm. Mata Nui's restraint is costing him, however, and Teridax senses it. Mata Nui cannot hold off defeat much longer.2
  • Makuta notices that the Toa have joined the battle below. Mata Nui says the people of Bara Magna will never surrender to Makuta, any more than the Toa or Matoran. Makuta says that if they will not be conquered, he will destroy them. He prepares to release a single blast of gravitic power which will make the planet fold in on itself, destroying everything on it except for the two of them. Mata Nui protests and grabs Makuta, causing his blast of power to go up into space. Unseen by both of them, the power of Makuta's gravitic blast strikes the moons of Bara Magna, drawing them once more toward their former home. Makuta drives Mata Nui back with a backhand slap, noting that Mata Nui is already running out of power. For a moment, Mata Nui almost gives in to despair, but then he looks beyond Makuta, out into space, and sees what is rushing toward Bara Magna.5
  • Takanuva finds himself cornered by two heat vision Rahkshi, one of whom is carrying a piece of golden armor. Using an ability he has never tried before, Takanuva creates a hologram of himself running between the Rahkshi to try to fool them. The Rahkshi fire their heat vision beams and end up hitting each other. Takanuva recovers the piece of armor.5
  • Nearby, Tahu is in a sword fight with Nektann, who is holding the shield that is part of the golden armor set. Nektann tries to taunt Tahu into not using his flame power and mask power, saying that Toa cannot win battles with strength and skill alone. Tahu refuses to fall for the bait and says he will do whatever it takes to win. Nektann argues that Tahu has become just like the villains, but Tahu argues that he fights to save lives. Nektann manages to grab Tahu's throat, but Tahu uses his power to start melting Nektann's armor, then punches him out.5
  • With a fury that surprises Makuta, Mata Nui drives his larger opponent back, toward the northern reaches of Bara Magna.5
  • Gresh defeats the Skrall with his elemental air power and retrieves the piece of golden armor they were carrying. Tahu and Takanuva appear, saying that even with Gresh's friends on their side, the battle is going against them. They report that a horde of Rahkshi is on its way and that they will not be able to stop them all.5

Tahu Activates the Golden Armor; Mata Nui Defeats Makuta Teridax

  • Despite Mata Nui's own near defeat, he spares enough time to see what Tahu has accomplished. Fortunately, he and his comrades have recovered the golden armor, and Tahu is in the midst of putting it on, even as yellow Rahkshi, Skakdi, and Skrall close in on him. Every bit of thought and hope Mata Nui can give is focused on Tahu – he must succeed.2
  • With a pang of regret, Mata Nui realizes that his distraction is nearly fatal to everyone. Makuta raises his foot and prepares to grind his foes and even his own Rahkshi into the ground.2
  • Tahu puts on the golden armor, unsure what is going to happen next. Raw power surges through Tahu, then lances out in every direction. The energy bolts strike every Rahkshi on the battlefield with devastating force. One by one, the Rahkshi fall, the Kraata inside of them now ashes.5
  • Even bent over and near defeat, Mata Nui can feel a ripple of power as Tahu uses his golden armor to blast the Rahkshi into oblivion. The kraata slugs driving the Rahkshi armor are turned to dust, and the empty Rahkshi shells fall to the ground.2
  • Makuta feels the death of thousands of his servants at that moment, and it staggers even him. It distracts him so much that he does not notice the shadow of one of Bara Magna's massive moons heading toward him. Mata Nui sees it and with a last, desperate effort shoves Makuta back into the path of the onrushing moon, which hits him in the head. The incredible impact rocks Makuta, and he falls down onto the desert, defeated at last.5
  • Makuta senses the fate of his Rahkshi and pauses mid-stomp. This provides Mata Nui just enough time for a final move. Summoning every bit of power he has left, he forces his battered body up in a massive surge and hits Makuta in the chest. The timing is perfect: from behind him, unseen, the jungle moon (Bota Magna) brushes against Makuta's head with a crunch. Holding on, Mata Nui swings his collapsing form away from his people. Mata Nui watches, tired but content, as Makuta's lights fade – he is gone.2
  • With the Rahkshi and the threat of Makuta both gone, Mata Nui watches the remaining Piraka [sic, Skakdi] and Skrall surrender. Matoran climbing out of his old robot body join the Agori, Toa, and Glatorian in looking at their new home. They have much to learn from one another, and already Mata Nui can see groups coming together to help one another.2
  • The battle of Bara Magna ends with Makuta's defeat. The Rahkshi are destroyed, their allies are routed, and their leader, Makuta, is dead.5
  • The natives of Bara Magna and the inhabitants of the Makuta robot come together, to wonder at what has just happened and ponder the future.5

Mata Nui Restores Spherus Magna

  • The three parts of the long-destroyed world of Spherus Magna are rejoined and become whole once more.5
  • Exhausted, Mata Nui's sensors follow the path of both moons as they spiral in to a crash exactly on course. Bara Magna shakes with the twin impacts, and dust and water and vegetation cover the sky. Spherus Magna is whole once more.2
  • Mata Nui, still towering above in his robot body, wonders about the good Makuta could have done if his greed and ambition had not controlled him, then puts the past behind him. He summons his last reserves of energy, and the power of the Mask of Life, to achieve his destiny. Bathed in the power of life, the desert of Bara Magna blooms with lush vegetation. This is Mata Nui's gift: a new world where Toa, Glatorian, Agori, Matoran, and all the rest can live and thrive. At last, the strain causes Mata Nui's unstable robot form to crumble and collapse.5
  • With a final burst of power, Mata Nui completes his destiny. The Mask of Life draws from the last of the power supply, causing vegetation to flourish, water to seep to the surface, mountains rise, and sand turn to fertile soil. The splendor that was Spherus Magna blossoms once again. However, Mata Nui feels himself fading.2
  • When Mata Nui reverses the effects of the Pit mutagen, the Matoran of Mahri Nui revert to the forms they originally had on Voya Nui.6

Mata Nui Goes Dormant

  • Hearts heavy, the Toa and Glatorian rush to the site of Mata Nui's crumbled form. Only the Mask of Life remains intact. The Mask of Life rises into the air, and Mata Nui's voice issues from it, saying that the debt owed to them has been repaid. Now that their world has been restored, Mata Nui tells them to live on it in peace. Ackar recognizes Mata Nui's voice, and Mata Nui explains that his mind and spirit inhabited the mask for so long that when his body perished, he was drawn back to it. Tahu, still wearing the golden armor, tells Mata Nui that the mask could make him another body, and that they would benefit from Mata Nui's wisdom and guidance. However, Mata Nui believes it is not the time for him to walk among them. He wishes for the rest of them to build their new lives without him looming over them. Although he may return again someday, Mata Nui says that the future belongs to them. Mata Nui says that the end of his journey, and all that has gone before, has only served to give birth to this day. He wishes the others to be well, be strong, and care for this world and each other. With that, Mata Nui says farewell. Saddened, Kiina holds the Mask of Life in her arms, wondering if Mata Nui is gone forever. Tahu assures her that he is not really gone, and he agrees with Mata Nui that the best way to honor Mata Nui's gift is to make this world a place of peace where Matoran and Agori can achieve their destinies, as he wanted.5
  • At the shore of a newly created body of water, Glatorian, Agori, and Toa gather around Tahu, still wearing the golden armor, as he raises up the Mask of Life. [Tahu says?] They will honor Mata Nui, and all those who fought for him, in their memories. However, the time has come to move on. Mata Nui's destiny has been fulfilled, and for many of them, it has yet to be written.2

Migration to Spherus Magna

  • Given the damage to the head of the Matoran universe robot, it is probably unlikely that the data that Mata Nui collected during his time exploring space has survived.7
  • At this point, the krana of Lehvak-Kal and of the Tahnok caught in the orbit of Spherus Magna are in suspended animation so that they can survive.8
  • Naturally, there are issues integrating the Matoran, Toa, and other inhabitants of the Matoran universe into the new Spherus Magna society due to prejudices of the existing inhabitants. After all, they are biomechanical beings, some with super powers, who have suddenly appeared in their midst.9
  • Velika, the disguised Great Being, kills Tren Krom and Karzahni. His reason for doing this is that he is eliminating wild cards, beings who are acting way outside of the expected parameters of the Great Beings' plans.10
  • When Tren Krom is killed by the Great Being, the mental image of the Red Star that he projects serves two purposes. Firstly, to Tren Krom, it symbolizes the Great Beings. Secondly, in a bit of irony, the Red Star cannot bring Tren Krom back, since he is a completely organic being.11

Pohatu and Kopaka Visit the Red Star

  • The beings chasing Pohatu and Kopaka are beings who became so confused by the experience of dying and coming back to life that they do not know where they are.11

Lewa Meets the Agori of Bota Magna

  • Lewa is taken back to the Agori's camp. There, he discovers that the Agori are essentially technophobes who blame the Great Beings' technology for the disaster that befell Bara Magna. As it turns out, the Agori are fairly awed at Lewa's air power, especially since he is not using a machine to produce it. They still do not fully trust him, but they are not going to kill him for the time being.11
  • On Spherus Magna, the Shadowed One is forming a new army around the remnants of the Dark Hunters and the scum of his new world. They are all in deep cover until the moment is right to strike. They include beings from Spherus Magna such as bone hunters and Skrall, as well as other kinds of beings [not seen yet] from other regions of Spherus Magna.11 They are not called the Dark Hunters.12